Evolution of modern Hominids

20 05 2011

Evolution of Homo Sapiens

Evolution of Homo Neanderthalensis

So what are we looking at? Well, the first drawing shows the evolution of Homo Sapiens, personified by the Arab woman. The second drawing shows the evolution of Homo Neanderthalensis, personified by what could either be a religious policeman, or a Wahhabi, or a salafi. There’s  really not much difference.

We start of with Australopithecus, and after a couple of million years, or the fourth figure, we have come to Homo Erectus, capable of making tools, some more million years later, at the fifth figure, we have reached our current height of evolution; Homo Sapiens.
You can see the woman has  discovered agriculture, she’s making cloth and embellishing her dress, she has invented pottery and many other things. At the corresponding fifth little Neanderthal figure, you can see she has taught him to walk upright, to wear clothes and to brush his teeth using a stick of mishwak.
Now what happened after the fifth figures? Well, about 1400 years ago the Homo Neanderthalenses took control, they started suppressing women, locking them up, even when outside, inventing a black cloth prison, denying them freedom and personality, and as you can see evolution ground to a halt. They kept brushing their teeth with mishwak. While Homo Sapiens women are slowly suffocated into ghosts, the Homo Neanderthalensis remain the same. For many more millennia.
For ever. Without women they are not capable of further development.



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20 05 2011

I love it!

There is, of course, a solution to this problem – at least for the women. Human kind just needs to “solve for” the degenerate scions of “Neanderthalensis.”

20 05 2011

Waw! Jonolan! You are fast! I was still tinkering around on it!
Ah yes, there’s always a solution….
Anyway, Neanderthals are perfectly trainable, on the whole, you just never let them get the upper hand!

20 05 2011


The Bakheet has been with us for over 1,400 years with no change, while forcing women to evolve into a ghost of their original vibrant form.

On the bright side, in evolution weaker species can only hold their ground in isolated environments. With modern travel and the Internet the Bakheet will be an extinct form very soon…

20 05 2011

Thank you Moq. You give me hope for the future of the human race.

21 05 2011

Hi Aafke,

I like your cartoon and I think you gave some well-deserved criticism on Saudi society. I especially like your evolution drawing of the muttawa’s :p
I do think there are already plenty of Arab women standing up for their rights and I hope that more will join them. To me, the veil doesn’t necessarily represent oppression if it’s the woman’s choice, but I’m well aware that not every woman chooses to cover herself, but is forced by society. This is wrong and needs to change.



22 05 2011

In my opinion so-called ”veiling” is always imposed. No normal mentally healthy woman would contemplate it if it were not for three reasons:
1- an arbitrary religion, invented by men who want to oppress women, terrorizes women into veiling by making them believe they will burn in an imaginary hell. So women get scared into veiling
2- an arbitrary religion, invented by men who want to oppress women, promises them a pay-off in an imaginary afterlife. A very material one in islam: gold, jewels, houses, clothes, food, all kinds of material wealth.
So women are brought. They sacrifice freedom and health for material wealth after death.
Oh yes, and the imaginary god will love them better than women who do not veil. Again, personal advantage.
3- Societies constructed by men who want to oppress women give women who conform to their desire that they veil themselves rewards for doing so, by appreciation, respect, status, and other social advantages. Conversely they punish women who do not confirm.

Meanwhile we see proven again and again in the real world now and in history that veiling is undeniably tied to suppression of women’s human rights and freedoms. To such an extend that the more extremely the veil, the worse is women’s lot in that society/religion.

Clear proof that excessive veiling is unnatural to the human species follows from the very severe health issues women who veil suffer, even to the point of inflicting deforming degenerating diseases to their offspring which could have been completely avoided if the women would go around sensibly dressed, exposing herself to life giving fresh air and sunlight.
So even if one believes there is/are a god/gods, then the vital need for the human body to be exposed to sunlight on a daily basis already proves that he/she/they have no desire/plans for women to veil.
The logical conclusion must be that the bizarre patriarchal custom of covering women is unhealthy, unnatural, and irreligious. Any religion which claims there is a god who loves women more if they veil is therefore wrong.

23 05 2011

You have forgotten about the invention of piousness on the part of some women who are very proud to display their lack of display. Women are just as guilty of tyranny over other women as men.

22 05 2011

Actually I would be very interested to hear of a woman who veils herself for a reason which is not centered in one of the three reasons for veiling I mentioned.
– religiously induced terror
– religiously induced personal advantage
– social pressure/punishment and advantage
Apart from some neurotic mental illness of course. Or a real illness like elephantiasis. The only one I can think off is avoiding getting your skin burnt in a desert climate when you are not accustomed to that climate. Of course that would be purely practical and dependent on climatic conditions and stands completely apart from any religious considerations or divine favoritism. Nor would it mean an absolute continuous veiling practice: as soon as the weather allows you’d leave it off. Naturally.

