Exclusive interview with Bakheet Al Anzi

12 03 2009

As the police and the commission officials are refusing to comment on the recent khulwa case involving a 75 year old widow and two 24 year old men, Clouddragon is happy to announce that our reporter in KSA has been able to interview Bakheet Al Anzi, the wellknown member of the Commission for the Prevention of Virtue and the Promotion  of Vice. One of the men, the alleged nephew and ”foster son by suckling” Fahd Al Anzi is from Bakheet’s own tribe.

A Clouddragon Exclusive by Afko B, Dutch male (because wearing a beard) reporter.

As we enter Bakheet Al Anzis modest mud dwelling and enter the men’s lounge, we notice the sunni simplicity, the refreshing absence of any kind of pictures, music, nor any other sign of culture, books, or haraam foreign influence. The only concession to modernity are the six fluorescent lightfittings which will bathe the small room in fresh light in the evening. Bakheet warmly welcomes us, and motions us to sit down on the comfortable bedu cushions. Bakheet is clearly a modern, more relaxed proponent of the Commission for the Prevention of Virtue and the Promotion of Vice, as he even allowed one of his wives to enter for a few seconds and place a hospitable tray with freshly brewed Qawa and dates. Naturally she did not speak.


-Mr Al Anzi, thank you very much for allowing us to interview you. We can understand this news came as a shock to you, especially as it involves a member of your own tribe.
-Ya Allah, this is is a very shocking case. Fahd Al Anzi, rahimullah, he was sadly misguided, and I myself think he was under the influence of an evil spell, subhanAllah.

-You are a man of standing in the Commission for the Preventio of Virtue and the Promotion of Vice: will this crime, committed by a member of your own tribe, have repercussions for you personally?
Ya Allah, astaghfirullah, tawak kalto ul Allah!

-Do you think the verdict of forty lashings, four months in prison and deportation of the seventy-five year old widow is a just verdict?
-Bismallah, some punishment for this awful crime is nessecary, how else can we guide to the right path? Alhamdulillah our courts are just and merciful, subhanAllah, so they have reduced the lashings to a mere forty. Four months of prison won’t do her any harm, insha’allah, on the contrary, they will teach her the error of her wicked ways, insha’allah,  she is only a Syrian woman, and her husband is dead, inna lillaahi wa innaa illayhi raaji’oon. She is now of no use to anybody so deportation is a good way to get rid of her, insha’allah.

-But who will help her in Syria? She will have no friends and neighbours there like she has here in Saudi Arabia?
Bismallah, She will have to be patient, God will look after her. Inshallah

– Fahd Al Anzi claims he was bringing the old lady bread: an action of charity surely?
Bismallah, several righteous citizens have denounced them for Khulwa, alhamdulillah,  a written note was send to the commission informing us of the crime in progress, we immediately sent a taskforce which caught them in the act of khulwa alhamdulillah. Also: Al-Anzi’s father himself accused Sawadi for corrupting his son. subhanallah.
Of course he is right in that the blame should be put on the woman. It is always the woman who is the tool of Shaytaan’s evil, subhanallah. But I think the father himself has been seriously lacking in duty for not getting his son married at a much earlier age: he should have found a suitable young girl from a good Nejd family and tribe for his son years ago.

-That is another point of interest, we have noticed mrs. Sawadi’s full name is freely used in reporting this case, isn’t that against the usual Saudi cultural norms?
Ya Allah, the woman is only a foreigner, a Syrian, her husband is dead, so there is no need to protect her honour.

-The lady is over 75 years old, do you think it’s likely she can still seduce two 24-year old men at the same time?
Ya Allah, Women are notorious in their lust for men,  and their evil and seductive powers. That is why they should be locked up in the house, and even then they should be kept under constant supervision! This case proves once again that no woman should be allowed out on the streets, or be allowed to live alone without the superior male supervision to guide her steps.
Ya Allah, I do wonder though, this lady, rahimullah, is not particularly attractive. For myself I am sure she must have used black magic and witchcraft to seduce these poor young men. Ya Allah, I do wonder the courts didn’t go for that and sentenced her to a proper stoning. Allahu Allam.

-We inderstand mrs Sawadi has told the courts she breastfed Fahd in his infancy so they are foster-mother and son?
Bismallah, This cannot be proven, they are probably only claiming this to get out of their proper punishment. As there is no proof Fahd has been suckled by Sawadi we must conclude she is eligeble to marry him and therefore they were in khulwa and should be punished alhamdullillah. Fahd’s friend Hadyan, whom he claims only helped him out because he owns a car is defenitely culpable and fully deserves his sentence alhamdullillah.

