Bakheet al Anzi’s New Year Party

2 01 2016

Two things to remember, every religion has superstitions about the good and bad things you do and in Islam you have the two angels sitting on your shoulders with note books.

You do not only earn brownie points during your life on Earth, your sins also get recorded by an angel. The angel on the right shoulder notes down your brownie points, and the one on your left makes notes of your sins.

They are always there…. with their notebooks.

The second thing to remember is that angels cannot enter a house where there is a dog.

This opens up a loophole…
As long as you are in a house with a dog your deeds do not get recorded….

bakheet 1 klein

Ps, you are also not allowed to celebrate new year…
But then… who’s to know?


3 12 2012


I have sold my beautiful sidesaddle on Ebay.


antique sidesaddle for sale 1

antique sidesaddle for sale 2

antique sidesaddle for sale 4

antique sidesaddle for sale6

antique sidesaddle for sale 7

antique sidesaddle for sale 8

About corsets

23 06 2011

Check out this great new post on my Art Blog where I show some of my corsets and talk about making them!

La Bicicleta

14 12 2010

This trio makes gorgious music, and the lady with the lovely long blonde hair is a friend of mine.






Safiyyah’s mosque

13 08 2010

Is finished.

As you could read in the earlier post, I offered a commissioned painting to everybody who donated 50$ or more to bring Carol’s cats home. Safiyyah requested a mosque, so here it is: The island Mosque at Jeddah.
I love it’s simplicity, and it’s being surrounded by the sea. It has been repainted but I like it better in the old paint.

It will be on it’s way to Safiyyah next week 🙂

Carol’s cats are coming home!

1 08 2010

The rally is closed, the goal has been achieved!

Go get real artwork by Clouddragon!

30 07 2010

Update: We have reached the goal and the cats will be on their way very soon! If all goes well the cats will arrive in America next Saturday!

Always wanted some real art but didn’t dare to step into one of those creepy galleries?
Take the chance now to order the artwork of your choice!
Donate $50,- (or more) to the good cause of Bringing Carol’s Cats Back and I will send you a painting of anything you wish to have painted.
I will paint anything or anyone!

The painting will be acrylic on paintersboard, and about 6” x 8”.

Just tell me you donated and under which email address, what you want painted (you can send me photo’s) and I will send the artwork asap!

Donate and make a fellow blogger happy!

The rally to unite a very brave woman who is alone while battling aggressive cancer with her old friends is well under way. According to the last update 1/3 of the money needed is in!

Edit: Anybody who has already donated $50,- (or more) can also order a piece of art!