8 12 2012

I see you point of covering oneself for protection in a hot climate. However in some countries/regions the traditional dress worn by women, the burqa, tends to be in black or other dark colours which attract sun more and as a result the one wearing it will be much warmer to her counterpart man who’s traditional clothing(which not all wear) is white and therefore more suitable for a hot climate! I saw this myself while in Italy where there is a high number of burqa wearing women now. In general the man would wear western clothing while his wife/s and other females companions would cover them selves some more than others. On one occasion I saw a woman in the very traditional black burqa while her husband wore his traditional clothing(which left his face uncovered) in white. While some did seem to be extremely oppressed, i don’t think this was the case for all of them. Some young girls(of 3-7) while they wore western clothing they would still be covering there arms and legs with long sleeves, while there brothers didn’t. I highly doubt this was willingly taking the climate into consideration. Both this wasn’t the case for all of them, I did see some girls, even teenagers, with there families who were not covered. I even saw a group of what seemed to be sisters with some of them covering there hair and others not. This leaves me to conclude that if the fathers don’t enforce the burqa on their daughters they probably don’t enforce it on their wives. Of course those are only some of them.
A reason they might wear a veil, others than the ones you mentioned, would be habit. If they were born in their native countries all the women around them would wear them and they would have naturally transitioned into them. For them it would be just as hard to take it of as it would be for a western woman to stop wearing bras or tops all together. Western women wear bras since adolescence as do most of them wear the burqa it would fell odd to stop doing so. Western women have always worn clothes since birth and most would feel extremely exposed if naked as the others could feel if they wear to replace the burqa with a slevles top and trousers. Also they might feel the pressure to conform to their up brings in fear of not be accepted. I do recall reading a review of a book, which I don’t recall the name. The book was written by a woman who grew up in a society like that but them left to go to europe(I can’t remember why she left but it wasn’t anything that caused conflict with her family) She then started to wear western clothing, started to work and cut her hair but when she sent pictures of herself to her family she always put her traditional clothing back on. This shows that while they might want to change its not always so easy.

22 05 2011

And as old photographs sow, Arab women and Bedouin women did not excessively veil in the past. Only when a small group of fundamentalist and very oppressive very nasty homo Neanderthalensis started to curtail women’s freedoms and rights in Saudi Arabia did veiling, abaya’s and niqabs become compulsory and ubiquitous. But this has only happened in very recent times, in human memory to be exact. And since this group has had lots of money over the last few decades they have spend that money by influencing other groups to also curtail women’s freedoms and use pressure (either of my three points) to get women under their influence to start veiling.
Aside from paying them outright. because that is happening too, in places like Bosnia women get a monthly stipend if they veil, wear abaya and niqab, and try to convince as many other women as possible to veil also.
In Jewish fundamental areas women are pressured and forced into veiling.
Veiling goes hand in hand with oppression and taking away of women’s rights. Veiling is an outward expression of the ideology that women are inferior to men.
And it is currently spreading. In countries where freedom and women’s rights are highly regarded it is a visible warning of the spread of religions and ideologies which have as one of their goals the complete elimination of women as an equal sex to men.
The attempts to force/convince/pressure women to veil is the first step in a direct attack on women’s rights and equality.

23 05 2011

To be fair – and that’s hard for me to do when Man’s enemy, the Muslims are involved – I’ve run into a couple of Muslimas in the West who veiled as a visceral reaction to our hyper-sexualized fashion.

24 05 2011

Jonolan, in that case you can wear very conservative clothes, covering a lot of arms and legs, veiling is not called for, that is absurd.
As well as unhealthy.

but I forgot one other reason women veil at least in the west, and that is to show off their difference, the fact that they belong to a sub-group, and that they want to stand out as such. And to rile up the other people.

24 05 2011

Alicia, I consider that part of getting advantage out of social approval. And I do not deny that women are culpable too, women can be just as crazy as men, especially when suitably brainwashed.

Also falling under religious and social pressure is the comment I had from a niqabi on this blog some time ago: She was now elevated to other women in the eyes of god, superior to other women.
I also know niqabis who are nice women, and they get a lot of fun out of being totally upste when their sleeve slipped and a man had seen an inch of the skin, or when the blind had a gap and a visitor to the house could have had a nanosecond glimpse of their hands as they took the watercooker.
All this Is in my opinion under social advantage, but you could maybe add a fourth reason: A sado-masochistic pleasure in being subdued and shackled.
I think I will add that one to the list.
Or not.
It could also fall under the heading of mental disorder. Depends on how kinky you yourself are and whether you consider kinky-ness normal or pathological.

Apart from the list I consider the full veil to be extremely sexual.
It proclaims even a 9 year old girl to be a sexual object, a ”woman” ready for sex. It makes every inch of a woman’s body into part of her genitalia.
And the effect on men is well known: According to friends of mine who live in Yemen and Saudi Arabia, men there get a hard one from looking at a black garbage bag or a black wall.
Every large black object is related to sexual possibilities. The more women are made to cover the more men become obsessed with them and think of sex and harrass women etc. etc. etc.

Veiling is the visible sign, and instigator of, a quagmire of oppression and insane sexual obsession.

24 05 2011

And it’s not Natural!!!!
Just look at it, you can write whole books on why and how and the results of veiling women. And of all the political social and religious reasons, effects and how bad it is for the menatl and bosily health etc. Because it is unnatural and is taken to insane extremes!
The end and beginning of the whole veiling thing is that it is not normal, it is the product and result of mad twisted insane brain failure!

24 05 2011

Veiling as such is not an Islamic custom at all, it was already a custom of elite Jewish women, to show off that they were better than the common women.
It was therefore forbidden to veil for common and slave women.
So it started out as a custom of utter vanity and superiority, and of course for some women it still fulfills that function.
But with one difference, it has to forced on all women. Whether they are religious or not.
One commentator at bedu put it that she couldn’t wait for sharia to be forced on all countries in the world, and all alcohol forbidden (except for princes and top clerics I suppose) and all women forced to cover themselves.

21 12 2011

Well u r some how right with all but one thing it is the number 1400 it must have been 2000 or even more whem men was behaving with women asif they were a trade only and even some men used to burry their children alive if she was a girl of course with exeptions like the prophet muhammad’s first wife and the mother of his only beloved sacred girl
any way islam was ment to stop that and make women regain their rights and it was doing a pretty great job for about more than 500 years then then the wahabi/salafi arroure and and changed islam like they want

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