Faulty programming

29 06 2009

لخبطة البرامج

bakheet robots

The Saudi muttawa have suffered another harddrive crash, causing them to return to their default programming, which is: arresting all and sundry. Because, let’s be real, there is no human behaviour which cannot, in some way, be classified as haraaam!
If only you do enough intellectual acrobatics.
It is of course very easy to denounce charity as an haram offense, as it usually involves two people.
Where there are two or more human beings, there is sure to be zina!

So what’s the latest? Here’s this really nice Saudi man, taking care of three orphans who were actually living on the street (!) he took them into his house, to live with his family, and  he is now facing a khalwa charge from the Commission for the Prevention of Virtue and the Promotion of Vice, because two of them are girls!!!!  (14 and 13 !!!!!)
(Khalwa is the illicit, and in Saudi Arabia criminal, seclusion of people of different sex who are not very closely related)

It went like this:

The former neighbor of two homeless girls and their brother who he took into his home while attempting to find them suitable care through official channels has described his dismay at facing a month in prison after the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Hai’a) charged him with khilwa, or illegal seclusion with non-related members of the opposite sex.
“It is ironic that I now face a month in prison after the Hai’a arrested me for being in illicit seclusion with the girls,” said the former neighbor of the 13 and 14-year-old girls and their nine-year-old brother. “The case is still being looked into by a court in Makkah.”
The children had been living on the street after being abandoned by the uncle in whose custody they had been placed following their father’s imprisonment and their mother’s remarriage, until their former neighbor saw their plight and took them into his home with his own family while the Ministry of Social Affairs resolved the issue.
He has now spent nearly a year trying to resolve the situation through the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Committee for the Care of Prisoners, and Makkah’s Social Protection Home.
An official from Makkah Social Affairs, which has taken up the case, said the children had been subjected to violence by their uncle, and that an application for urgent shelter had been submitted to the Ministry of Social Affairs.

I do so hope that this charitable man will get out of this mess unscathed. I suppose it’s too much to hope for a reward for such generous actions…



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29 06 2009

Haha! Great cartoon.

The Faulty Programming is also Saudi default(ing) programming 😀

29 06 2009

*popping an aspirin*

29 06 2009

Hum, they had some bad programmers… 😉

Sabiwabi, sorry to be giving you a headache…

29 06 2009

Unbelievable. You do something out of the kindness of your heart and get punished for it.

30 06 2009
always in the kitchen

I suppose the saying “no good deed goes unpunished’ is fairly apropos for this situation?

30 06 2009

And of course returning them to their mother never crossed anyones mind? 😦

30 06 2009

Susanne, well: we think he did it from the goodness of his heart. But the religious police take it that he took the children in to have sex with the little girls….
”What’s in a man’s mind…”
Or, as prophet Isha is reported to have said: ”Everybidy spends from the coin he has”

Always, yes, very good!

Coolred38, The mother? the mother is only a woman! What rights does the mother have to her children??? They are the property of the father, who is in jail, so the children are left out homeless on the street.
Pure logic.

30 06 2009

I wouldn’t worry too much about the girls. They’re years and years past the minimum age to be married off. If they’re even halfway presentable, they’ll be off the street fairly soon.

Does anyone know how to say, “If they’re bleeding age, they’re breeding age,” in Arabic?

On a more serious note, this is the nature of the muttawa. Their existence is predicated on their being rampant sin all around. As they get more effective at stamping it out, they have to get more vicious in their categorization and persecution or they’ll be out of their jobs.

30 06 2009

Jonolan, There is apparently some legislation planned to set a minimum age for marriage, so as to prevent child-marriages, but the religious group is very much against that, so if it will ever be is questionable. And that is exactely the point: while any normal person would think of these girls as little girls who should be at school, the religious creeps think of them as sexual objects, walking fitnah, and every part of them is awrat.

And will they ever run out of reasons to arrest and torture people? Because if taking bread to a geriatric widow, or looking after a couple of abandoned kids constitutes sufficient reasons for a Khalwa situation there really àre no limits!
Besides, Saudi friends have told me there is quite a lot of real khalwa going on, but they are too stupid to get the clever people anyway!

