The Dutch eating Herring

18 01 2008

The most disgusting sight in Gastronomic Anthropology is: ”The Dutch eating Herring” This is also called: ”Haring Happen”. It means: eating a herring. A fresh uncooked herring, which may, or may not be, sprinkled with freshly chopped onions. It tastes absolutely disgusting by the way. You hold it up, by the tail, and bend back your head. You then let the raw fish slide down your throat. In some way or other it is then consumed. I must admit, at this stage I usually can’t stand it anymore, and look the other way. Even though I do like to take visiting friends from far away to see the sight. Anyway, somehow they eat it, and the remains are then pulled out and discarded. Highly recommended, from an educational point of view, for visiting tourists.

haringhappen.jpg But not immediately after breakfast.



3 responses

21 01 2008

Oh Aafke, that picture looks so disgusting; it looks like he’s pulling something gross out of his mouth, haha

21 01 2008

He will be when he’s finished.
If you’ll ever visit we’ll go and watch!
It’s also a tradition around this time because the catholics are supposed to be fasting now. But fish is allowed. But few people really fast nowadays, or they just gorge themselves on fish! Following the letter of the law, but not the intent. There’s very little proper niyyah around nowadays.

28 05 2009
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[…] Yuk… For some reason the Dutch are very keen on herring… I talked about that before… At least these are filleted, and meant to be eaten in a civilised […]

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