N1H1 and vaccinations

9 10 2009

And don’t die of vaccination, and don’t die of Tamiflu.

Now I’m back in the Netherlands, after experiencing the weird commercials they have on prescription drugs, and the vaccination hype in America, it seems they want to enforce vaccination in the Netherlands! And just as I thought that for once the Netherlands was staying cool about this hype, it seems that was just the silence before the storm.
I have some things to show about vaccinations:

The truth from an ex-pharma pusher: very interesting! The Pharma industrie is out to keep us sick, not to make us better. I have read the research wich proves that excercise is more effective than anti-depressants, that anti-depressants are not more effective as placebos. So in fact they are as useful as a placebo. While excercise is truly helpful. Meanwhile these anti-depressants do alter the chemical pathways in your brain making them highly addictive. Which is brilliant for the pharmaceutical industries because it means you will be buying them  for ever because you will be addicted for life! The withdrawal symptoms are so severe than many people never manage to cut loose. As people suffer so badly from the symptoms they go back to their doctors who give them heavier doses to alleviate the symptoms. etc.

The same goes for the flu-vaccins. There are new flustrains every year. However, flu-vaccins are largely ineffective. Doctors still want you to take them even though 70% of doctors do not take them themselves.

I certainly won’t take the flu-shot.

This is a good video explaining what a flu-shot is, and how much effect it has on your health. They end with the theory that vitamin D might help you against contracting the virus. While it not at all a bad idea to take vitamin D3 supplements (the majority of Americans show depleted vitamin D levels in their blood) There has been decade of scientific research which proves that Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is the real killer for any virus.

A really disturbing video on vaccines by a Merck Doctor. It’s disturbing because it shows how callous the pharmaceutical industry deals with contaminated vaccins. Including the aids virus. But there were many virusses in old vaccines, including cancer inducing virusses. They just didn’t care. ”Good science” meant you didn’t think of long term effects…

English doctors have said that vaccins are responsible for causing autism in a significant number of children.

Listen to these questions, answered by a a representative from a pharmaceurical prducer. When asked how much more chance one would have of contracting influenza she answered studies showed there is no difference. She admitted some vaccines contain mercury (a horrible poison) as a preservative. When asked if she takes the vaccine herself she answeres NO.

So why do they insist we are vaccinated? Especially against a normal, common influenza like N1H1? Influenza is a serious virus, which should be taken seriously certainly. But as I have writte before, if you take vitamin C in orthomolecular doses you can stop a virus in it’s track. Without serious side-effects, like we know Tamiflu produces, and really stopping the virus from being able to spread inside your body. Something Tamiflu doesn’t do.

Why do I call influenza a ”normal” influenza virus? Because it is. There are many virusses around, and while all are to be taken seriously, there is no reason to single out swimeflu as an extra dangerous one.

Remember the birdflu? The increadible hype around this deadly pandemic?
What happened?
Nothing happened!
You might like to know that in the USA a total of 100 people died of birdflu-related infections. That is of course 100 too many. But to put it into perspective: According to the CDC 36.000 people die every year in the united states of flu related infections!

Don’t be fooled! Don’t be lured into a pandemic scare which doesn’t exist!

Leave off the junk-food, the industrial artifact food. Don’t eat food which keeps forever, such food is embalmed, it’s got more chemicals than nutricion.
Get real fresh vegetables, cook it yourself or eat them raw.  Eat real food. Not junkfood. Take Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in orthomolecular doses (1 or more grams a day) and you and your loved ones will be safer and healthier as any pharmaceutical drug will ever make you.

for a bit of light relief: Bill Maher on Big Pharma



19 responses

11 10 2009
miss chembeng

true.when i was a medical student,a teacher of mine who was once worked for WHO in africa,he told us that actually initially,vaccination was given out to all countries except for united kingdom and america, because if other nations are vaccinated,they would be safe from the diseases that vaccination was given out.get it?(din’t know how true it is,but make sense)and now,there are proofs of the side effects of vaccination,the disease autism only present after the presence of vaccination.and the latest news on vaccination against cervical cancer,would be present a death and 2 girls went limp if i am not mistaken.it was in the malaysian newspaper few days back.so yup,eventhough drugs are used as medicines,still there are just so many bad side effects we are totally unsure of.side effects sometimes can only be seen after few years of usage.so clearly,we are still unaware of the full drugs potential like how hazardous it could be.

11 10 2009

Yes, people! Staying NOURISHED is a great way to stave off any infections. and LAY OFF SUGAR! Sugar is an infection BREEDER.

I think getting vaccinated for some things and not others is okay. Imagine if there was never a polio vaccine? I get certain vaccines. I know that the millions of people who have died over the centuries from (now preventable) infectious diseases are rolling over in their graves knowing that people are turning up their noses at ALL vaccines.

