Carol’s cats are coming home!

1 08 2010

The rally is closed, the goal has been achieved!



3 responses

1 08 2010

Yippee! What a great picture!

11 08 2010

Wonderful picture!!! I love it. And I’m glad her cats are coming home?

BTW, will you be contacting the donors about the artwork? I will need to give you my address in a private email.

11 08 2010

Safiyyah, As it was me who put up the PayPal account, (due to certain difficulties to having it in America and the impossibility of having it in Saudi Arabia) I also know everybody’s address 😉 so I therefore did not bother to ask, I will just look it up in the list of contributors.
The artworks will be published on my art blog, and they will be on their way to their owners next week.

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