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Bakheet Al Anzi avoids the recording angels

bakheet 1 klein


Evolution of Hominids

Enforcing Traffic Safety

Faulty Programming

bakheet robots

About halal wifebeating

Bakheet Al Anzi mishwak

The ministry of Erasion

bakheet teaching

At home with Bakheet Al Anzi: Exclusive interview

Bakheet Al Anzi

Valentine Muttawa

bakheet valentine-haya1

The Valentine abaya


Evolution of hijab





Bakheet al Anzi held (for a very short time) a Dutch government post where he couldn’t bring himself to shake hands with fitnah-females…


Folklorist demonstrations

bakheet herding

26 responses

21 02 2009

I LOL’d. You are great Aafke! xD

21 02 2009

Choclat, welcome to my blog and thank you. 🙂
And what a yummie name!

21 02 2009

Your cartoons are great. I hope you’ve sought outlets for publication; they are too good not to be offered to a wider audience!

24 02 2009
Saudi in US

I just noticed the Page. you are developing a nice collection of Bakheet. I think you forgot to include the Glove cartoon, which was one of my favorites. Oh one more detail is missing for the next cartoon. You should have a top left pocket on the Thobe, with a Meswak in it. The bristles usually stick out from the top of the bcoket. i know that is a disgusting look since , but Bakheet and his comrades usually keep one of those Miswaks handy 🙂

25 02 2009

Just discovered this too. Bakheet Al-Anzi has found a home!

25 02 2009

Marah, but the Bakheet Al Anzi cartoons are made especially for those of my friends with some link to Saudi Arabia, other people won’t understand them!

Saudi in US, your wish is my command, the glove cartoon has been added! There is a mishwak cartoon coming up actually! And it will be evil! :mrgreen:

Chiara, 😀 I don’t advertise new pages, I just wait and see if anybody notices :mrgreen:

20 03 2009

Ah! So interesting. I saw this page only today. You know you should write posts from time to time introducing your brilliant new pages.

20 03 2009

Oh, no Achelois, look at it like the hidden easter-egg: You never know when you might not find a new juicy snack!
This is the last page I plan to add anyway…. 😉

24 03 2009

nice, cracked me up

25 03 2009

Sous, Välkommen at Clouddragon! Glad to spread sweetness 🙂

26 03 2009

Oh my word…..these are GREAT!!!!!! I am so glad you put them all on here so I can come here any time and just laugh at your creativity.


26 03 2009

Tack and dank je wel Aafke. I love you pictures and your posts!

26 03 2009

susanne, glad you enjoy 🙂

Sous, glad you also enjoy 🙂

5 05 2009

Just discovered your page. I love it. I move in a few weeks to Saudi, following my (not arab) husband. Your cartoons and your blog are the perfect mental preparation.

5 05 2009

Exciting! Don’t hesistate to share some of your experiences!
(especially if they are inspirational for more Danish DSelights… :mrgreen: )

5 05 2009

Certainly! My daughter and I decided, that if we have to wear an abaya it has to be a stylish one. She choose one from EdHardy (honestly, didn’t even know, that they were designing that too). And I want something with pink and blingbling!

5 10 2009

Can I get the passwords for these posts?

5 10 2009

And welcome to my blog! 🙂

19 09 2010

Salaamualaikum Dear Sister, Your cartoons are interesting and some are humorous. However, as coming from an art background myself, I feel obligated your olitely remind you that the drawing or depiction of people is haraam in Islam. Whether you are muslim or not, I am not actually sure, being that I have failed to go through the rest of your blog yet. Please forgive me for that. I understand the commentary and so forth and the necessity in depicting human beings in your art. At the same time, i advise you to at least put a disclaimer somewhere to give proper glory to Allah and to remind viewers that Allah wa ta ala is the best fashioner, the only creator, and the best artist. Furthmore, while your cartoons have truth to them, there are people who may view this site with limited or jaded knowledge of Islam. I encourage you to put some more positive cartoons on that do not focus so much on women being treated poorly. In the times we live in, I personally think that it is a responsibility for all people to be fair and to try their best to avoid using unfair stereotypes exclusively. Finally, as a Hijab wearing, abaya donning, Allah fearing muslimah, i do appreciate your work, but remember that everything that we as individuals put out may affect the quality of life of others who may be living in more hostile environments. salaamualaikum .

