10 02 2010

It was a shock for me today to read about my blogging friend’s husbands death by leukemia.

So this painting is for Carol, it’s called ”Waiting at dawn”



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10 02 2010

How beautiful. ❤

10 02 2010


lovely tribute!

10 02 2010

May God bless his soul! Ameen.

10 02 2010
American Bedu

Oh Aafke…the riderless horse….magnificent and speaks volumes.
Thank you so much for your email with words of warmth, comfort, support and love. That means so much.

10 02 2010
Abu Sinan

Awesome stuff as usual. Too bad the motivation is grief.

10 02 2010

Beautiful tribute 😦

10 02 2010

Beautiful, Carol will love it.

11 02 2010

Very moving.

12 02 2010

Lovely, Aafke

12 02 2010

Beautiful, my dear friend… both inside and out.

13 02 2010

This painting really expresses so much, Aafke. It’s lovely and you really captured the emotion of your motivation.

14 02 2010
American Bedu

I wish to share with everyone that when Aafke visited me last summer in Houston, of course she met my beloved Abdullah. On meeting him, she asked him what were some of his favorite things and without hesitation he responded “the Arabian Horse.” And our dear Aafke promptly made Abdullah an exquisite Arabian in charcoal in all of its shining glory. Abdullah took such pride in having that picture on the wall in his hospital room. It gave him comfort and he received many many compliments on the picture which he readily credited to his dear friend Aafke and her talent.

The least I can say is I love you Aafke and so honored that you have been a part of Abdullah’s life and continue to be my treasured friend.

14 02 2010

was this on display at the Khaledia 2010 even? I can swear I have seen it before???

14 02 2010

Also I am so sorry for your friend’s husband. Its a gracious painting.

14 02 2010

Wow, that painting is absolutely awesome. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for making it for Carol.

20 02 2010

This is beautiful Aafke. Where ever Abdullah is now, he will know you honor him as only a true friend can.

30 08 2010
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