30 06 2009

How do they know he was in seclusion with the girls? They have camera’s installed in his home?

30 06 2009

They knew he had taken in the girls, perhaps a neighbour denounced him, or somebody at the social services, or the mutts have some informants hanging around scouting for people involved in charity…
It’s not only the the religious police who are insane, heartless, and increadibly stupid… They also have a fairly large demented fanbase.

30 06 2009

Aafke – why are are muttawa on skates.. and oh so pregnant 🙂

30 06 2009

Radha, they are robots, and the little wheels will make the robots much faster so they can harass more people. And as muttawa are always fat, they have a small artificial belly.

30 06 2009
Abu Sinan

Sadly it is all too common. The “home of Islam” is anything but Islamic.

The more I am around Saudis/Arabs/Muslims……….the less I like Saudis/Arabs/Muslims.

It can be really hard to remain Muslim when you are surrounded with people like this.

The hai’a need to be taken out and beaten whenever and wherever possible.

30 06 2009

AbuSinan, I can imagine, actions like these really make the mind boggle, you should regard these people as you would any other ”infidels”. Ignore them if in any way possible and hold on to what you know is right, and what you know is the right way.
Of course you have your own problems with KSA.
It’s ironic isn’t it? I’ve heard that some muslims who experience KSA decide Islam is not for them after all, or they get infected with the Wahabbi-virus, (N1W1) and turn into mutt-clones themselves!

1 07 2009

Back in the days it used to be “Do good and have good. Now its do good and go to jail.”

1 07 2009

gabrielmirza, welcome to my blog 🙂
It’s very sad. And very scary, this way they will eventually destroy everybody.

1 07 2009

Revolting 😦 . I feel so sorry for the little girls. And how can anyone look at 13 year old girls as sex-objects? For Gods sake, they’re 13, they’re still children. Poor guy. But the thing which really irks me is that they have a LOT of supporters; mostly among the middle-aged and elderly population. But they still have to face a lot of resistance from youngsters. I have lived in Jeddah; and every weekend their used to be scuffles between Saudi guys and the mutawwa.

PS: Aafke excellent blog; especially love your Danish delight and troll pages.

1 07 2009

Shaheen, It’s too scary… looking at 13 year old girls as sex-objects…

Jeddah seems the best place to live in KSA!

So you like the Danish Delights and trolls best? Hmmm, you are a worthy visitor to my blog! 😈
Welcome! 🙂

1 07 2009

Aafke, there ARE no limits. Morality Police of any sort – Muttawa, Gestapo, KGB, Office of the Question – require there to be sin and immorality in order to justify their existence and power. Once they have stamped out most of the more “obvious” and “logical” immoral behaviors, they have to expand their definitions or loose power.

1 07 2009
Sand Gets In My Eyes

It’s another one of those crazy stories that offsets every effort to make the PVPV look like something anyone wants to keep around. I’m of the belief that we are experiencing an upsurge in ridiculous PVPV activity because they know they are on the way out – a last gasp effort, if you please. We can all only hope! Here’s my on the topic!

Thanks for a great post!


1 07 2009
Abu Sinan


I have heard the same, Muslims who visit and live in Saudi who decide that they cannot be a Muslim anymore.

It is sad that the “home of the two holy shrines” would actually make people FLEE Islam. Too bad people dont look at that and decide some changes are really needed.

3 07 2009

SOme one said the haia’ need to be beaten.. i’ts actually happened..not beaten per se, but tossed / shoved into a fountain… really i’m not joking, I don’t know what trigerred it , but the muttawa fella wsaid somehting to the canadian’s pregnant wife/ twacked her ankle with a stick or something like that and the canadian dumped him in the fountain. This was in a mall and we got there after this incident and a large crown was there and we heard about it. I think the canadian was a diplomat adn got in trouble. but i’m so glad he tossed him 🙂

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