Have to say something else about the vaccines. Mercury USED to be in US vaccines (called thermisol) but they stopped using that in the late 90’s, yet still many children who never got thermisol, get Autism. Thermisol is only ONE theory of the cause Autism. There has YET to be a definitive, solid answer. The latest research is pointing more so to enviromental factors, such as study about pesticides. There was a huge study done here recently about the rates of Autism found in children who lived in close proximity to fields which had been sprayed with pesticides. But then, what about the other kids who get it and don’t live near a farm field? I am sure on day they will find that it is caused by a cocktail of enviromental factors, and not just one.

11 10 2009

Great topic and excellent advice. I am familiar with a local ministry that encourages people to eat 85% raw fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts. They say God created our bodies to heal themselves and if we give them proper nutrition they are able to do this. Unfortunately most of us are addicted to the SAD (Standard American Diet) which is full of nonliving foods that only increase problems (obesity, diseases, etc.) They say medicines just treat symptoms and not the root causes of disease, and, in fact, medicines are poison to the body.

I did not realize you were such a nutrition-minded person until the last several weeks. Great post! I will have to look into some extra vitamin C.

12 10 2009

Here from all newsagents,tv and radio call this influenza H1N1,why is it called N1H1 there? Is it the same or diff disease? 🙂

Can’t imagine the implications of some vaccines! But medical staff here do encourage the public to take the flu vaccine for H1N1.But of course there’s no compulsion here. Being very careful with such persuasions of the mind and eating the right food does save us in the end.

12 10 2009

miss chembeng, there were two great worldwide vaccination programs of WHO in the late twentieth century: the efforts to wipe out polio and measles. In the case of polio, it had already been wiped out from the U.S., and I guess the U.K. as well. In the case of measles, they couldn’t come up with a vaccine that was tough flexible enough to stick in sugar cubes or refrigerators that were tough enough (including battery power) to do the job in 3rd world countries.

Re: Thimerosol and autism: there is a big difference between correlation and cause-and-effect. It’s easy to mistake one for another, but confusing the two can pay off with big bucks in the courtroom. That’s quite enough reason to perpetuate ignorance or falsehood by interested parties.

Ascorbic acid: I don’t doubt the beneficial effect of megadoses, save that I don’t feel one has to take a megadose every day, and I do feel there’s a real risk of kidney stones by doing so. (You have to consider not ascorbic acid alone, but how it interacts with other foods and substances to foster precipitation of stones – more research is needed. )

BTW, one of my relatives was hospitalized for H1N1 last year. (The parents didn’t know what it was at the time.) So I plan on taking my vaccine as soon as I can…

12 10 2009

missChembeng, Welcome to my blog 🙂 As far as I know people in England and America defenitely got inoculated as well.
However, I think the pharmaceutical industry has defenitely been very lax about impurities in their vaccins, and also are very easy about side-effects (including death) from their vaccins.
Up till now several girls have died from the vaccination which might protect you if you get the virus which in rare cases can cause cervical cancer. As well as getting severe side-effects. I think your chance of health is a lot better if you don’t take that vaccine as a girl, than the chance you might get cervical cancer. However, This vaccine has allready grossed 1,4 billion dollars in the first year for the company which distributes it, so they are very keen to make the vaccination compulsary. Even at the cost of a few deaths here and there.

12 10 2009

sabiwabi, the polio vaccine was heavily contamined and is most probably the cause for AIDS entering the human population. Also it was on the decline when the vaccines were first made. Also, polio has been sucessfully treated by doctors with high doses of vitamin C using injections of sodium ascorbate as well. All patients recovered, none had any paralasis.
However the medical establishment choose to ignore those sucessfull cures at the time, and when the first polio vaccines came on the market the doctors who cured it were totally ignored.

There is no certain answer to autism, and there are probably different reasons for autism, but there is also an increase in autism as well as other diseases which typically coincide with the industrialisation of our foods, and the increase in vaccins and the use of pharmaceutical drugs.
There is also some concer that it might be related to nutricion. People eat such bad food nowadays that many people are seriously depleted of essential elemnts we need to be healthy. Including the health of our brains.

You are right, sugar is poison!

12 10 2009

susanne, Actually that’s what I’m doing right now, eat about 80% raw food and fruit.
Howevr, some vitamins we can never get out of food in the amounts which would give us ultimate health. For one thing, God has created our bodies with a genetic fault which makes us uniquely incapable of synthesysing Vitamin C . All other mammals can, but we lack one enzyme to do it too. And as we don’t all live in the tropics anymore, and don’t live a diet consisting mainly of vitamin C rich fruit and leaves, we are in an unhealthy state of pre-scurvy.

