My first pumpkin!

30 10 2010

I have been very busy, working hard and big changes are coming too. So no time for blogging!
Go to my art blog for my latest work and I am posting more stuff there than here.

Anyway, I have carved my first pumpkin today!

In daylight,

And at night!

You can see my ghostly shadow too!

Carol’s cats are coming home!

1 08 2010

The rally is closed, the goal has been achieved!

Happy news

27 07 2009


In the light of my new goals I have added the category ”Happy News”

We are going to kick it off with the happy news that an abandoned litter of kittens has been rescued by a dog on the Veluwe, a nature reserve in the middle of the Netherlands.
The kittens were abandoned in a basket, and placed in the middle of the moor far away from any hiking paths. The dog ran away from it’s owner and kept guard by the kittens, until the owner, searching for the dog, found it and the basket with kittens. She brought the kittens to the nearest animal shelter where they got immediate care.

”The kittens were very lucky”  the shelters spokesperson said, ”Such small baby-animals can die very quickly without food and drink”
The kittens have been placed with a foster family and are doing well.

My cat was lost!

6 03 2009

And I found him again.

I have been very worried, Simsalabim has not shown up for two days! And that has never happened before! Simsalabim skipping meals? There must be something very wrong! I was on the point of making leaflets and start distributing them, when I had a brainwave… I have been in my garage two days ago, I did make sure I called the cats as I wanted to close the door, and yes: Kira came trotting out, she always comes to inspect the garage if I go there. But I hadn’t noticed Simsalabim coming too. And I waited and no other cats, so I closed the door.
You can imagine by now, that when I had my brainwave, and went to the garage late at night, after a few seconds a wholly distraught Simsalabim came jumping out!

He is soooo happy to be back! Safely in my arms….


I hope this will be a lesson for him….

Why God created pets

11 12 2008


Naturally that is a retorical question, everybody with an ounce of intellect knows why God created pets.


God created pets so we know what true honesty loyalty and devotion looks like.


God created pets so we can experience true friendship


God created pets so that we won’t be alone


God created pets so we are kept warm


God created pets so we will never be bored because we will have to spend our days getting rid of all the hairs


Most of all, God has created pets to make us realise what we deserve in a human companion as well: somebody who doesn’t lie to us, somebody who is faithful to us, somebody who doesn’t forget us, somebody who keeps us warm, somebody who cares, somebody who will support us, somebody who will love us, no matter what.
Now I do realise it is too much to expect the same high level from a human, but something reasonably close is what I am still hoping for.
Everybody: in your search for a dreamrabbit, don’t settle for anything less!


7 09 2008

I am very hungry.
My cats don’t do fasting, and I’m a bit obsessed about food at the moment. So I have conducted a Cat-food experiment. Those readers from cat-tolerant-societies know what I mean: You take one cat, and different types of cat-food, and see which food the cat likes best.
You see this often on cat-food-commercials in cat-tolerant-societies.
I personally don’t believe in it. I think all cats will go for whatever food is nearest, and then move on to the next etc. etc. I base this on the excessive greedy grasping gobbling they exibit whenever I show up with a tin of cat-food. For those readers from non-cat-tolerant-societies, you get cat-food as either: dry pellets (despised) or: juicy meat chunks in smelly liquid (highly appreciated).

So, I collected these food-specimens:

From left to right:

  • Sheba, 100 grams, Sauté au poulet et à la dinde, totally overpriced at €0.72
  • Albert Hein, 400 grams, Sardines and Tuna at a reasonable €0,50
  • Euro Shopper, 405 grams, unidentified chunks in gravy, at a thrifty €0,26

I will add that I have allready ascertained that my cats are totally incapable of discerning between beef, tuna, or: whatever.
The tins are opened, and exactly one spoonful is placed in one of the similar feeding bowls. (In cat-tolerant-societies you can buy specialised cat-bowls)

You take one cat, Kira:

The bowls are placed in a row, the cat is let loose…
And what happens?
Kira goes for the bowl which, although it holds the cheapest food, happens to be the closest!

Whenever there is any kind of food around, it is inevitable that, although completely absent earlier, Simsalabim magically turns up! Simsalabim goes for the nearest un-occupied bowl!

However, after looking around, he spotted a second unoccupied bowl, and decided to have a go at the Sheba:

However, considering Simsalabim’s extreem greediness, I can’t consider that proof he prefers the Sheba over the Albert Hein; I think it merely shows that he wants to eat both, he kept looking at the middle bowl while eating. Or gobbling. And after finishing off the Sheba in record time, he polished off the Albert Hein as well!

So, what have I proven with this catxperiment?

Cats eat anything, for any price, so you can buy whatever tins you like.
And my cats, especially Simsalabim, are a bunch of greedy gluttons!!!!

And I have shown exemplary self discipline by not eating any of the cat-food myself 😀

Use your Pet for Finding a Mate

31 07 2008

This post is inspired by a shocking news flash on American Bedu’s blog!
It seems that the misogynist anti-fun nutters in KSA have finally hit the mark:

”Basically the yahoo news-link advises that the Kingdom has placed a ban on selling cats or dogs as pets in pet shops because some men are using these pets to attract women.”

