Art stuff

So, like I said in my about-page, I am an artist. I do a lot of different stuff because I want to do everything!

I love everything, and I can’t imagine being active in only one style, or discipline.
I’ll just show some stuff.














american-eagle-kop-schvachteren american-eagle-kop-schvvoren


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9 01 2009

Stunning and a relief from personal and international woes. The best kind of art–aesthetic and cathartic.

10 01 2009
always in the kitchen


11 01 2009

Glad you enjoyed πŸ™‚
I will try to improve the page in time.

12 01 2009

Amazing! I love how you do the zebras. Very beautiful.

7 02 2009

really nice work. i will have to show my wife. It will be nice for her to see a fellow artist online with a nice blog to boot πŸ˜‰

9 02 2009

seeker2008, Thank you!

23 02 2009

I. AM. IN. A-W-E

The zebra pictures, and the goldish brown mosaic are the BESTESTEST (is that a word? If its not, i made it up to fit them!)

You can ride, write, manage a company, paint and draw, raise horses… and all extraordinarily well!!!

what next? I’m envious!!

23 02 2009

Stunning zebra from top.

23 02 2009

Specs, Thank you!
Riding, -> depends on your point of view
managing company, -> barely
paint and draw, -> yes
raise horses, -> being personal attendant to a horse

Mezba, πŸ™‚ thanks

26 02 2009

Ohhhhh k….

I better leave now, I m a lil outta my league here. Man your stuff is GOOD! Loved the de-winged angel! The other day I was looking at stuff by some guy name Brom or something. This is as good as that!

BTW, do you have a gallery or something? And can you teach? (me specifically?)

27 02 2009

safiullahhussaini, (you know, that’s a very loooong name…) I exhibit at different galleries and venues. And sometimes I give drawing clinics.
I’ll be happy to give you any support you wish.

28 02 2009

Just call me safi…. Easy enough?

Ok… Lets start with the hands! I am really bad at making hands! Only second to maybe expressions.

27 03 2009

Beautiful, beautiful work! Your sister directed me to your blog. I’m a great horse lover too.

If you like, and please don’t think I’m spamming you, I dabble a bit in digitally produced art, and horses are featured in my work.

Best wishes to you in your work.


14 07 2009

O wow, you are good!

16 08 2009

your art and writing is outstanding. I am also interested in Everything- I paint, draw, sing, write, dance act… etc..
Your art is stunning.

3 10 2009

Ooh… You are very skillful! Congratulations on the great site and works!

Sweet colors… I really like them…

Say, why don’t you create a deviantART account? It would be great to show more of your art to the community!

Kisses and hugs! Have a lovely day! β™₯

5 10 2009

Thank you! i am thinking about a deviant art account, but I am slowly getting swamped in sites… and I am also thinking about a site where I can sell my work by auction, that looked very good as well…
Meanwhile, I have just started an Art Blog:

31 10 2009

I really like your work….I had a passion for horses but for some reason could not get into it.but I design Jewellry for horses…. pictures n art work is beautiful, specially the feminine touch in each pieace of art….its pleasing n thoughtful to mind n spirit…..

Regards !….Joan

18 12 2011

I am not an artist neither a fan of art but i just got a good feeling when i saw ur pic
i think they touched my heart
good job

7 06 2012

woowwww!!!! looove it all!

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