I have two horses, Rabhar and the Tarq. They are both Arabians. Why do I like Arab horses? Because they are like no other horses on the planet. They are tough, sweet, intelligent, interested in their surroundings, and in interacting with humans. If you can hit it off with an Arab horse you have a mate for life!

A great advantage when you want to ”Catch your horse” LOL! Other people have to catch their horses! I only have to stand at the gate, call, and they come trotting towards me! πŸ™‚ It’s good to be loved πŸ™‚




Rabhar was given to me as a meadow-decoration. He has been a well-known show-horse, and has been very badly treated during his career, he was in such a bad state he wouldn’t cover mares anymore, and the lady who owned him at that time was quite fond of him, and tried to get rid of him by giving him to me. πŸ™‚ Now I wasn’t really looking for a horse to keep which wasn’t even healthy, but; my grandmother had two old mares and was looking for a companion horse for them, so Rabhar came to live with her.


The problem with Rabhar is, that once you’ve looked into those deep, beautiful eyes, you are lost. In love. For ever. Rabhar was difficult enough, but he is also so sweet, noble, courageous, gentle and kindhearted! He has every good quality one can desire. Rabhar is a real prince! After a couple of days he came towards me and started to do his ”Show” That was something he did regularly afterwards, but this was the first time: he was magnificent! Gorgeous! And he moved much better than usual. I thought: If he can move like that, it must be possible to get him a bit better, and therefore make his life better. So, a lot of work, massaging, exercises, etc. And we went out riding three times a week. It is great when a horse considers a ride with you as the highlight of his day, and trots towards you in the meadow, and keeps snorting of pleasure every step of the way! In the end we did do a lot of riding and we had lots of fun!


Unfortunately he is not so well anymore. I will never be able to ride him again, something he hasn’t forgiven me for. As a true Arab horse he never considers anything to be impossible, but our riding-days are definitely over. I just spoil and pamper him now as much as possible. It breaks my heart though; now and then I think I have to put him down, and then he’s suddenly a lot better again, and I decide not to. As long as Rabhar is reasonably well, and most important: happy! I’ll look after him. But I think to give your beloved a decent ending, is just as important as looking after them.

Having had to deal with His Royal Highness Rabhar gave me the confidence to get involved with The Tarq.

The Tarq


I was, and still am, going through a difficult time, and went to see a psychiatrist, and he wanted me to take Prozac, or Xeroxsat or some such crap. I thought I could do better and decided a horse would be a good idea. I mean one I could ride, and have adventures with. Go on weekends with horsey-friends!

I looked far and wide and, long live the internet! I found The Tarq via a site in Germany. He was advertised as a quiet brown Arabian. What they call in America: ”Husband-proof”. Duuuhh, The Tarq is a walking menace! If Rabhar is a prince; The Tarq would be an Extreme Fighter, and in his sparetime he would be a Football-hooligan! I’ve pointed this out to the lady who sold him to me (We have become friends) and she tells me: ”He’s your’s now, you’ve bought him! Not my problem!”


One major problem is, that he’s MEGA-clever! I am just a tiny bit more clever, but I have to keep all my wits about me, and keep fully awake! Last year we had a score-board in the stables: Tarq versus Aafke. Some months it was touch and go, but I always managed to get on top by the end of the month.

Being with The Tarq means you’ll need good health-insurance, and a very large sense of humour, and a lot of patience. And, you need to be able to whack him one once in a while. Quite different from Rabhar, the Gentleman. The Tarq never means any real harm, he is truly sweet, but, according to horse-etiquette: he is in his right to test me on a regular basis. And he does. When he is really obnoxious, and I do whack him one, he puts his head up, and looks at me with intense satisfaction: ”She can still do it!” And don’t tell me that we rule the animal-world, because I always get perfectly trained by my animals: after a year I am exactly what they want me to be!

Photo by a friend of mine, She called it: ”Tarq is going to eat me!”tark-gaat-me-opeten1.jpg

One of our best outings was a half week at the sea. The Tarq thought the sea looked very suspicious.

Tarq gets his first view of the sea! tarqopduin.jpg

We went into the sea every day. Only below belly-level, The Tarq did a lot of acrobatics: I fell off three times over four days, and ended up with a bruised right side, a slight concussion, and the last was the worse: An severely bruised back. Caused me a lot of pain! I couldn’t walk or do anything, so my friends had to load him on the trailer for the ride home. Now The Tarq has a very sweet face, and, as I’m generally alert he seems very well-behaved. So they are always telling me: ”You have such a sweet horse, what do you mean he’s trouble?” They were about to find out! The Tarq doesn’t like being put into a horse-box:

  • So, he turned around dragged friend#1 with him for a couple of meters, she had to let go, and Tarq trotted away with his tail up.
  • Second time he galloped the other way with friend#1 until she had to let go.
  • Friend #2 took over. Tarq was in front of the horsebox, but turned sideways. Friends #1,#3,#4,#5 were standing around him holding a rope to keep him from trotting away. The Tarq targetted friend #1 as the weakest link, moved in front of her, scanned beyond her for the best escape-route, and then lowered his head and decided he could move underneath the rope. They got that and everybody lowered the rope. He then thought he could jump over it; and lifted his head. This went on for a couple of times: up, down, up, down, etc. It was very funny to watch! Until friend #2 got him to face the horsebox. and they managed to get him inside.

I finally got some justice: my friends came up to me and they said: ” Sorry, we had no idea! He is sΓ³ Mega-Clever!” You see, The Tarq doesn’t just ”Escape”: he has a well laid out Plan! He is the horse equivalent of Napoleon!