21 09 2010

habibakaba, welcome to my blog!
It’s a brilliant cartoon, if I say it myself, my hand was clearly guided.
After all, I have a great talent and if one is religious then it is clear that that talent can only come from God/Allah/the Great Goddess, and therefore I have the obligation to use it.
And it’s so true isn’t it?
This is exactly what is happening, men are never satisfied when it comes to suppressing women.
As women who veil get health problems and diseases as a result of veiling, not to mention the possibility of getting children deformed by rickets, I can only conclude that covering the body more than simple modesty demands is against God’s wishes and therefore I am sure God loves this cartoon and I don’t see the need for any other disclaimer as the one on my about page.

17 01 2016
Elizabethan Lass

I appreciate her art and feel that it is a harmless way to depict ridiculous behaviors. It brings truth in a non violent and honest way, not to mention that her talent is incredible. The beauty of this earth is that we are all different and do not all share the same opinion which leaves you and the artist your right to think differently. I think her pictures are positive. I see nothing negative about them. Reality is often uncomfortable and although you wear hijab because you fear Allah, some woman are forced to wear it or their safety is compromised and I believe those women deserve a voice as well…this artist gives them a voice. She shares their message from a perspective which is coming from the heart.

17 01 2016

Hi Elizabethan Lass! Welcome to my blog.

19 05 2011
binte ali

aslam o alikum
sorry if you mind for me hijab and veil provide us safty and protection for it does 100% and you my father and brother against us and my uncles too about it the people belongs to conservative family and who wants to be more in dunya have this thought that veil is unsafer and as you are talking about suppressing most men want their wife to go with them in parties and dress in western way may it is my thinking but the way i brought up was that my family gave us full freedom of life and they have thinking that women should contribute in society but alhamdullah ALLAH me guidence thanks to himand the most importent thing is it is the order of our CREATOR,GOD the one who LOVES more then 70 TIMES then OUR MOTHER and this is not fitna it is called modesty and one more thing when people saw us they always compliment about our dress and veil and they want the same thing and i m not talking about muslim country i m in houston usa and once 1 kid passed by us and he shouted with joy and call his mom MOTHER look! I saw ANGEL!!!
i does not mean to ofend you or any thing negitve (i was searching for abaya pattern on google and your blog came up and when i saw a word fitnah i was like kind of shock 🙂 i know you are good person but i just want to clear your concept about men are not forcing you forcing leads a person to destruction
thank you for reading my big big post 😀 hope you will not mind on any of my words if you do then extremly sorry 🙂
may allah give us all guidence to the right path and protect us from shytan and our nafs!!ameen
i would like to be friend with you if you have any kind of question and i know the answere i will surly help by the help of ALLAH

20 05 2011

Binte Ali, take my guidance: if you want safety and protection then a course in martial arts will get you a lot more safety and protection than a piece of cloth.

7 12 2011

Kickboxing also excellent. Carrying a protracted stick known as an asp. A pen comes in handy particular ball point. You can jab that sucker into any soft spot on the body and it will generally stop an assailant at least long it enough to use it again. You know orbital eye socket is my first thought. Then you have to understand the whole bendy parts of the body. If you apply force against a knee going in the opposite direction of the natural bend it can break it. Very effective in protection.

I can’t figure out when the post have been written this one says 15:23:18.

Hey, you could draw a woman in the ME cowering in a burka with a guy waving a stick, then show a western women being shouted out then she takes out a stick and waves it at him while he is cowering. The say see the difference.

A woman’s brain on islam vs. woman’s brain on freedom. (You get the gist.)

8 12 2011

I don’t understand that time frame either.

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