Do animals have special powers?

28 01 2008

Yes, they do.

A few examples: Spock, my parents dog, always knew when I came home. (at very different times and intervals) And would leave the room, to sit in front of the door exactly one half hour before I arrived. My mother regarded this as my E.T.A. + one half hour. My own dog knows what I’m going to do, and if I plan to take her with me, or not, and reacts accordingly spot-on every time.

Horses know most of what you think anyway.

Roe-deer have a special power over your mind to make you not believe you’ve seen them. On several occasions I had a couple speed right next to me on my bicycle, or pass right in front of me on my horse. You hear their little hoofs, they disappear in the undergrowth, and then it’s suddenly silent, and you really do not believe they were actually there. I had to look at the broken ice where they had crossed the ditch, to look at some tangible proof, to truly believe I had really seen them. And that’s just seconds after you saw them! It’s a sort of mind-befuddling power, it’s always been like that whenever I have met them up close. For some reason it doesn’t work when you see them from far away.

Two cats on my desk chair kattenopstoel.jpg

And there are my cats. I am currently personnel to three very irritating cats. At the moment I’ve had enough of them sitting on my lap, relaxing, sleeping, or cleaning themselves. Because, to make sure they don’t slide off, they slice their killer-nails through my skin. AUCH!

So I’ve had it! No more cats on my lap!!! The decision is made!

And then I look down and there is another one sitting on my lap! How do they do it? Tonight I looked down, and there were two cats sitting on my lap!!! I don’t get it! I knock them off, and ten minutes later there just magically is a re-appeared cat on my lap. They must jump or something, but I never notice!

The other irritating power cats have is: Looking at you, and forcing you to feed them. And believe me, the consorted power of three cats doing that to you is hard to resist! Naturally, being of exceptional strength of mind, I can resist. But then you get the looks! To yourself, to the other cats: * They think I’m quite cute, but soooo dumb! She just doesn’t get it! But we’ll keep on hoping!*



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29 01 2008

Our Toy Poodle Missy-Moo waits in the kitchen, her stare transfixed on the back door about 1/2 hour before I get home each night from work. She comes in & wakes me up about 5 mins before the alarm goes off at 6am everyday. She can’t figure out weekends though, we have to shut our bedroom door so we can have saturday & sunday sleepin’s to keep her out.
She too has the cat power of staring at you telepathically making you feed her. My wife always says not to because she’s putting on weight, but I just can’t help it. I am under her spell. 🙂

29 01 2008

The white-tail deer that live in the woods around the loft have a special power… they can scare the poop out of middle-aged fat men on their way to work at the crack of dawn! They like to linger at the shoulder of the road, dart quickly toward you (even with a look of shock in their eyes), then dash at lightning speed back into the woods. I think I’ve even heard them laughing, as I wait for the smoke from the skidding tires to clear enough for me to go on.
I’ve started carrying baby wipes with me… it’s just easier that way. :-/
Also, my neighbor’s dog, Charlie, knows exactly when I’m dozing off for a nap. Out of pure concern, he runs circles around his back yard and barks until he’s sure that I’m OK. He knows for certain when he sees my face glaring at him through the mini-blinds. Smart dog. :-p

29 01 2008

Ah, well… The cretins which maintain that: ”Humans rule the planet” obviously never been in contact with their fellow-earth-inhabitants. Or payed any attention to their surroundings.

Roe-deer can be increadibly stupid though:
One day I was walking through the forest with Spock, the-mega-large-alsatian, and we heard something crashing through the forest: It was a deer. It saw us and panicked: ”Aaaaaargghhhh, a human!!!!” and crashed the other way. Now that was where the forest ends, so to speak, and a big fence borders it. So the roe-deer crashed into the fense, turned, and came crashing back. And, naturally, stumbled on us again. ”Aaaarghhh, a human!!!!” and crashed further into the forest.
After walking on for a couple of minutes, musing on how stupid roe-deer are, I heard more crashing: It was the same deer again! ”Aaaarggghhhh!!!!! A human!” And it finally managed to flee into the really deep part of the forest.
The mind-befuddling-charm didn’t work after this show of mindless stupidity.

I don’t know how these brainless animals survive?!?

31 01 2008

Have you seen the movie “Are we there yet” parts 1 & 2. It portrays the guy getting attacked by an agro cute little deer, very funny.
”Aaaarggghhhh!!!!! A human!”…. ”Aaaarggghhhh!!!!! A human!”…. ”Aaaarggghhhh!!!!! A human!”…. Ha Ha you crack me up with that one, nearly fell off my chair.

31 01 2008

No, tasmaniac; I’ve heard of it, but I go to very few movies.
The ”Aaaaaarrgggghhhhhh!!!! A Human!!!!”-deer had me almost rolling over the forest-floor the third time!!!

Whish you had really fallen though, }:) and a web-camera recording the event }:)

I’ve just realised: It is impossible to communicate with anybody who is further away from here while remaining on the planet.
Awsome!!! 🙂

1 02 2008

No I didn’t even go close to falling…
Was that just a metaphor, or did I simply lie for no real reason???

”Aaaarggghhhh!!!!! A human!”…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ha Ha Ha…. I had to typ it again, soooo funny,

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