At another weekend: Just before he started going backwards!tarq-op-afgrond.jpg

For more exiting stories about The Tarq read posts marked: ”Trouble with Tarq” This is also going to be the title of the book I’m going to write: our memoirs. If I survive…


Tarq and his new Arabic name-plate. he is trying to open his door here. He thinks that impresses me.


22 responses

16 02 2008
a guy

wow i like horses too

17 02 2008

Hello, Guy, welcome to my blog!
A liking for horses is a good foundation for friendship πŸ™‚

17 02 2008

Another Arabian horse lover. I have two. I don’t show them but ride them for fun and like you find them the best horse on the planet. They are like no other. Very interesting blog you have.

17 02 2008

Wildstorm: welcome, and thank you! An Arab horse is for riding, not showing! But they are working very hard nowadays on breeding horses that are only good for showing!

24 02 2008

These are such interesting introductions – I read every word and enjoyed every letter.

You have beautiful horses which must make lovely companions. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

24 02 2008

Forgot to say I am the type of person who would find Tarq amusing and charming but would secretly dote on Rabhar more πŸ˜‰

25 02 2008

Rabhar just touches your heart!

But so does Al Tarq! When I come into the stables, and the horses are already in, and I meet friends and speak to them, Tarq puts his head out, and calls to me: ”’Huhuhuhuuuu” Very low and commanding: ”COME HERE!”

And when I saddle him for riding, and I want to put the bridle on, he first wants a cuddle!

26 02 2008
Amina Ae Sook

Somehow I missed this page. You are quite the horse lover. I have no choice but to dedicate a post to Aafke on the Superhorse. I know I can’t compete with you in movie geekiness but comics may be? πŸ˜› You like have the coolest horse and the most interesting stories. Keep it up.

26 02 2008

Wauw! thanks Amina! I’m not a geek on comics!

8 03 2008

Like the “Contact Page” I only just found this one. I would love to have a horse. I absolutely adore Clydesdales, they look so majestic. I have only been on a horse twice in my entire 47 years of life. Age 16: Thrown to the ground very quickly by a friend’s shetland pony!!! Age 38: tried to ride a friends Welsh Pony, but the handbrake was stuck on, he refused to move. Our kids got on & rode her up & down the beach. I got back on & she refused to move again….:-(

8 03 2008

Also read about Tarq in the canal on your website, that must have been a pretty frightening ordeal.

7 05 2008

Your new theme is so much easier to read, so inviting, I poked around in a few areas I missed before. Really, Aafke, your love of horses is pure and deep; it will never fail you.

It has never failed me, either, even though I haven’t seen the neck of a horse since 1986.

7 05 2008

Marahm, glad the new theme invites you to look around.
pop over to the Netherlands for a ride on the Tarq! πŸ˜€

21 10 2008

I’m so glad I found your blog (via Susie)! The Tarq sounds like a horse who needs to test his human. πŸ™‚ I have a feeling that Rabhar is the one that has passed, the one that Susie mentions in her post. I am very sorry, and I’m sure you miss him.

On a happier note, I’m so glad I found your blog (via Susie)! I would like to add your blog to my own blogroll at The Horsey Set Net, a blog about horses&culture, primarily for horseless horse lovers like me.


21 10 2008

remlane79, welcome to my blog πŸ™‚ Yes, Rabhar is the one that passed, I should update this page, but I haven’t had the guts yet. I loved him so much.
For exciting adventures read ”Trouble with Tarq”
How couragious to have a blog on horses while being horseless yourself! Thanks for putting me on your blogroll. πŸ™‚
I’m preparing a post on dressage soon!

21 10 2008

Things happen in their own time. It’s too soon for you now, so you may not feel like updating things on this page for a while. And that’s okay. All in good time.

I look forward to reading around on your blog here. πŸ™‚

1 11 2008

Hello Aafke..

I just read about your lovely horses and don’t know why but I just cried and cried.

I hope you’ll always have wonderful times together. Horses are such noble animals, I’ve never had any but would love to some day, and this summer I’ll take up horse riding classes and see how it goes! I’ll sure ask you many things!

Thank you for sharing this with us : )
Enjoy your time together to the fullest!

1 11 2008

I’m sorry Aafke, I just read Rabhar passed away : (

I think he spent lovely times with you, and it meant a lot to him.

I’ll definitely be reading your adventures with the Tarq! Sounds like such a naughty guy! Reminds me of my girl, Chica, a siberian/persian cat. And Rabhar reminded me of my boy Chico. They’re twins πŸ™‚

I also think you have the cutest cats!


31 10 2009

Though I can’t see all of your blogs but i like it…you have special angles for paintings, images, n sketches, which is surprising for new visitors but amusing… πŸ™‚


26 07 2010

oh great!! fotos from rabhar!! i have a grandson from rabhar, out of rabhars lady. his name is ibn baldaz. (please excuse my bad englisch, IΒ΄m from germany).
do you have more fotos from rabhar?
i`m so glad to see this fotos in your blog.. πŸ˜€

kind regards,


18 12 2011

Fantastic (there are no other word to discribe how i really feel )
i love horses too much and even dream of them but i never had the chance to ride one i kinda feel jealous of u for having such two beautiful incredible horses

31 08 2012
Swiss Cowboy

Great site, fantastic horses! Arabians along with Akhal Teke have to be my favorite breeds, they are both gorgeous and have incredibly pronounced personalities no doubt, they are just too small for me. I have a mare that has the concave small head of an Arabian but the size and muscular conformation of a racing quarter horse she is beautiful and a terrific personality. All my horses are curious, interactive, fearless and friendly – I attribute that to breeding choices (personalities of dam and stud) as well as upbringing (interaction and training) and space, I feel they need lot’s of it to let them be horses. I have been impressed with Mo Fox Trotters, great gated horses with amazing dispositions. What training techniques do you use?

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