The handshake

21 08 2008

A muslim man has been denied a job by the Rotterdam council because he refused to shake hands with women.

The government-job he was refused for is one where he would be in contact with clients, and would hold a position where he holds a position of trust. He arrived at his interview in traditional dress (I suppose a thobe-like garment) and immediately refused to shake the hand of a female interviewer.

In the first instance the ”commission for equal treatment” put the muslim gentleman in the right, because ”Equal treatment” means you can’t refuse a person a job on religious grounds.
The court has now ruled that the council of Rotterdam is in the right to refuse the man this job because he himself doesn’t treat people equally: He does shake hands with men, but doesn’t shake hands with women.

Good! I am glad!

About time too! Wake up people! Refusing to shake hands with women is seen as discriminatory against women in the Netherlands! Shaking hands in Europe isn’t a quick sexy fumble! A handshake is deeply ingrained in our culture (yes, we have culture too!) as a clear sign of trust and honesty!!! And to refuse one segment of society your hand is mind-boggingly total discrimination!!!!!

More than that; refusing to shake hands here in Europe is seen as a clear and distinct insult! And is used as such.

If you can’t get yourself to shake hands with members of the other sex, I don’t care. That is your prerogative. But that means there will be consequences for your preferences, your personal choices. Especially as you choose to exert these preferences in direct opposion to the customs of polite behaviour in the country you choose to live in! Amongst routinely insulting people, you will not be able to get some of the jobs you’d like.

Stop whining, get your priorities straight, and deal with it!!!

What also irritates me here is that again one nutter has publicly made clear that all muslims are bigots who consider all women unclean, and demand special preferential treatment above anybody else. Or do all my muslim-visitors agree on the non-handshaking with Fitnah women? And that this should be respected in other cultures? Even when in a representative, trust-inspiring council capacity?

I am interested what you, my friends have to say about it, and especially any bigotted blurkers are very welcome to spew some intolerant comments here.

Update: solution

Disclaimer: All blame and eventual death-fatwas inspired by this Danish Cartoon should be aimed at Saudi In US.

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21 02 2009

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