The New Years Dip

2 01 2010

It is a tradition in the Netherlands to have a dip in the ocean at 12 o’clock on the first day of the new year.

Yesterday it was a very comfortable 4’C, and the sea water a whopping 7”C!!!! So much more comfortable as last year…
I still felt no inclination to try it myself….



3 responses

3 01 2010

Is it traditional to wear red? Brave people!

Or insane!! 😉

4 01 2010

Yes, orange is the national colour!
ehm, both?

7 02 2011

Hi! I am the Education Promotion Officer of Nuffic Neso Brazil. Nuffic is a non-profit organization funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education. We are developed a calendar to celebrate the year of Holland in Brazil and we want to show for the brazilians some interesting events in Holland, like the New Year’s Dive in Scheveningen, for example. We are having some issues to find a suitable picture about this event. I think i found the perfect one here! So we are very interested in find a way to having this picture. Unfortunately, we are a non profit organization, and we don’t have much money for this project, then I would kindly ask to check the possibility of selling it at a low price or even donate it to this project.

Thanks in advance!

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