Christmastree post

26 12 2009

Start with some music:

I’ve brought two presents for my car, because of the recent serious weather I decided to spoil it with a ”Car-pyjama” (as they are called in Dutch)

and a Darwinfish

It is traditional in the Netherlands to have a star in your window around christmas time. I managed to find a really nice vintage one on a flea market.

And this is my Christmas tree!
I have been collecting for years, some decorations I have brought in shops, and some are vintage, and some are painted by me. I prefer real glass decorations.
Choosing the right tree is a very serious business! I like my tree to be slender, and with lots of space between the branches, and the branches need to be stron enough not to flop when hung with a few glass balls and a bird.I only finished my tree today. Due to my travels I got my tree in late.

This vintage stork was my mother’s

I love birds! Especially with elegant long necks. Modern birds sometimes have very ugly tails, so I give them new tails of feathers, and beads.

And some of them get little crowns 🙂 I try to get them all in pairs, so they won’t feel alone.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas, and for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, I wish you all very happy! 😀



11 responses

26 12 2009

Beautiful! I love, your tree and the car-pyjama and the Darwin fish. How lovely!

26 12 2009

I love it all, the car abaya, the tree decorations, etc….

Personally though, my husband and I are holding out for a car fish that says “gefilte” on it. We saw one before and want one for our car.

26 12 2009

Pretty tree and decorations! I love that star in the window! Hope your Christmas was merry!

27 12 2009
American Bedu

Absolutely Magnificent and totally you!

28 12 2009

I love the music and I love your tree! I love the birds!

28 12 2009

Aafke, I am glad to see you are in a festive mood. I loved all the pictures. You probably guessed the Darwin fish is my favorite 🙂

Happy Holidays

28 12 2009

Achelois, thank you!

sabiwabi: ”car-abaya” woehahahahahahah!!!!!!!
”gefillte fish”!!!!!!! Woehahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

susanne, yeah! had a good time! 😀

Aerinndis, thank you!

MoQ, nooooo really????

29 12 2009

So Beautiful!

29 12 2009

Always , thank you|! Hope you had a good christmas too! 🙂

29 12 2009

The tree is sooo beautifull! Your hard work shines thru’! And best of all, I love your idea of making sure the birds or whatever that comes along, has a pair to rid of it’s loneliness! Oh how wonderfully a fab person you are!

Merry Christmas to you and Q! Wish you all the best and bestest to things you’re already excelling in!

30 12 2009

LOLZ@ car-abaya hahahaha, what an idea 😛

Merry Christmas, Aafke! I love the star in your window!! 🙂

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