Sub Irrigation Planters! Part 1

22 06 2016


Yep, after visiting Washington and seeing the sites, and especially, tons of art! I am spending my time building SIPs, or Sub Irrigation Planters!
I have to do this now because the summer’s hitting and it’s really impossible to keep plants alive in summer here without some kind of automatic irrigation.

So here’s the plan, Part 1 replace the window boxes on the balcony. Part 2 the window boxes in front of my studio windows, Part 3 build a roof garden on top of the house on the deck.

Part 1


I made two boxes which fit exactly between the walls. Painted them a dark weathered grey and lined them with pond liner. They are just wide enough for two perforated drainage tubes and space for the wicking mixture. On the top right you can see the overflow tube, this ensures an air pocket. Very important to stop the roots…

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Bakheet al Anzi’s New Year Party

2 01 2016

Two things to remember, every religion has superstitions about the good and bad things you do and in Islam you have the two angels sitting on your shoulders with note books.

You do not only earn brownie points during your life on Earth, your sins also get recorded by an angel. The angel on the right shoulder notes down your brownie points, and the one on your left makes notes of your sins.

They are always there…. with their notebooks.

The second thing to remember is that angels cannot enter a house where there is a dog.

This opens up a loophole…
As long as you are in a house with a dog your deeds do not get recorded….

bakheet 1 klein

Ps, you are also not allowed to celebrate new year…
But then… who’s to know?

Christmas present for the Q

25 12 2015

The Q likes Paco Rabanne pour Homme. A very good choice I might add. Very nice scent for a real man! As with all scents PC has been reformulated several times over the years and while keeping true to it’s roots has lost something of it’s depths according to the noses at Basenotes.

The Q needed a new bottle.

I got him one…

One Liter of vintage Paco Rabanne!!!!!!!


It smells delish! It really has more depth and complexity!

The Fekete Kutya, a rare breed. Part 1

9 11 2015


From my sketch book:

One of the most rare dog breeds is the Hungarian sight hound, the ”Fekete Kutya”.

The Fekete Kutya is a medium sized dog, weighing 28 to 44 pounds. The height should be between 18 to 24 inches.
The only accepted color for the Fekete Kutya is black, with some white hairs, but no socks or markings larger than an inch in circumference. The coat is short, smooth and shiny. On the back runs a band of hairs with a coarser texture, the belly is only very lightly haired. Most Fekete Kutyas show a light feathering on the tail, in rare instances long feathering. This is accepted by the breed standard.


The Fekete Kutya should be of an elegant streamlined build, but never slight or delicate. The legs are long and straight, with a sizable paw. The back is straight, with a slight bend at the…

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Daily painting: Meeting with a donkey

3 10 2015


On our trip to the Dallas Heritage Village we met with Nip and Tuck, two giant, very friendly donkeys.

I found them strange, they had a lot of angles and bumps, beautiful to paint of course. They are both greys with a lot of different shades in their coats. I do not know who is Nip or Tuck, so here is either Nip or Tuck!
This painting is quite small, 4 inch by 4 inch, it’s a miniature like a small jewel.

Oil on board

4” by 4”


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Daily painting: Luxury Australian Sheperd

1 10 2015


on a creme coloured couch no less!
Huck is living the good life. He is always adorable.

Oil on panel

6” by 6”


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Close to the dog park…..

30 09 2015

Antar expresses his desire to go to the dog park….