Thieving in Blogsphere

5 09 2012

Every now and then a friend points out a site where hey have been stealing my drawings and posting them without my permission, without an acknowledgment of me as the artist, or a link to my blog. Check this!

But this blog, called ”desert pill pusher” is the pits! Yes she stole one of my drawings, but that is not all, this drawing I gave to Carol of American Bedu for the post she copied with the drawing! Turns out she stole many  more posts from American Bedu. And the other posts I seemed to recognize too, they are mostly stolen from other bloggers like Layla from Blue Abaya,  Rasheeds World, A Canadian in Riyadh, Saudi Jeans, and Susie of Arabia.
Virtually the entire content of this Pillpusher blog is stolen from the best known bloggers about Saudi Arabia! How stupid can you get? Some of these blogs have HUGE reader bases, you can count on being shown up for the thief you are at some time!
Why does she do it?
She is making money from it!
She even used several articles of other bloggers to write a newspaper article!

And that’s not all, she is also a racist bigot, making up lies about white women. (Always considered to be sluts in the Middle East). Well, I am a white woman, and I am amazed that although we are utter sluts, we are still good enough to have our artwork and writings stolen by this mentally unstable blogger.
I can’t wait for her reaction when she finds out her robberblog has been discovered. She will write some original content for the first time in her life and the subject will be how she is being persecuted by the victims of her thievery, and how unfair it is and how she meant well, and doesn’t understand what she did wrong.

check out her blog and tell her what you think of her methods of ”writing”: Desert Pillpusher



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5 09 2012

You really can’t expect any better from one of them. It’s part of Islam’s failing that they don’t consider normal people, i.e., non-Muslims to have rights to property, life, or anything. Hence, they don’t even think much about what they do to others.

9 09 2012

I dont believe islam is the issue here. A thief is a thief no matter what.

8 09 2012
American Bedu

you summed up her character and characteristics so well, aafke.

hurry up and get here! (smile)

10 09 2012

Jonolan, This is a human problem, not a religious problem. There are too many humans who consider themselves ”Muslim”, you can’t say they all think stealing is ok. Even if some people claim that stealing from people outside of your group is ok, and this happens, in a lot of religions/dogma’s/groups, it doesn’t apply here, as this woman stole from blogs run by Muslims.

She’s a lazy person and a compulsive liar, who need to be in the center of attention, so she paste copies the posts of others, inserts herself into them and makes it appear as if they are her own adventures/opinions/experiences.
This woman is mental. Not religious.

Tariq, welcome to my blog, you have the same name as my Horse so you have already gained extra points here.

Bedu, I am looking at flights!

Everybody, the complaints made for copy right infringement have resulted in the blog being closed down.
She will start again under another name I have no doubt.

10 09 2012

I can certainly say it’s a religious problem, specifically an Islamic one, as that cult and the “culture” it created doesn’t really consider crimes against unbelievers as true crimes.

That this bint also steals from Muslims is a point worth noting, however, and you’re likely right that this particular individual is worse than the norm.

18 09 2012

Jonolan – Crimes against non Muslims are crimes in Islaam. Where do you get your information from?

20 09 2012

Given the normality of purges and other crimes against non-Muslims throughout the Muslim World and the fact that all of them are “justified” by Islam and most are instigated by that cult’s priesthood, I’d rather ask where you get your information from since it obviously doesn’t match up with the Islam of the modern world.

20 09 2012

Jonolan, I am a Muslim and I get my information from Qur’aan and Sunnah. You can’t generalize about Muslims and Islaam like that.

21 09 2012

We could go back and forth on what the Qur’am and Sunnah actually say until we both died of old age and still never get anywhere, Arabic being a decidedly imprecise language for writing for the ages.

Or we could just go with the fiqk as set forth today and the actions and beliefs of Muslims across the whole of the Muslim World, but that wouldn’t help your case any.

Look at the actions and look at the massive international and cross-cultural scope of them. Yes, given, that I believe it’s safe to generalize Muslims and Islam at this point – as long as one remembers that there will always be some statistical outliers and that group dynamics do not always map one to one with individual’s behavior when separated from their group.


22 09 2012

Jonolan, I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree 🙂

24 09 2012

My idea about the Abrahamic religion is that the books are thoroughly immoral, and if you follow them to the letter you are a despicable inhuman waste of space. But the majority of people are stuck with a religion, indoctrinated as a child or think there must be an invisible skydaddy and I am choosing this religion to worship him (or her). And all these people are far more advanced and moral that the primitives who made the religions up, So they cherry pick. Many believers have never even really read their own holy books from cover to cover. Many who did ended up atheists.

So you cannot blame a person in advance because they follow a certain religion, I am much more interested in what part they have cherry picked out of it. Because that shows what kind of human they are.

Now back to the thread: The blog has been closed after all the complaints to Blogger, has apparently started a new blog, using the same stolen content. So be aware when you stumble upon it.

This woman is most probably a compulsive liar. She needs to be the center of attention, she tells tall stories and they become taller every time she tells them, whatever somebody else has done she has done better, and she has no sense of morality, that’s why stealing is nothing to her, as long as it serves her need for importance it is ok to her.

This woman has a mental problem, not a religious one. She could be any religion. Some of my friends told me she wrote them letters with reasons why she should be allowed to keep the stolen posts on her blog. In her whining she only uses religion to increase her importance, not to justify her stealing habits.

PS, desert pillpusher, if you happen to come upon this: you have a mental problem, but it one that can be remedied quite easily. Please seek help, your life will be much better.

23 01 2018
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