7 09 2008

I am very hungry.
My cats don’t do fasting, and I’m a bit obsessed about food at the moment. So I have conducted a Cat-food experiment. Those readers from cat-tolerant-societies know what I mean: You take one cat, and different types of cat-food, and see which food the cat likes best.
You see this often on cat-food-commercials in cat-tolerant-societies.
I personally don’t believe in it. I think all cats will go for whatever food is nearest, and then move on to the next etc. etc. I base this on the excessive greedy grasping gobbling they exibit whenever I show up with a tin of cat-food. For those readers from non-cat-tolerant-societies, you get cat-food as either: dry pellets (despised) or: juicy meat chunks in smelly liquid (highly appreciated).

So, I collected these food-specimens:

From left to right:

  • Sheba, 100 grams, Sauté au poulet et à la dinde, totally overpriced at €0.72
  • Albert Hein, 400 grams, Sardines and Tuna at a reasonable €0,50
  • Euro Shopper, 405 grams, unidentified chunks in gravy, at a thrifty €0,26

I will add that I have allready ascertained that my cats are totally incapable of discerning between beef, tuna, or: whatever.
The tins are opened, and exactly one spoonful is placed in one of the similar feeding bowls. (In cat-tolerant-societies you can buy specialised cat-bowls)

You take one cat, Kira:

The bowls are placed in a row, the cat is let loose…
And what happens?
Kira goes for the bowl which, although it holds the cheapest food, happens to be the closest!

Whenever there is any kind of food around, it is inevitable that, although completely absent earlier, Simsalabim magically turns up! Simsalabim goes for the nearest un-occupied bowl!

However, after looking around, he spotted a second unoccupied bowl, and decided to have a go at the Sheba:

However, considering Simsalabim’s extreem greediness, I can’t consider that proof he prefers the Sheba over the Albert Hein; I think it merely shows that he wants to eat both, he kept looking at the middle bowl while eating. Or gobbling. And after finishing off the Sheba in record time, he polished off the Albert Hein as well!

So, what have I proven with this catxperiment?

Cats eat anything, for any price, so you can buy whatever tins you like.
And my cats, especially Simsalabim, are a bunch of greedy gluttons!!!!

And I have shown exemplary self discipline by not eating any of the cat-food myself 😀



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7 09 2008

I don’t think you could pay me enough to try sampling any kind of cat food! Although apparently when my cousin and I were little, we teethed on Bonios (dog biscuit treats), so clearly my tastes have become a little more discerning over the years.

Mac is a difficult one to feed because of all her illnesses – she’s in renal failure so she’s supposed to be on a renal diet, and I do give her the biscuits but she just won’t entertain the notion of eating the very noxious renal diet tinned food. And because the biggest problem is keeping weight on her (due to hyperthyroidism), my Mum and I both opted for feeding her food we know she’ll eat rather than trying to force the issue and risk her losing more condition. She’s on Fortekor for her renal failure, felimazole for her hyperthyroid, and has probably got liver damage as well, judging from her ALT levels on her last blood test, so ultimately at this point I’m about quality rather than quantity of life for her, especially after the huge seizure she had the other day 😦

Simsalabim and Kira are adorable 😀

7 09 2008

PS I only JUST saw your comment on the Iron Maiden blog, about coming to London, last night – sorry! I wasn’t ignoring it. Rhysz swears he told me, but either he’s delusional or I’m in the early stages of Alzheimers. Anyway, if you haven’t visited yet and are still up for meeting up, count me in 🙂

7 09 2008
Umm Ibrahim

The cat I had as a child WAS highly fussy!

I think you were bored today… bad weather keeping you in maybe?!

7 09 2008

Colloquielle, My cats have no problems (knock wood)
I never thought you’d be ignoring my trip to London! I was thinking beginning of November, when I can stay with my friend! So we can stiil meet! 😀
Rhysz, maybe you may go too!

Umm Ibrahim: Hungry! And obsessed with food! And I’ve read a test on catfood; they all contain about the same amount of nesseccary ingredients to keep your cat healthy, so it doesn’t really matter what you buy!

7 09 2008

In the commercials they usually douse the other food in drain-o….
I for one commend this catsperiment, maybe you should join mythbusters?

7 09 2008


Colloquielle is lying her firm, round ass off! I did tell her, I demand satisfaction of my honour! Pistols at dawn!

7 09 2008

I’ll have a retort just as soon as I stop laughing… gimme a while 😉

7 09 2008

Clever experiment, and pointing to clear conclusions.