What can I say? Of course this time they have finally hit the mark. (This news installed a whole new meaning into my head for the word Yahoo-news ) Not only is a pet good for you, and good for your ability to get yourself into perspective, (nothing will make clear to you your insignificance in the universe as serving a pet does), pets are a great way to make new friends!
And that, is just só wrong!
Not only do you get to know more people, you might even attract persons of the ”other sex” !!!!!

So especially for those unlucky people stuck in a place where pets are going to be forbidden, here is a crash course in how to use pets for maximum result.
According to ”Arab news” its allready too late: the ban is in place.

Why does the ”Pet-Thing” work? Apparently humans, and other animals, are programmed to go all ”Aaaaahhhhh, Cuuuute” when confronted by small fluffy little cute harmless somethings looking into our eyes.
So use that programming and get your pet home before it’s too late!
And of course for everybody else bend on some really scintillating, steaming, hot, sexy, romantic encounters: Read This!

Choosing your pet

I cannot stress the importance of this! Your succes will stand or fall by the choice of pet. While it is true that, for example, a giant tarantula,
is both unusual and will definitely attract attention,
It may not be quite what you had in mind, and will in all probability not attract the mate of your choice….

When it comes to acquiring that mate-attracting-pet there are three rules to keep in mind:

  • small
  • cuddly/hairy/feathery
  • sweet chirruppy noises

Of course the most suitable pet for mega-caress-ability-coefficient-efficiency is the Tribble, hard to resist even by a cold-blooded half-Vulcan like mr Spock:

But it’s hard to get one on earth. The closest relative to the Tribble on this planet, is the Fluffy Rabbit.

If you want to have a more predatory pet, I’d look for:
Cuddly Dog

Or Cute Kitten:

When you’ve chosen your pet, take it out! Be seen with it! Make sure to take a lot of time and effort looking after it, grooming it, and gaining it’s affection. It is vitally important that your pet loves you as no other. Otherwise you will fall into two important snags: 1- your aimed at lovely will only mind your pet and not see you at all!
Or: 2- Your pet will choose to switch personnel owner and decide to move into somebody else’s leaving you at the doorstep.
Never forget: the goal is: when noticing how the cute pet has only eyes for you: the lovely of your choice, will also start to look at you!
And, because your pet loves you: you must be really something, and he/she will start his/her first glance in a very positive way!
If you are really lucky they may decide to want to divert your attention from your pet to themselves!

In that case I’d order the wedding-cake: Succes is assured!!!

I hope to have cleared some misunderstandings about Pet-use-for-mating, and I want to finish, with myself as an example. While fully supplied and occupied by several pets of my own, I still have a Serious Crush on my beloved, and adored Checkers!

And that’s only per internet! Just to show how effective a well-chosen pet can be!

Cats in the Alhambra

23 02 2008

Or: Cats for Carol.

There were cats in the Alhambra, both were photographed at the Partal Palace.



Just to make things clear: I hate cats! Lady Ishtar is being niffy because Simsalabim hit her. Simsalabim hit her because he wanted my lap for himself (men!) Kira has been puking in the hall; I’m convinced she came in on purpose to do it in the comfort of my home, instead of the cold outside. Simsalabim takes over my chair everytime I get up to get something, and Kira is sitting on my unfinished painting of ”Al Tarq in the Alhambra”, everytime I leave the room!

Just look at this: This is the yellow sofa absolutely out of bounds to pets! Left: Simsalabim, Right: Zora.


Do animals have special powers?

28 01 2008

Yes, they do.

A few examples: Spock, my parents dog, always knew when I came home. (at very different times and intervals) And would leave the room, to sit in front of the door exactly one half hour before I arrived. My mother regarded this as my E.T.A. + one half hour. My own dog knows what I’m going to do, and if I plan to take her with me, or not, and reacts accordingly spot-on every time.

Horses know most of what you think anyway.

Roe-deer have a special power over your mind to make you not believe you’ve seen them. On several occasions I had a couple speed right next to me on my bicycle, or pass right in front of me on my horse. You hear their little hoofs, they disappear in the undergrowth, and then it’s suddenly silent, and you really do not believe they were actually there. I had to look at the broken ice where they had crossed the ditch, to look at some tangible proof, to truly believe I had really seen them. And that’s just seconds after you saw them! It’s a sort of mind-befuddling power, it’s always been like that whenever I have met them up close. For some reason it doesn’t work when you see them from far away.

Two cats on my desk chair kattenopstoel.jpg

And there are my cats. I am currently personnel to three very irritating cats. At the moment I’ve had enough of them sitting on my lap, relaxing, sleeping, or cleaning themselves. Because, to make sure they don’t slide off, they slice their killer-nails through my skin. AUCH!

So I’ve had it! No more cats on my lap!!! The decision is made!

And then I look down and there is another one sitting on my lap! How do they do it? Tonight I looked down, and there were two cats sitting on my lap!!! I don’t get it! I knock them off, and ten minutes later there just magically is a re-appeared cat on my lap. They must jump or something, but I never notice!

The other irritating power cats have is: Looking at you, and forcing you to feed them. And believe me, the consorted power of three cats doing that to you is hard to resist! Naturally, being of exceptional strength of mind, I can resist. But then you get the looks! To yourself, to the other cats: * They think I’m quite cute, but soooo dumb! She just doesn’t get it! But we’ll keep on hoping!*