What I got in my mail:

29 11 2010

Is this bizarre spam mail, my comments in color:

I’m of Dutch origin, but I moved from Holland at a young age with my parents.  I monitor what goes on in Holland and how my country of origin has changed, not least with the rise of Geert Wilders and the so called “Islam debate” (strange to have a debate with only one side of the argument, but there you go, lol).  What you write about Islam, conforms exactly 100% to the estabished cultural and historic conditioning of the society I come from.
I wish people would take the trouble to actually read my blog…
Our values, tastes, language, worldview around us are given to us and formed by the society we grow up in, but because I moved countries at a young age I guess maybe I have not been as thoroughly conditioned by the society around me and this has actually given me more freedom away from conditioned world views.  I would argue true freedom and independence of thought comes from being able to break away from the conditioned worldview that our born society gives us (and EVERY society conditions or tries to condition its individuals to believe in it’s own values … take Nazi Germany or Communist Russia for example, but Dutch society is no different, and that is the scary bit!)
If you think that the current Dutch society is anything like the Nazi Germany or communist Russia, you need some serious counseling. Not to mention history lessons, and maybe a visit to the country itself would be helpful…

Due to my background and the increased fear of Islam in Dutch media and society in general, I became curious and wanted to understand more about Islam,
Yep that’s how I started out too, combined with the news item that in Saudi Arabia a girl was being punished for being raped with torture and prison….
and why I felt I was being conditioned to hate an fear Islam by my surroundings, while I really knew next to nothing about it and religious Muslims were like a closed book to me.
I wouldn’t call it conditioning, especially as the stuff I read in the media about Islam was very contradictory, definitely different sides get their say here. So in my case I wanted to know which side was right.
So I set myself a task, because I do not like “mysteries” and Islam was a big mystery to me, so I wanted to solve this mystery once and for all.  I had no interest in looking at the Quran or Islam to merely to verify preconceived opinions, that’s easy to do… no I wanted to choose that which was hard, not that which is easy to do.
Don’t quite understand what Alex is talking about here, it’s quite easy to get a few books and read them. And I don’t see the mistery. Besides, going online I got a lot more information and met some very nice people.
And some very nasty ones.
But they all helped me to learn and make up my mind.

I have succeeded in this, after some effort, including learning to read Arabic.
I have been told from reliable sources, including some native Arabic speaking persons, that there is nothing in the quran and hadith which cannot be translated perfectely well, so I did not bother to spend a few years learning a difficult language in it’s classical form.
I now know exactly if, why and when a person like Geert Wilders is lying
He is a politician
I also realise that most ordinary people, do not realise when he is lying on purpose or when things are said about Islam which are based simply on ignorance, willful or not,
He is a politician
but I am very glad I took the effort to solve the big mystery of Islam.
Again, which mystery?
You just wanted it to be mysterious didn’t you?
Maybe there is a detective in me, but it has certainly changed and altered many views I felt I had previously, and I felt where my own… when in fact they are a product of my upbringing and the societies I partially grew up in.
Same here. You can actually follow on my blog how I made up my views by learning and understanding more. But you didn’t read the blog.

I think the success I have had in understanding the world of religious orthodox Muslims, as well as a Western mindset, is maybe also party due to my background and the fact that I moved countries early in my life.
I’m just open minded by nature and very flexible.
I think maybe this has a big effect, not least that it can facilitate a person to break free from societal and cultural conditioning much easier than if I had only grew up in one society.

I can see from your writing you are very convinced about your understanding and beliefs particularly regarding Islam,
Yes I am, as well as on all other religions.
maybe I can make you curious enough about myself and my aquired understanding of Islam, despite not having any sort of Muslim background or contact with born Muslims at all.
No need, thank you, your letter explains a lot about you and your views. I think I know enough.

I am now a white Dutch Muslim, I converted to Islam after study.  I guess perversely it was due to Geert Wilders and media attention towards Islam, that make me interested.  It forced my attention towards Islam.  It seems it was/is not my destiny to follow the path of blind agreement with people like Wilders that most ethnic Dutch people are intent on following or at least passively accepting as being normal and truthful.
I have to disagree with you. As a Dutch person I know that most Dutch do not follow people like Wilders, The Dutch are extremely tolerant and open to different cultures. I think I have not been in any other country which so heartily welcomes different cultures and is truly interested in them. Also I think the Netherlands is quite unique in it’s many ages of welcoming refugees both political and religious from other countries.