-Both young men claim their only intention was to bring an old, infirm, helpless widow five loafs of bread, they left almost immediately and didn’t hang around. How can illegal seclusion with an unmarried woman be proven?
Bismallah.  This depends on the circumstances, the time spent together and the way they looked when they came out. The shorter the time spent together, the more likelihood of illegal seclusion.

-So spending only a very short time , like handing over five loafs of bread, and then leave again would actually be more suspicious than sitting down for an hour having qawa and chatting a bit?
To me there is no difference: to me everybody is sinning and guilty unless they can prove otherwise. Especially women. Where there are women, there is fitnah, wheree there are women, Shaytaan is lurking!
Besides, sharia law is just alhamdulillillah and does not differentiate between young and old.

-The well known human rights laywer Abdul Rahman Al-Lahem is planning for an appeal.
-Bismallah, it’s a great pity that a clever laywer like Abdul Rahman Al-Lahem, who had a good upbringing, went to the right madrassa, and used to be following the right sunni path, is now seduced by the corruption of the West and keeps butting in whenever reasonable punishments or verdicts have been given by our just courts. Human rights are an evil plot by the West to infiltrate and corrupt our perfect Islamic state!
Alhamdulillah he will find the true path again, or be given permission to leave the country and so we will be rid of him insha’allah.

-Mr Al Anzi, thank you very much for your hospitality, and for allowing us to interview you.
Barak Allahu feekum. Fi umman Allah!



34 responses

12 03 2009

The belly, the spiky hairs on the legs – Ya, Allah! This man is fitnah! He grabbed all my attention 😀

I loved this!

12 03 2009

I know of your peculiar proclivities as far as bellies and especially hairy legs are concerned…. Gives me a certain image of how Aly must be looking…
Ya, Allah woman! Get your instincts in line!!!!

12 03 2009

Might I point out that if this women did indeed breast feed that man…she did it while she was around 50 years old…which, all though not impossible…is hard to picture. 😉

Also, on closer inspection Im sure I can see the merest of bumps where his wifes breasts are…what a hussy…he really should train her better.

12 03 2009

Sorry Coolred, that is your own imagination. Bakheet’s #1 wife is his cousin from Qassim, she always wears very thick loose over-the-head-abayas and niqab since 8 years old. Not even Bakheet knows how she looks.

About a 50-year old woman suckling her baby nephew, what’s wrong with that? It seems she has no children of her own, so it’s an old custom to enhance the family.
Remember the great idea some nutter in KSA had to fascilitate ”women in the workplace”??? The distasteful plan that all women employees should ”breastfeed” all male employees, so that in effect they would all become mahrams to the all the women, so they could work in the same office without any haraam happenings….. 🙄

12 03 2009

He wouldve had a servant boy bring in the food/tray :p Its an interesting question though -how does one prove they had breastfed a child if she wasnt his/her biological mother? Jerry Springer’s favoured DNA testing would be a faux pas in this instance!

12 03 2009

Bakheet is quite poor. Besides he gets these haraam thoughts when he is around nubile pre-pubescent boys… He’s waiting until Jannah, when he will have his pearly boys in a halal way.
You can’t prove the breastfeeding that’s why they are convicted anyway…

12 03 2009

One for the Cream of the Crop page! LOL

Poor women breast feed as long as they can ie up to menopause (average age 51), plus she would only need to have done it 5 times (Shafi/Hanbali ruling) in the first 2 years of his life or less for Hanafis/Malikis. http://www.jstor.org/stable/3381508?seq=3

12 03 2009

The breastfeeding could only be proven by witnesses testifying for her and since her “milk son’s” father is against her she is out of luck on this. Still her current age usually gives women a pass in the khulwa department. Good thing she has a human rights lawyer on her side.

12 03 2009

Ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy goooooodness! I was laughing so hard just looking at the picture! Like almost spitting. 😀

That interview was priceless!! Never knew I was such an evil, lustful thang being a female…whoo hoo! It’s a wonder men have anything to do with us since Satan is always lurking in our presence.

I feel the power!!

Thanks for this insightful interview. Major props for excellent reporting and photography! 😀

12 03 2009

LOL! I’m speechless- this was great!