I would like to see this experiment made on US cats, using tinned cat food (any brand) paired with with people-food tuna. The tuna in this country– all but the very most expensive– is so similar to cat food, I’ll bet cats wouldn’t taste the difference. If they did, I wonder which they’d prefer?

7 09 2008

Rhysz, Colloquielle, can you continue your flirtingbout on chat or msm or something?

Marahm, excellent suggestion, the tuna versus cheap-cat-food-experiment will be conducted soon!

7 09 2008

Actually, one experiment I’d like to see is this: place some smoked salmon, a few prawns and a handful of the finest chopped ribeye steak you can find into the cats’ bowls.

Next, take a small tin of any brand of cat food, tip it onto a dinner plate, and place it on the coffee table.

My experience suggests the cat will ignore its own bowl and go straight for the plate on the coffee table, because my food is infinitely more interesting than their own bowl 😉

PS Rhysz is tooootally fibbing – he never mentioned it to me. Honest!

7 09 2008

Once again I come on this fine forum and am confronted Qoll’s terrible lies! I did inform coll about it, that she chose to ‘forget’ is none of my work.

I can’t help it that I’m unresistable Aafke.

7 09 2008

I wasn’t the one making comments about anyone’s bum… I’m just sayin’!

7 09 2008

Please stop trying to Hijack my sister’s blog Coll. I’m not sure she appreciates it….

7 09 2008

BTW, Sheba seems to be 2,80 Euro’s compared to the other two, and it did poorest? heheh, Great tip

7 09 2008

1/3 of my (previous) three comments were off topic. 3/5 of yours were off topic, Rhysz. Who’s hijacking it now? 😛

Aafke, I do promise not to flirt with him again – not that I was flirting with him here!

7 09 2008

I remember I asking you two to take your flirting somewhere else, but I’m actualy quite interested, keep it up!
Or should you prefer, I can make a special page as a dating site?

7 09 2008
Saudi in US

Good experiment Aafke,

My wife will disagree with you since she thinks our cat has a very discriminating expensive taste. But she also carries a conversation with the cat, so I would not take her word for it 🙂

Now I think I have a challenging experiment for you. Colloquielle said she will never sample cat food. I think you should test that. A can of beef chucks cat or dog food, add broth to make it look like a stew, spices and plenty of curry. Serve with Saffron rice and let’s see if she can figure out the difference between that and what is served in a cheap Pakistani restaurant 😉

7 09 2008

I’d probably recognise it, actually, Saudi in US – our ninth grade school camp ate something very similar and it resulted in half of us spending the night in sick bay 😉

7 09 2008
American Bedu

Your Kira looks very similar to my Saheba kootchaloo!! And let me tell you, my guys are indeed discriminating. And yes, I’m mean and only feed them dry cat food. But even when I have offered them enticing tidbits of chicken or other such delicacies they’ve lifted their little noses up in the air.

And I’m not surprised Saudi in US your wife has conversations with her cat. I do the same as well. In fact, I’m willing to wager I’ve got the most talkative cat in the world.

8 09 2008

My cat is the fussiest thing on earth … she likes her cat food with chicken broth on top!

8 09 2008

Haha you’re such a hoot. This needs to be featured on yahoo!

8 09 2008

Hello hello!

Excellent post Aafke! My cats (girl and boy-twins) eat the wet version of cat food 😛 and dry ‘biscuits’ as a treat, and let me tell you, they prefer some brands over others. So I change brands and prevent them from getting used to any specific ones. Recently though my boy got sick and the vet’s adamant on us giving them ONLY that prescription diet food thing which the cats just DON’T like.
I guess now they don’t have much of a choice 😦

I think cat food manufacturers lace their food with drugs. Seriously. Some brands make my cats meow for them even before I’m in the house!

9 09 2008

Ha ha…pretty much exactly what would’ve happened if you’d had the experiment done with dogs! 😛

10 09 2008

My cat is picky…he likes dry food…put anything else down there and he looks at you with tear filled eyes that beg you to understand his inability to consume anything else…he wont catch or eat mice…they share his dinner with him at times…he dont like the wet stuff…unless its soapy bubbles in either the kitchen sink or bathtub…sigh.

11 09 2008

I’d be wary of the unidentified chunks, could be McDonald’s
I am now at due to an ongoing frustrating wordpress error that keeps happening with my blog, visit me there>>>>

13 09 2008

My ct never drank milk. Was that normal?

14 09 2008

Achelois: milk isn’t good for cats really, so I think you just had a clever cat!

Tony….. Again…… Will check it out….. of course…….

Everybody thanks for the comments! 🙂

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