My horse trailer

2 07 2010

Is finished!

I spend 10(!) days sanding the whole darn thing!!!!

After I put the white base coat on I decided I liked it so much that I exchanged my creme paint for bright white.

All painted white, and the window removed. It was set in rubber which had almost completely desintegrated.

Doesn’t it look good?

I painted the inside as well, makes it much brighter and hopefully nicer for the Tarq.

I had to buy new rubber to fit in a new window at a boat shop, and you need a special tool to fit in a plastic thingy in the rubber. That was a ridiculously expensive tool, and after looking it up on the internet I decided I could easily make it myself.

And it worked fine! I also cut out a new window from a piece of lexan. The old one was too scratched and damaged.

The finished trailer on it’s first mission!



13 responses

2 07 2010

How beautiful! Your hard work paid off … love it!

2 07 2010

Waw! You’re fast!
😀 I love it too! I am happy whenever I look at it! 😀

2 07 2010

Aafke! It is ELEGANT! (I don’t know why I am so surprised!) You are amazingly resourceful and inventive, and your carrier looks new and expensive! Brava!

3 07 2010
American Bedu

wow! there should be an award for the most artistic and creative horse trailer. I love how it has your unique personal touch.

3 07 2010

This makes me wish I was your horse 🙂

4 07 2010

Wow, I didn’t know all this could be done by oneself! I could never have done all this. The creeper design looks beautiful.

4 07 2010

As always, my dear friend, you’ve done an outstanding job! Much more pleasing than the industrial horse trailers I see being dragged all over Texas… I mean, there’s only so much you can do with brushed aluminum, right?
How did the Tarq like it? Some of the horses I’ve known shy away from really bright enclosed spaces, but I’m betting that he knew you did it just for him and took to it like a king to a throne!
Very well done! :->

5 07 2010

it’s very pretty!

8 07 2010

It’s amazing! White is definitely the colour and your painting looks great!
Is this another trailer or the same one you did the other time?

8 07 2010

I think that must be the most beautiful horse trailer I have ever seen!

8 07 2010

Intlxpatr, I love it! I am happy every time I look at it 🙂

Bedu, I think this is much better and more fun as when I would have brought a new one !

Achelois, I think the Tarq likes the trailer better now the walls have been renewed, he is making far less fuss getting into it!

Daisy, it’s just paint! the real job was putting in the new walls. And the new window was quite difficult too!

Lofter, I painted the inside too because that makes it less of a dark hole to get into, much less scary. It is an old trailer, and the little window is really too small. Now I have learned how to do it I am thinking of adding two more.
For a panoramic view!

Lat, it’s the same trailer; I always planned to paint it, but the weather had to get warmer first.

Lynn, thank you 🙂 and I agree! :mrgreen:

22 11 2018
Terri Walker


I know this thread is a bit older, but would love to know what products you used to paint your trailer and how well the finish has held up. I have an older Brenderup Baron and have considered painting it, especially since most paint/bodywork shops don’t want to work on this material.
Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

22 11 2018

Hi Terri, I used a primer on the wood and a special primer for the fiberglass top, then I painted the whole trailer with a boat/yacht-paint. It held up fine for several years, My trailer was out in the elements all the time, but I sold the trailer.

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