Happy news

27 07 2009


In the light of my new goals I have added the category ”Happy News”

We are going to kick it off with the happy news that an abandoned litter of kittens has been rescued by a dog on the Veluwe, a nature reserve in the middle of the Netherlands.
The kittens were abandoned in a basket, and placed in the middle of the moor far away from any hiking paths. The dog ran away from it’s owner and kept guard by the kittens, until the owner, searching for the dog, found it and the basket with kittens. She brought the kittens to the nearest animal shelter where they got immediate care.

”The kittens were very lucky”  the shelters spokesperson said, ”Such small baby-animals can die very quickly without food and drink”
The kittens have been placed with a foster family and are doing well.



7 responses

27 07 2009

Wow! LOL.

They kittens in the picture are cute!

27 07 2009

I love kittens but they always grow into cats 😦

28 07 2009

They look sooooo cute! I do like them, like in pat their head and that’s it 🙂 My fear of 4 legged fury animals is still high 🙂

28 07 2009

Awww….sweet story. And hooray for “Happy News.” 🙂

28 07 2009

I’m not a cat person but I hate the thought of people dumping animals of any sort. Surely it’s not that hard to advertise them to free homes or take them to a shelter. Glad to hear of a good outcome for them

28 07 2009

This is a good idea – happy news. The air waves are filled with negative news so any form of counterance is a good thing.

28 07 2009

Achelois, but my cats still are kittens! At least from their behaviour…

Lat, but that is a good start: you will get better! 🙂

Susanne 😀

Tony: and don’t forget the dog! He saved the kittens!

gabrielmirza, yes, for a long time I have been thinking that there should be a newspaper wit the main focus on ”Happy News” 😉

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