Cream of the crop

Clouddragon’s classic, most funny, juicy, deep and wickedly evil posts, ”Danish Cartoons” and quizzes.


In the opinion of Clouddragon….

Why women can’t drive

Clouddragon tv!

Evolution of modern hominids

Rapture countdown (2011 version)

Getting married


Don’t drink the water!

Our world has been invented by Tesla

Faulty programming


About halal wife beating

Religion and the art of intellectual acrobatics

Religion, superstition and pigeons

N1H1 and vaccinations

Ten ways to spot anti vitamin biases in a scientific study

Vitamin C is a life saver

About the flu

Cure for Swineflu

The ministry of Erasion

44 good Sunnah rules to follow


How old was Aรฏcha


Exclusive interview with t Al Anzi


The Testicle Tension Tester

testicle tension tester

Evolution of hijab


Why America supports Israel


The Witchhunters


Clouddragon’s ultimate dating guide


Why veiled women are scary


On Adam, and Eve, and apples




The Muttawa Compatibillity Quiz


The Camel Quiz


The Black Hand


Are you a Dumb Blonde Quiz


How nerdy are we? Quiz


Ultimate Nerd Space Quiz


Use your pet for finding a mate


Terrorist scarf scandal


Wat women want


Tarq clean!


Folklorist demonstrations


Dumb blondes!


Intelligent life on Earth


The titillation of concealment


14 responses

18 01 2009
American Bedu

Outstanding page and brought back many fond memories of you and your blog!!!

18 01 2009

Hรจ, hรจ, you are the first to find this new page Bedu! ๐Ÿ˜€

Yesss, the ”classics” After all, my blog being soooo ancient, I thought these golden oldies should not be forgotten ๐Ÿ˜‰

19 01 2009

Outstanding–will the Danish Cartoons Part II appear here soon–they definitely deserve to.

19 01 2009

Very nice! I see you are enjoying your evilness ๐Ÿ˜‰

20 01 2009

Chiara, anything I consider outstanding, or particularly evil, or which my friendly readers seem to like very much, will be featured as cream of the crop!

Achelois, Yeeesssss :mrgreen:

2 02 2009

What a great page, Aafke! It’s your Greatest Hits!!!

14 01 2010
Blue Raven

ohhh geez… now i gotta know… Is there anyone from the “memories” group out there? I think it rude that I am using another talented artists bog and work in order to re-connect, but I have to give in to the loss i feel from the absence of intelligent life around me. my apologies…


14 01 2010

Blue Raven, why is that bad? is that not also why we go to galleries, and museums, and have artbooks? these are all great ways to get inspired and get the energy to get going again!

Your website is beautiful!

Did you visit my art-blog? Click on the banner on the top of the page.

14 01 2010
Blue Raven

I did…! this is why i was convinced we might have met. i have so much joy looking at the diversity of your work. it rings true to the spirit of Renaissance! at least in my opinion. i also am insanely passionate regarding my horses. i have a white Arabian and a little snot of a paint/pinto . i love them and i miss them. i am living quite far from them now, but i go a few times a year to see them and feel their peace. they never write… spoiled kids they are.

mazel tov to your sweet spirit… i notice the spice and feel that the mischief is you new drug of choice… good for you!


14 01 2010

Ehm, yes, horses and mischief… How perceptive of you! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
Hawai…. maybe I should visit!
I heard that we Dutch can pronounce Hawaian words! ๐Ÿ˜‰

14 01 2010
Blue Raven

You would be most welcome….. and perhaps if we are two insanely wonderful spirits out and about… well, perhaps, we could recruit more souls for laughter? i shall toast to your health with a mai tai and think of silly men who cut off ears for the little green fairy : )

10 04 2010
ู…ู‡ุชุงุจ ุขุณู…ุงู†

Hi.i am moslem in iran.
Iam very very free in may cantry
i have hijab.24years.

1 06 2010
Lat K

It’s good that all your sizzling posts are under a page.what agreat idea to save time.Sorry I’m late to discover this ๐Ÿ™‚

Now I can sit back and enjoy without much hazzle to go to my fav read ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

19 06 2012
Tit Garce

Would be able to be fair, if only you took beings also want to criticize!? but this is not the case! That said, does not prevent that I force myself to follow you. Salam

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