Why God created pets

11 12 2008


Naturally that is a retorical question, everybody with an ounce of intellect knows why God created pets.


God created pets so we know what true honesty loyalty and devotion looks like.


God created pets so we can experience true friendship


God created pets so that we won’t be alone


God created pets so we are kept warm


God created pets so we will never be bored because we will have to spend our days getting rid of all the hairs


Most of all, God has created pets to make us realise what we deserve in a human companion as well: somebody who doesn’t lie to us, somebody who is faithful to us, somebody who doesn’t forget us, somebody who keeps us warm, somebody who cares, somebody who will support us, somebody who will love us, no matter what.
Now I do realise it is too much to expect the same high level from a human, but something reasonably close is what I am still hoping for.
Everybody: in your search for a dreamrabbit, don’t settle for anything less!



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11 12 2008

Hahaha! Very reasonable request. Difficult it may seem, he may still be round the corner.Don’t give up.Good luck!
Btw,you have so many pets? How do you handle them?

11 12 2008

Your pets look like the sweetest, kindest pets in the world! Yes, something similar in a human partner would be cherished by anyone. Keep your heart open! One never knows what (or who) tomorrow may bring.

11 12 2008
American Bedu

so very true…and part of the clue when I met and found my dreamrabbit is that he naturally accepted my pets too…even though he had never been closely exposed to cats before!

Right now my dreamrabbit is out so my faithful 3 legged kitty is snuggled up beside me.

11 12 2008

Lat, I don’t handle them, I suffer in silence in my never ending quest to keep my house free of hairs….
They were my parent’s pets. After my parent’s died I took them with me.

Marah, thanks, yes they are good company, if they are not sick, molting or incontinent! }:)
My heart is open!

Bedu: ”He had never been closely exposed to cats” …. oh, dear…. but I suppose the prize was worth it! šŸ˜‰
Anyway, never trust a man who doesn’t like pets! šŸ™‚

On the fourth photo, you can see Simsalabim cleaning Zora’s ears. Sim often does a bit of extra maintanance on Zora when we are all reclining on the couch together šŸ™‚

11 12 2008

Great post, Pets are the greatest, even better than chocolate & blogging. Our petless home between losing Missy-Moo & getting Dixie just wasn’t the same without a dog around. I really like the last pic of Zora & Simsalabim, great pose.
P.S. Your new theme is nice

12 12 2008

You’re a wonderful daughter.It shows how you treasure your parents.Suffer in silence you say.I don’t think I can do that with my shrieking! haahaha

12 12 2008

“because we will have to spend our days getting rid of all the hairs” Just last week a classmate was complaining about the hair on her shirt from her parents’ dog. Sorry, but I found this kind of yucky-yucky šŸ™‚ if I found a single hair in my food that fall from the cook, I’d fight šŸ™‚ I have no idea what I’ll be doing if it was a dog hair šŸ™‚ … Luckily, I have allergy from the hair of dogs and cats, so please, all pets stay far from me :). Yeah, I should mention that I’m ‘animalophobic’ šŸ™‚ Horses are the only animal I may tolerate šŸ™‚ — and even this was recently in 2004 when I went for the first time horseback riding. So indeed, horses are the only animal that exists in my dictionary. BTW, we used to have cats, (turtles and fish, if you may consider them pets ) and parrots at home. My nieces have dogs at their home — but for guarding. They are the biggest and the most terrifying ever dogs I’ve seen šŸ™‚ yet those little kids play with those monsters.

12 12 2008

Tony I like the theme too, but themes are for me what starting new blogs is to you! Yeah, I feel severely undogged when I have to leave Zora at the pet-hotel for a few days…..

Lat, when I say ”suffer in silence” you should always take that with a pinch of salt! šŸ™‚

Khalid, You are so right, those hairs are disgusting. But then I shed them myself; if I find a long red hair in the soup, I can’t blame anybody else…
Ah, you do like horses? Very clever, and that absolves you from not being into dogs :mrgreen:
Zora is a 80 pounds killer attack-dog, and absolutely sweet with kids and kittens šŸ™‚

14 12 2008

It’s amazing how loyal pets can become… and how attached one can be to animals. I had a dog when we were young and although we later gave it up I quite like dogs. Especially German Shephard.

19 12 2008

When I see my cats, I see God.

19 12 2008

Your pets are gorgeous!
Sorry for the double post, hit submit on the previous by mistake!

19 12 2008

Haleem, I like german sheperds too ! šŸ˜€

Tee, thank you. I really think we can learn some things from our pets, like unconditional love an loyalty. And logic thinking. šŸ™‚

1 01 2009
1 01 2009

Nice one Rhysz!

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