Safiyyah’s mosque

13 08 2010

Is finished.

As you could read in the earlier post, I offered a commissioned painting to everybody who donated 50$ or more to bring Carol’s cats home. Safiyyah requested a mosque, so here it is: The island Mosque at Jeddah.
I love it’s simplicity, and it’s being surrounded by the sea. It has been repainted but I like it better in the old paint.

It will be on it’s way to Safiyyah next week 🙂



8 responses

14 08 2010

How pretty!! I love it!

14 08 2010
Om Lujain

You are truly gifted, it is beautiful!

Btw- Carol is truly lucky to have a friend like you in her life ❤

14 08 2010
American Bedu

I’ve seen this mosque each time we had visited Jeddah. You have done such a beautiful job and have captured the serenity!

16 08 2010

That looks lovely!

17 08 2010
Intracranial Ground Zero

Aafke, I would love to see a video of you painting. Reminds me a bit of Bob Ross even if the motive wouldn´t be one he would have chosen. I usually am more interested in the magic of the process, how a painting is made rather than the final product. I love those moments when a dilletant like me sees the artist put a spot of colour to the picture, which obviously ruins it and then magically turns it into an object that would make the painting incomplete if it wouldn´t have been there. To me, painting is (besides mathmatics) the true magic aof our time.

18 08 2010

Oh Aafke! It’s lovely! Thank you so much!!! I can’t wait until it gets here!

18 08 2010

I love the colours of the evening sky the way you have painted them and you know I love the sea! 🙂

18 08 2010

Glad you all like it, an artist can’t hear so often enough 😉

bedu, serene is the right word, just my feeling!

Safiyyah, I haven’t sent it yet, too many disasters happening which need to be attended to, but it will be on it’s way, please let me know when it has arrived.

IGC, Hmm yes, but I feel very unhappy when I am observed when painting. But as it is I am tracking my current commission by making photo’s of the different stages. And I want to make a slideshow of them.
I have brought a small camera, and I do think it would be fun to make a video when painting, but I tried to put it up and let it roll, but it didnt really look interesting.
I will need somebody to do the filming for me I think.
So yes, that may be coming up soon. 🙂

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