Religious hypocrisy

20 03 2010

Religious blasphemy is of course closely related to religious hypocrisy. Now one can of course write a library about religious hypocrisy, which no doubt would be seen as religious blasphemy, and which the more insane of the religious people on the planet now want to have punished by the ridiculous ”Religious Blasphemy rule” they tried to get passed in the United Nations. However, religiously blasphemous as I am, I still haven’t been punished by god, so here’s a bit which irritated me in the Netherlands.

Broadly speaking the north of the Netherlands is protestant, and the south is catholic. Now in the south, after the Catholic fast, they let their hair down and celebrate Carnaval. Big time! Every city chooses a ”prince” for the time of the festivities. The prince gets to be the main attraction on all the parties, gets to wear a costume and a funny hat.

Now, in one city there was a little snag. Their chosen prince just happened to be gay, and just happened to be open about that. So when the time for the mass came, the priest declared he would not be offering the wafer to Prince Carnaval as he was gay.

Now this pisses me off! Where does does an organisation whose executives almost habitually rape little boys, which in my book is also homosexual, besides destroying the soul of a child, think they can have the right to criticise consenting adults???????????????????
Oh, and this is why god never punishes me for my ”Blasphemous” series: I’m not the one who blasphemies god, his own ground staff are the real culprits!
But then the ground staff gets away with it all the time…..
Sp maybe there is no god.
And that would mean that ”Religious Blasphemy” exists only in the deranged delusions of diseased brains….



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20 03 2010

First of all thanks for sharing about carnaval.Do princesses get to dress up too? No?

I wanted to say the same thing about you not getting struck down 🙂 There’re just too many under their own umbrella trying to undermine their religion.It’s so unfair that bad guys just don’t get away but they enjoy high status and influence in society,even down several generations.The earth is just not meant to be an eternal heaven,at least for humans.

20 03 2010

Tell you what: there are no princesses! As far as I know. Girls are certainly dressed up, and added for decoration, but the whole focus is on the prince and his retinue. Of course the more religious you get the more women get pushed into the background.
Carnaval in the middle ages used to be a time where the world turned topsy-turvy. Women dressed like men, men dressed like women, rich people dressed like beggars, and beggars dressed like kings.

You know? I think the earth is meant as heaven! look around you, how beautiful the world is, how much fun, love, pleasure, happiness and enjoyment we could have if only the religious idiots didn’ t mess it up for us. And to justify their evil, they spread the lie that ”god” wants us to suffer during our time in this beautiful place.
Now that is real blasphemy!!!!

21 03 2010

That is real hypocrisy. Very sad and makes me angry!

21 03 2010

What I meant by eternal heaven is that whatever happiness we have here doesn’t seem to last forever.Of course the world is beautiful.In fact it’s awesome! It could be so much more if humans,religious or otherwise,were not so greedy.Look at the dying population of sharks and whales for an instance.

If these beautiful creatures were allowed to breed and live for themselves,they would not be anywhere under the extinction category.Humans don’t just mess up the lives of their fellow beings but also the world around them.If compassionate and ‘save the earth’ people did not do their part,tigers would have been extinct long ago.So I believe the problem doesn’t just lie with religious people.

21 03 2010
American Bedu

but you see, the Catholic church likes to deny that there have been any molestations so therefore it is okay to reject gays….(satire mode on!)

22 03 2010

And another post which keeps sliding down!
Does anybody know why some posts do this?

@ Carol, Well.yes, they have been doing that a long time, but come on! They know that we know. Credible denial time is past!

23 03 2010
Abu Sinan

Well, now the pope is knee deep in the issue himself. It would seem VERY probable that he knew about the issues in his own area yet refused to deal with it in a proper way. They said he didnt know about it, but I find it odd that a known micromanager would be aware of something that serious happening under his nose.

There was a story about it the other day on the radio. The presenter made a good point. The acts of the molesters are criminal, but so are the acts of those, like the pope, who knew what was going on and allowed it to continue.

23 03 2010

Abu Sinan, Do you know that the current pope was actually the head of the papal commission which dealt with child abuse cases? And we all know how he dealt with them: He bullied, scared and threatened to excommunicate parents who wanted to pursue the rape of their children, and he made sure the priests were not punished but moved to another community where they could pursue their hobby and learn how to do it better.

Now he is the pope he has abondoned the commission and all reports are to be taken to him personally. So he is keeping personal charge of how to deal with (support) priests raping children.
So yes, I’d say he knows all about it. And not only must he be the best informed person on the matter of raping priests, he is defenitely the one responsible for fascilitating them and allowing the crimes to continue.

I think it entirely reasonable to call Ratzinger to account for his complicity in child molestation, rape, and the harassment of both children and their families.

23 03 2010

Interesting article Aafke..

I do not think the hypocrisy in Abrahamic religions starts or ends with the representative(s) of Yahweh/Allah on earth. Wouldn’t the concept of Abraham being ordered by God to sacrifice his child at the altar be considered child abuse by any reasonable person’s definition?

Just think of how much distress that caused for the child (Isaac or Ismael depending on what faith you follow). That emotional torture lasted until the God saved him by reversing his order in the last second.

Child abuse is nothing new for these religions!!!

23 03 2010

MoQ, I agree, I have always, since a child, hated both the story and the ”explanation” as to why this bit of psycological torture and abuse is an example of God’s ”loving and caring nature”.
There is something very sick in many parts of the bible and Quran. And as they are both based in the Thora, I suppose that is where the sickness started.

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