23 03 2010

Last weekend was Ostara, the pagan festival which the christian church hijacked and called ”Easter”.

Be this as it may, it’s an excellent time to eat chocolate eggs, and have a lovely brunch with your family.

Egg hunts are traditional around this time, and as we grew up we kept up the custom, but my father used very small eggs, and hid them in very difficult places.
Later again we reversed and after we found our eggs, we locked up our father in a room, and hid the eggs for him to find.

Needless to say some eggs disappeared forever…



3 responses

24 03 2010

Ah! Lovely sketch. I had no idea Easter was Pagan!

24 03 2010

That was a funny story about your father:) Ostara is very new to me just like the previous post on the dress up prince.Very interesting!

25 03 2010

Achelois, oh yes, all religions adopt and/or incorporate a lot from earlier religions, and in the case of christianity it was part of their propaganda program.

Lat, my father had a great sense of humour, I wonder what he would have thought of my blog! 🙂

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