Though, for you to breastfeed you would have to be lactating and that means have had a child that is also still suckling… Does she have children the same age as the two “boys” or “youths” as they are so tenderly labeled in those parts?! Or did they part ways with the “hussy” and leave her to her own devices.?!

Goes to show “KSA Social Welfare” is a tricky if not sticky (after the lashings) thing to do…

13 03 2009

A French article, not nearly as informative as the interview with Bakheet Al-Anzi, does show a picture of the 75 year old seductress:


A good accounting, including how in Shariaa law khulwa applies no matter the age, and how the woman had been arrested previously (?for meeting with bread suppliers?)


Lactation can be induced in never pregnant, and postmenopausal women by suckling–medications help but are not necessary. The herbs Fenugreek and Blessed thistle are helpful as well. Called “induced lactation” it is recommended (by breast feeding advocates) for adoptive mothers or mothers of a baby born by surrogacy, and by the WHO throughout the world for mothers who stopped or never started breast feeding for whatever reason, and for “milk mothers” when the mother is HIV positive. As one site put it, women with no ovaries or uterus can lactate/breast feed “all you need are breasts and a pituitary gland”.

“Milk mothers” in traditional Arab countries are often not the only ones breast feeding the infant so the issue of supply is a non-issue, and the Sharia law is a max of 5 feedings = “milk mother”.

Dr Jack Newman, Canadian Pediatrician and Internatinal Breast feeding guru has everything you want to know and more in multiple languages at:
OR good faq’s by an adoption breastfeeding group

13 03 2009

Oops, multi-linked comment (Everything you wanted to know about postmenopausal breast feeding but were afraid to ask); picture of the “milk mother” in question; etc. awaiting moderation

13 03 2009

I can’t believe what this ass*** said! I can puke at his face.Urggghhh!

13 03 2009

Susan, glad you enjoyed, 🙂

INAL: is there social welfare in KSA?
In any case, small acts of kindness are clearly very dangerous. Much safer to do nothing, help nobody.

Chiara, I do research most posts, at least by Googling them. I have read all those articles, I have linked to Arab News in this post. I choose not to mention every little detail because I deal with these upsetting instances of injustice in a humorous sarcastic manner, and too many details spoil the joke.
I have chosen a different anonymous portrait on purpose, i think the lady in question’s name has allready been treated by the Arab media with disdain, I did not want to augment this unislamic indescretion by adding her photo. I only wanted to bring visually home the preposterous idea of a very old woman having sexy visits by ”youths”.
My blog is neither journalistic, nor scientific. I have very intelligent readers, I expect those readers to have a good laugh and then get thinking about it and look up stuff for themselves. I consider humour a strong weapon. Going over every detail or side issue with a fine toothcomb ad infinitum destroys the effect. I do not think it’s nessecary to keep mentioning every little detail, every article, every complication. Please stop doing that. There is no need to start another thread on breastfeeding, it distracts from the injustice I wished to denounce..
There are other more serious blogs which do analyse the news to the bottom.

Lat, eeehm, yes, don’t forget Bakheet is from Qassim. Anyway, at least we have an exclusive interview, and the reasons behind this ridiculous punishment. I hope to be able to more interviews in the future, I hope that won’t chase you away….

13 03 2009

I do want to bring this blog to the attention of my readers:

13 03 2009

Aafke- actually the “social welfare” comment was tongue in cheek though it came out looking foot in mouth!!LOL

The virtual world without the hand motions and intonations can kill it. Sorry

13 03 2009

Naah, i got the ”social welfare”-thing! 😉
yeah, and why àre they always called ”youths” if they do something wrong? Even if they are quite old?
These blokes were mostly called ”young men” in the articles though… Is that an indication they didn’t really do anything wrong? I’m still flabbergasted at the ridiculous verdict…

13 03 2009

Aafke, I can easily say you’re an expert on Saudi culture! lol. The drawing (great one!), Bakheet’s mannerism, ideas and beliefs are just soooo truly him! lol
Excellent interview. What’s really sad though is that there is so much truth in this and it makes one wonder where our end is if we do not change our ways.

13 03 2009

My apologies, I seem to have given offense where none was intended. I certainly never meant to imply that you did not research your posts, nor that your readers could not do their own research, nor especially not to start a thread on breast feeding (Allah forbid!). Regarding the latter my sole aim was to address the issue as raised by others, and as it is material to this woman’s defense– since as you rightly point out, both humorously and seriously, there is a serious miscarriage of justice here. I personally don’t believe providing a link to her photo was shaming her, however I can understand why it might be perceived as such. Thank you for your integrity in posting my linking comment as written. My apologies once again.

