Enforcing Traffic Safety

30 10 2010

As you can see Bakheet Al Anzi and his fellow muttawas are doing their bit to make Saudi streets safer.

This is my biggest cartoon ever so I have uploaded a huge photo and you can click it to get the bigger picture and see the details.
Which are brilliant.



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30 10 2010

Fantastic! I loved seeing it big. 🙂

30 10 2010

Lovely! And sadly… close to reality!

31 10 2010

Thanks Susanne 🙂

Yeah Mezba, sad really.

31 10 2010

Love it Love it Love it!!!

4 11 2010

Hilarious, Aafke!

4 11 2010

Nice details. Brilliant!!!

I loved the baby MALE driver, while all the adult women ride in the back where they belong 🙂

5 11 2010

intlxpatr, Yes, 😀
And I got your package!

MoQ, Yep, in the rest of the world you need age and a drivers license, in KSA you just need this tiny little appendage…

18 11 2010
Save the Women!

This cartoon says it as it is!
The only people allowed to drive are those with a dick.
No matter how stupid and bad they drive!
The cartoon is funny and sad at the same time.

18 11 2010
Save the Women!

And you don’t even need a driving license.
Only a d…

19 11 2010

Yep, the only country where police doesn’t look at driving licenses but at ….

19 12 2012

Looks like Taif traffic, except for the woman driver. The young boy driving the white SUV is a little tall by Taif standards so this must be another city.

3 01 2013

The woman driver is the reason for the joke…

5 01 2013
SãImã Abbasi

I visited your blog sometime ago, had some discussionwith you. I have few questions for you. If I may ask, are you a Muslim, by religion, by birth, by choice or any other means?
If you are not why you are asking questions and many times criticizing Islam, Quran al Hakeem and many Islamic values?
If you are not Muslim why you are getting knowledge about Islam? I don’t think it’s to understand better because mostly it’s criticizing.
From your knowledge I thought you are a Muslim, but born and raised in west so now you are trying to leave Islam.
Have you ever contacted to any good Muslim scholar to ask questions and to get answers? You spend so much time in finding faults in Islam, kindly if you spare some more time and efforts and ask your questions from a Muslim scholar who ever you like. A Muslim scholar has the knowledge and has the answers.
Stay happy.

5 01 2013

Hi Salma,
Well, it’s not that these scholars don’t write a lot on the internet.
I wanted to learn about Islam and I did so unbiased and I have Muslim friends who gave me the sugarcoated versions, but most of the stories in the Quran and the hadith are very off, even with the sugar coating. And of course I read these stories for myself and I don’t like most of them. I find all religions to be immoral, they erode the inate morality of their followers.

And this is a cartoon which ridicules the crazy rule that in Saudi Arabia every person with a dick can drive, however insanely badly, but a woman cannot. That is stupid and ridiculous, and bad for society.
Why not criticize this?

I have no problem with people being religious. They can sit in their homes, and be as religious and pray and do superstitious stuff and read as much as they like, but when they come out, and want to force other people to abide by the crazy rules based on their religion and magic books, and what the invisible skydaddy has written etc, then of course normal, rational people have to speak out and act.

Saudi Arabia is a prime example of how a whole society becomes deranged when religion has too much power. No religion should have any power in the real world, in making up of laws, religion should be private.

5 01 2013
SãImã Abbasi

Saudi Arabia is the country of Saudi people, all other like expats who came from other countries can’t and shouldn’t tell them how to rule your country and how to live. As in today’s world America and west are dominating their newly born views and thinking on all the world and specially on Muslims and Islam. Social media is no place for discussing religion, it has its limitations. The people who bombed twin towers with planes didn’t represent majority of Muslims. As you stated you have Muslim friends so you also find it that other than religion believes, mine and your day is almost like, do good and have good, as you sow so shall you reap. What I saw is religion made this diffrence that I’m never alone, I have my Allah al mighty always with me. I never felt need to take sleep stimulant in my life because whenever it’s hard to pass the day, I prayed to Him, gave my problems to Him and I sleep peacefully. You know better than me and might have many first hand experiences that in western society where a person worked 9 to 5 for 5 days on weekend they just drown theirselves in bottles and wish to forget. They have no one to turn.
From your translations and understandings and many other people who translated Quran al Hakeem, without learning it from a teacher, without asking a question from a person who has the knowledge just twisting the translation as they wish.
I said this earlier, don’t like to repeat, need to do because you kept playing you can understand Quran al Hakeem just by yourself.
I read Gray’s anatomy thrice, from page one to the end. I know about anatomy, next time when you ll need any operation, ll you let me do it. I can assure you I read the book and I have all knowledge and understanding of anatomy, so please let me do your operation, I mean no harm, but I ll do my bt because I read the book. Will you let me do your operation?

5 01 2013
SãImã Abbasi

How much powers kuffar collect and try to prove that Quran al Hakeem is man made, I ll not believe on you and others.
If I will be the last person, I testify that (there is) no partner for Allah . And I testify that certainly Muhammad (is) His worshipper and His Messenger.
The day of judgment ll not come till one person is present on earth to testify this. If I have given 1000 lives and kuffar burned me alive, I get life again. I will testify this. Stop using your powers to prove Quran is man made. It’s in our blood. I am Muslim not just because my parents are Muslim. I’m Muslim because my mud from which He made me like clay was Muslim. I’m Muslim not just in this world, I’m Muslim beyond that. I and my Allah don’t need you to accept it, it’s your choice, so shall you reap. I made my choice, I choose Allah al Mighty. He gave you free will here, the day of judgment is when mine and your deeds ll be accounted and we will get results according to our deeds. If good deeds are more I ll be the winner, if not than all is lost.
Here you have choice, there no one ll have choice, when He ll collect all the bones and powders, all the sand and ask from me and you to rise and He ll ask Questions, no one can answer there till He ll give permission. What ll be your answers? With believe I’m scared what answer do I have? If He asked Aafke had questions, why don’t you obtain knowledge to answer the questions. I have no answer. So I’m asking to you, please ask these questions from a good Muslim scholar, they have knowledge, Quran al Hakeem is the words of Alah al Mighty, as it literally means the recitation. No doubt reading it has its own benefits, when one listens to it, it made very different effects on the heart. To understand Quran, what Allah al Mighty said, one need to know Arabic language, like I speak and write English still there are many phrases I completely don’t understand.
I can give you an example from Quran you must have read or heard it, there is in Quran والارض بعد ذلك دحاها. Now it was translated and interpreted that earth is flat, the word دحاها derived from دحاه in Arabic ostrich’s eggs is called دحاه. When I saw the picture of ostrich’s egg that also doesn’t resemble with the shape of earth, but it resembles with the shape in which earth orbits around the sun. So can you tell me translation and interpretation was wrong? Yet dhaw has other meanings as well. What you and today’s world find the mistake and faults in Muslims, those are not Islam’s or Quran’s faults. I don’t understand that with my five senses limitations I can understand Allah al mighty or you can put Him under the microscope to examine…

5 01 2013
SãImã Abbasi

I don’t post here because of your traffic post, I don’t find any other way to contact so I leave a comment here in the first place.
I don’t like driving the car, I’m pampered very much, in Saudi they allow or not it’s their headache. I saw their women getting education, they can obtain jobs they are leading their lives.

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