America’s misogynist anti-abortion laws

15 05 2019
As to the compulsory pregnancy laws the  right wing American Christian Taliban wants to implement to to control women:
These laws are woefully deficient and unfair, they leave out 50% of the population and there should be a federal law which forces states to complete these laws thus:
  • Every man who fathers a child (including rapists) which the mother miscarried or tried or succeeded to abort shall be given the exact same punishment as the woman.
    Except rapists, they get triple the sentence of the woman child victim.
  • Every man who masturbates is a murderer of thousands of potential human beings, therefore every act of masturbation/handjob/blowjob/anal sex/or whatever, should be prosecuted and punished as a mass murder. With the death penalty.
  • Every man who wants to use Viagra will need to consult a special doctor, wait 48 hours, have two doctor prescriptions, an internal examination, there can be only one Viagra dispensary in every state, and the man will have to provide legal proof that he has a woman into which he intends to pour his emissions. And written consent from that woman and she has to be with him to confirm her permission in person. And to make sure there’s no deceit all men should be forced to document every emission on video and register them in a file. Any undocumented emissions will automatically result in a murder trial.
  • All men should have a chip inserted into their bodies which will document every time they come. If there is a discrepancy with the video files the man will be put on trial for murder.
  • Any such laws should be accompanied with compulsory comprehensive sex-education for everybody in the state from 10 years and up.
    If anti-conception methods are forbidden under law in these states the only allowed non-procreative sex will have to be lesbian sex, and men will not be allowed to watch that or any kind of porn, (death penalty), only women will be allowed to watch porn, and the state has to pay all women a quarterly stipend of $250 which they can spend on toys of their choice.








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