I think the ones who do ”follow Wilders” have mostly been inspired the the actions of Muslims at home and abroad to side with Wilders.  It is also unfortunate that he is at the moment the only Dutch politician who seems to be aware of the problems relating to Islam and Mulsims so there isn’t much choice here.

It is a real pity that a Muslim  assassin shot the far more reasonable Pim Fortuyn in cold blood in a cowardly ambush. He would have been a far better choice of politician to follow for those who are worried about Islam encroaching on our Dutch values of freedom and liberty and women’s rights.
So I am afraid that, again, Muslims have themselves to thank for getting a politician like Gert Wilders instead.

Wilders has the highest votes in the polls in my country and I worry about Muslims in Holland.
Not here, otherwise he would be prime minister, this is a misrepresentation of facts.
People seem to be prepared to follow Wilders blindly and unquestioningly because his ideas are made fair seeming to them, or because there are particular reasons for them to blindly accept what he says, due to Moroccan criminality and basically not wanting non-white people in their neighbourhoods, amongst others.
I wouldn’t discard the cowardly murders of people like Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh by Muslims. And combine that with terrorist attacks in the name of Islam, heinous crimes committed against women in the name of Islam, etc etc. Don’t you think that those little details might have something to do with what people think?
Also, and most importantly people accept Wilders ideas without thinking because I now realise that those ideas conform to established cultural and historical conditioning of the society both you and I are born into.
No they don’t, and no they don’t.
And stop acting as if we are buddies, we don’t even know one another.
Our Dutch society is not a society of fixed values, but fluid and radically shifting values, which are controlled or at least guided and led by those with power over media and politics, and real power in our society lies in big capital and economic control, NOT in the ballot box or parliament.  We live and are conditioned in a corporate controlled environment, there is no escaping this.
That would be America. Not the Netherlands. Clearly you have been away for too long to have a proper understanding about how politics in the Netherlands work. The established and cultural conditioning in the Netherlands is to have lots respect for people from different cultures and religions and I agree with you we need to change that a bit and keep a firmer grip on, and have a lot more respect for, our own culture of openness and freedom and equal rights. Especially when it clashes with those who would destroy those ideals.

Take care,


You too,



23 03 2010

Last weekend was Ostara, the pagan festival which the christian church hijacked and called ”Easter”.

Be this as it may, it’s an excellent time to eat chocolate eggs, and have a lovely brunch with your family.

Egg hunts are traditional around this time, and as we grew up we kept up the custom, but my father used very small eggs, and hid them in very difficult places.
Later again we reversed and after we found our eggs, we locked up our father in a room, and hid the eggs for him to find.

Needless to say some eggs disappeared forever…

Religious hypocrisy

20 03 2010

Religious blasphemy is of course closely related to religious hypocrisy. Now one can of course write a library about religious hypocrisy, which no doubt would be seen as religious blasphemy, and which the more insane of the religious people on the planet now want to have punished by the ridiculous ”Religious Blasphemy rule” they tried to get passed in the United Nations. However, religiously blasphemous as I am, I still haven’t been punished by god, so here’s a bit which irritated me in the Netherlands.

Broadly speaking the north of the Netherlands is protestant, and the south is catholic. Now in the south, after the Catholic fast, they let their hair down and celebrate Carnaval. Big time! Every city chooses a ”prince” for the time of the festivities. The prince gets to be the main attraction on all the parties, gets to wear a costume and a funny hat.

Now, in one city there was a little snag. Their chosen prince just happened to be gay, and just happened to be open about that. So when the time for the mass came, the priest declared he would not be offering the wafer to Prince Carnaval as he was gay.

Now this pisses me off! Where does does an organisation whose executives almost habitually rape little boys, which in my book is also homosexual, besides destroying the soul of a child, think they can have the right to criticise consenting adults???????????????????
Oh, and this is why god never punishes me for my ”Blasphemous” series: I’m not the one who blasphemies god, his own ground staff are the real culprits!
But then the ground staff gets away with it all the time…..
Sp maybe there is no god.
And that would mean that ”Religious Blasphemy” exists only in the deranged delusions of diseased brains….

The New Years Dip

2 01 2010

It is a tradition in the Netherlands to have a dip in the ocean at 12 o’clock on the first day of the new year.

Yesterday it was a very comfortable 4’C, and the sea water a whopping 7”C!!!! So much more comfortable as last year…
I still felt no inclination to try it myself….