13 03 2009


I loved the cartoon picture, but I have to clue you in to a huge mistake you’ve made……

There isn’t any steam rising from the tea carafe.

Please draw some on there before that poor woman gets in trouble! LOL!

13 03 2009

She might get a beating anyway since there are no sweets to accompany the tea! My oh my…what a heinous crime :p

13 03 2009

Nah, Coolred I can’t see any breasts. But is that miswak in Al Anzi’s pocket?

13 03 2009

Tee, I can only thank whichever God is responsible for it that I have been born somewhere very different…. 🙄

Chiara, everybody is really free to post what they like, I want to explain that I don’t like these very long comments, with many links, which detract so much from the subject.
And I am slightly depressed for not hearing you laughing… makes me think I am inadequate.

Sabiwabi, it’s qawa, and it’s quite hot I promise you. UmmAbdullah is quite the perfectly trained Qassim wife, and Bakheet is quite fond of her. Now #2 is a whole different story…

Sumera, trust me, there are dates on the tray, UmmAbdullah is a depressingly perfect housekeeper….

Achelois, you are só clever! Yeeeessss, Al Anzi always carries (used) mishwak in his pocket…. Brrrrrrr……

14 03 2009

Aafke–thank you for your further explanation. 🙂
I quote myself from above:
One for the Cream of the Crop page! LOL
And may I add: ROFL 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

14 03 2009

you don’t have a life do you

14 03 2009

Chiara, pffff what a relief! 😀

r1, Yes I do, and you can deduce from this post I am enjoying it to the fullest!
PS, You made it to the Troll Page :mrgreen:

14 03 2009

Relief, laughter, and a new troll, we are truly blessed this evening (Friday the 13th!!! :mrgreen: ) ! 😀

14 03 2009
American Bedu

I want to see the infamous Afko reporter plus beard who managed to get such an exclusive interview…whtat a coup! (big bad grin)

14 03 2009

Here’s a couple of odd – and probably unwelcome – questions:

Does the law in SA have any provisions that involve age in any way? In other words, is there any codicil of the law that implies presumptive innocence to an elderly woman in the matters of such visits?

Can any law be allowed to stand if it is not enforced based on its own limits and scope? In other words, is it wise or good to use selective enforcement of the law?

14 03 2009

Well done, my dear friend, as always! Please continue to expose insanity for what it is, no matter where you find it! It is inconceivable to me that a 75-year old widow would be punished for asking for bread… here in Texas, the act of giving food to widows and orphans, as well as the poor of any status, is considered pure kindness and indeed Godly behavior. To treat it otherwise… well, I’ll just say it shows some true colors that tend to clash with what the “official line” would try to sell.
Personally, I think whoever sentenced the woman should suffer her punishment. I’ll hold ’em down while Afko goes to get the lash! LOL!

14 03 2009

I’m looking forward to the Wilders interview ^^


16 03 2009

haha.. loved this.

in Iran the chief of a similar organization was found himself in his own house hanging out with prostitutes. You are lucky you didn’t catch this guy in the act during your interview! :-p

17 03 2009

Bedu, that might happen one day….. :mrgreen:

Lofter, Yep, of course helping out others, and especially the weak and needy, is a good thing everywhere, even in Saudi Arabia, but unfortunately a lot of totally insane people have power they are not worthy of and then this insanity is what you get.

Rhysz, I don’t think Wilders and Bakheet will like to interview each other.
eeehm, except bakheet would love to interview Wilders in Riyad, in the Muttawa headquarters…..

Haleem, Yeah , these people are always the first ones to mess up in their own life… However, Bakheet looks só very unhappy and seems to have absolutely no fun at all in his life, that I don’t think we could catch him.

29 06 2009
Faulty programming « Clouddragon

[…] The Saudi muttawa have suffered another harddrive crash, causing them to return to their default programming, which is: arresting all and sundry. Because, let’s be real, there is no human behaviour which cannot, in some way, be classified as haraaam! If only you do enough intellectual acrobatics. It is of course very easy to denounce charity as an haram offense, as it usually involves two people. Where there are two or more human beings, there is sure to be zina! […]

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