27 06 2009

Sorry people for being so boring and remiss lately, but, like everybody else in blogsphere, I’m very busy!
I was sick last week, and I am way behind with my work, and we (Al Tarq and me) are going trekking next week!
So I have a lot of preparing to do as well!!!!!

I hope to pull up soon and post more regularly again.

dag2 zand7-450




5 responses

27 06 2009

Beautiful as always 🙂

We’ll be waiting to read of your adventures!

27 06 2009

🙂 Thank you!
I f I survive you’ll be sure to hear all about everything!!!!!! 🙂

27 06 2009

Have a great time and I’ll be waiting for pictures.

28 06 2009
American Bedu

Hey Girlfriend — I see that you have lost some weight and enjoy the colorful outfit…you’re lookin’ mighty Texan! (big hug)

28 06 2009

Wildstorm, don’t worry! You will!
(if I survive)

American Bedu, yeah, yeah, very subtile… I do own some clothes which aren’t black!

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