Christmastree post

26 12 2009

Start with some music:

I’ve brought two presents for my car, because of the recent serious weather I decided to spoil it with a ”Car-pyjama” (as they are called in Dutch)

and a Darwinfish

It is traditional in the Netherlands to have a star in your window around christmas time. I managed to find a really nice vintage one on a flea market.

And this is my Christmas tree!
I have been collecting for years, some decorations I have brought in shops, and some are vintage, and some are painted by me. I prefer real glass decorations.
Choosing the right tree is a very serious business! I like my tree to be slender, and with lots of space between the branches, and the branches need to be stron enough not to flop when hung with a few glass balls and a bird.I only finished my tree today. Due to my travels I got my tree in late.

This vintage stork was my mother’s

I love birds! Especially with elegant long necks. Modern birds sometimes have very ugly tails, so I give them new tails of feathers, and beads.

And some of them get little crowns 🙂 I try to get them all in pairs, so they won’t feel alone.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas, and for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, I wish you all very happy! 😀

Happy news

27 07 2009


In the light of my new goals I have added the category ”Happy News”

We are going to kick it off with the happy news that an abandoned litter of kittens has been rescued by a dog on the Veluwe, a nature reserve in the middle of the Netherlands.
The kittens were abandoned in a basket, and placed in the middle of the moor far away from any hiking paths. The dog ran away from it’s owner and kept guard by the kittens, until the owner, searching for the dog, found it and the basket with kittens. She brought the kittens to the nearest animal shelter where they got immediate care.

”The kittens were very lucky”  the shelters spokesperson said, ”Such small baby-animals can die very quickly without food and drink”
The kittens have been placed with a foster family and are doing well.

A Dutch Wedding

28 05 2009

With all the travelling I’ve been doing I am way behind reporting on my latest adventures. So the last weekend, before I left for Houston, was the absolutely lovely wedding of one of my best friends! I think this was the best wedding I have ever been to: everything was perfect, the venue, a very old and romantic estate, The family and friends all so happy and a lot of people (including me) had been doing different jobs to make this a very special day.
Even the weather, always so unreliable in the Netherlands, was perfect!

I had the best hat.
I had a great ballgown for the evening party, but no good photo of that one… 😦


My friend is part of the showteam ”Allegria” the other members are following the coach on their baroque horses. I front of the coach two Frisian horses.



The ceremony was very lovely too! (that’s often a bit boring…)


The wedding cake, made by the groom’s sister!


The cake was lovely! And red inside! Sóóóóóóó yummieeee!!!!


The buffet with, amongst many other goodies: herring… Yuk… For some reason the Dutch are very keen on herring… I talked about that before… At least these are filleted, and meant to be eaten in a civilised manner…


Like I said, I definitely had the best hat! 😈


Those amongst the chosen who were invited to the wedding dinner, and the (great) party afterwards, rushed to our homes to change. Unfortunately the photo’s of the dinner and my lovely ball gown didn’t come out very well.

I hope ya’all liked this report of a Dutch wedding!

Dutch pastries

3 04 2009


This post is especially for Radha.
Who isn’t coming to the Netherlands.
So a special Clouddragon torture post especially for Radha…
Just to show you what you’re missing :mrgreen:


So there’s the ”Poffertjes”! Lovely! Especially if somebody else makes them for you.  Above you see an late eighteenth-century Poffertjes booth.


Right next to the poffertjes are the Dutch pancakes. 😀


Have a nice cup of hot chocolate with that…..


Very traditional with the birth of a baby is the ”beschuit met muisjes” (rusk with mice) Blue for boys, pink for girls.


The ”mice” are aniseeds covered in a smooth sugar-layer, often a small stalk peeps out. I think this makes them look like mice and therefore they are called so.


Very popular while having strong Dutch coffee, the ”Gebakje” (pastry)



Not Dutch, but very popular: the Barbie Cake!


Typical Dutch though is the ”Vlaai” (no transaltion possible) There are sooo many different types of vlaaien (plural of ”vlaai”) That there are whole shops dedicated to just selling vlaaien.



There are many, many different kinds of waffles in the Netherlands….


The ”soesje” a very thin bubble of pasty, filled with creme, sprinkled powdered sugar.


We could have gone to a very posh ”patisserie”. And eat a very posh cake,


Or get some killer pastries at the market. 😀
This is what I photographed today.




And these are my favorites! Australian chocolates! These are lovely and brilliant! They are made without conservatives, and so have to be eaten quite soon! 😀  These are the only ”bon-bons” (filled chocolates) I like otherwise you do not make me happy with filled chocolates, or truffles.
But these are great!


So, I hope you will all have enjoyed this short introduction to some of the Dutch pastries, and we’ll go on a pastry-spree whenever some blog-buddie comes and visits me 😀

On Cows

17 02 2009


A new British research project has shown that cows with names, and which are treated on a more ”personal” level will produce more milk.  We have many cows in the Netherlands, but they all have names so such research could not be carried out here. Dutch cows typically have very old fashioned names, or names of queens. Beatrix is a firm #11 on the list of most popular names for cows.
Traditionally the cows have family-names, a calf is named after her mother, so if the mother is Bertha 85, her daughter would be Bertha 86. (boy-cows are a disappointment :mrgreen: )
The preferred colour for cows is Black and White, with more black than white. Brown (red) cows give the same amount of milk, but the farmers always preferred the black ones, so red cows are very rare. Meat-cows on the other hand are predominantly red. I remember when we were travelling in the car to our grandparents, who lived far, far away, in the middle of the Netherlands, it was a great novely for us children to see the red cows instead of the black ones from the North.


The really stupid controversial  decision by our stupid greedy spineless ill-informed politicians to kill all lifestock in Foot-and-mouth infected areas was a disaster for many farmers. Our moronic politicians may believe a cow is only a money making machine to a farmer, but the truth is that lifestock is part of the family for many generations. And although they have to make money for the farmers, they are also loved. Lifestock is inherited, and improved, and the farmers know everything about the background of animals whose generations have lived next to their own. A cow brought form another farmer is not really ”their” cow. The life-stock was replaced, but those cows weren’t ”their” cows, they were not the cows bred from stock bred by their fathers, and grandfathers, and great-grand fathers. These cows, and sheep were strangers. And the cows and sheep that were killed were loved and appreciated. Pity our politicians can’t understand that.


Dutch milking cows are the best in the world, :D, not only does  a Dutch cow give a lot of milk, they do so for a very long time. A dutch milk cow can give over 100.000 liters of milk throughout her life. A cow can become a ”star” cow if she gives a lot of milk, over many years, while keeping her good looks and health.
This is a show-cow with all the features to make her a star-cow in the future.


Just for fun: Sports cow doing some formation jumping!


Saint Nicholas 2

21 11 2008

sinterklaas_2007 Ok, Sinterklaas, is really the bishop of Smyrna, and the American Santaclaus is a completely different person! Sinterklaas is very dignified, and wears ecclastial robes. Santaclaus has a fat belly, goes ”Ho-ho-ho” all the time, and wears a kind of fur edged lumberjack outfit!

Sinterklaas lives in Spain, Santaclaus lives on the north pole.


Sinterklaas rides a white horse, Santaclause has a sledge with reindeer.

Sinterklaas has ”black Pete” Santaclaus has ”elves”

Santaclaus is really American, a kind of cross-over between the Dutch Saint Nicholas, and the English father christmas.


The english Father Cristmas

Ok, back to the one and only Saint Nicholas. So, Saint Nicholas used to rescue orphans and rescue girls from prostitution by giving them dowries so they could get married. (And what does that say about men huh???) And recently, a hundred and fifty years ago, it used to be customary for girls to put their shoes outside the front door, and in the night, any admirers they had would put poems and small gifts inside them, and sugar hearts.

The nineteenth century was also the time when lazy parents tried to up their pathetic parenting by scaring their children into submission by threatening them with a good whipping from the benevolent holy man!


Which brings us to Black Piet. Because nowadays, it is black Piet Who does the punishing, and really bad children are put into a large bag, and carried back to Spain to be punished there.
Few ever come back….
Black Piet is not an African, he is painted black. So even if somebody of African descent is black Piet, they still have to be painted black.

Black Pete is a sort of mix between the boogie-man and the devil. In this time the devils and demons are chained, and the devil is being made to serve the cause of Good.
I don’t know. As far as I know, all the black Piets live in Spain, together with Saint Nicholas, and they have quite a nice life there. You’d think all the children would be scared of black Piet, but they never are; they all love all black piets! It’s Sinterklaas himself that really scares some people.
I myself have been a Black Piet twice. It takes about a week for all traces of black paint to wear off.


Here you can see Sinterklaas in his study. He has a great book inwhich all the exploits of children are recorded, bad and good. But really, he is quite nice and friendly and I have never known anybody to be taken to Spain, even if they really deserved it!
Everybody can count on some presents every year. 🙂