Yeah, yeah, and getting more nutricion minded.
Q is getting very worried and keep spleading for lots of meat… But I’ll cut him down on meat in time…. 😈

12 10 2009

Lat, N1H1 is ”swineflu” I have explained it in this post:
Well, medical staff encorage you, but probably don’t take it themselves. I am not telling people what to do, but I do think people should think it over for themselves, and decide for themselves. And I am sorry but I have been through enough NOT to have blind faith in medical staff. I will decide for myself. I ahve decided no way!
And I also have decided that if I get this flu, which is no worse than eany other flu, it’s not that much of a deal and I will be perfectely readu to supress it by large doses of vitamin C, stopping the spread of the virus in my body and therefore I won’t get sick anyway.

12 10 2009

Solomon the ”danger of kidneystones” which is contributed to mega-doses vitamin C is wholly unsupported by facts. There are no medical proofs that vitamin C has ever caused a kidneystoone. On the contrary. kidney stones are calcium, which will be dissolved if the urine is slightly acidic from excess vitamin C.

This is an old, and completely unfounded myth.

The truth is that vitamin C has been taken in huge doses by many people, very sick people for decades and the only effect it has is that people feel better and are healthier. It is in fact the single most harmless substance in existence.

13 10 2009

“the ”danger of kidneystones” which is contributed to mega-doses vitamin C is wholly unsupported by facts. There are no medical proofs that vitamin C has ever caused a kidneystoone.”

One of the things I’ve learned is that people are individuals, so statistical studies don’t always apply. I have only had kidney stones when taking ascorbic acid every day for extended periods; otherwise, not. Correlation or cause and effect?

“the polio vaccine was heavily contamined and is most probably the cause for AIDS entering the human population.”

Proof? That’s a very big claim, especially because in the U.S. we have a pretty good analysis of the spread of the virus, and in Africa the correlation between truck routes and the spread of the virus is pretty exact.

13 10 2009

Solomon, in congo they used chimpansee livers to make the polio vaccine. Chimpansees carry the Aids virus. The white people at the top deny that, but the black people who looked after the 400 monkeys they kept there (and which have dissappeared) claim they killed the monkeys, harvesting the livers from the living animal and it was taken to the labs where the livers were cut up and used to make the vaccine.
They also deny monkeys were kept, but there is also footage of these monkeys and the killing of them. And the keepers, and it is not so long ago these people are all still alive.
The first official case of AIDS was in Congo one year after the enforced vaccinations.
And then it spread all through Africa.
You think it out for yourself.

I will write a post about the myth that vitamin C causes kidney stones. If you can proove you get kidneystones while taking vitamin C at natural levels, ( the levels your body would produce if you were capable of producing it) You would be the first and only case on the planet.
Why not write to Andrew Saul, he is very keen on discovering a genuine case where vitamin C has produced a kidneystone

How much did you take then? up to bowel tolerance level? For me that’s about 12 grams a day.

13 10 2009
toby Lee

There is some interesting data suggesting that keeping your vitamin D level optimal will prevent colds, flu and in particular H1N1 (swine Flu). The Canadians are taking the data very seriously and starting studies to see if Vitamin D can prevent Flu
Here are links to two interesting articles:

August 2009-Vitamin D3 deficiency and its role in influenza
Sept 2009-More on Vitamin D3 and influenza

If these links don’t work you can go to http://www.vitaminD3world.com and click on ‘In the news” to find the articles.

13 10 2009

If you can proove you get kidneystones while taking vitamin C at natural levels –
That would be very painful!

More on the polio vaccine/AIDS hypothesis here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OPV_AIDS_hypothesis

13 10 2009

Solomon, I am interested though, how much vitamin C did you take?

14 10 2009

About 1.7g/day. Several of my supplements are full or partial ascorbates, so it’s difficult to be precise.

I admit it was my brief encounter with Pauling that convinced me to try it. When you’re six feet from a man of 80+ who’s that animated and active both mentally and physically and swears by his vitamins, well, that’s pretty suggestive.

14 10 2009

Cool! You got to meet Linus Pauling????
Well, 1,7 grams a day is at best a basic intake, it is by no means therapeutic level. And as such it is by no means enough for the ascorbic acid to saturate your tissues and to have left-over Ascorbic acid to be expelled in your urine. Therefore it can’t have caused the kidneystones. According to the not proven theory that is may do so.
Dr Hoffer has given therapeutical amounts to thousands of patients, over 30 years of practise, and not a single one has had kidneystones.
Anyway, I will do a post with more info about it sometime soon.

16 10 2009

I remember when the piggy flu 1st got to Tasmania, the authorities & the media hype made it sound like we were all gunna die. There hasn’t been much said about it lately. I still haven’t met anyone who has had it yet. Michelle had a flu vaccination before winter & has still had a couple of really bad flu’s. Not piggy flu though.

21 10 2009

Aafke, have you ever heard of this?

In 1979, a new virus hit the African continent. The only thing common among all the victims of this virus was them receiving at least a one-week supply of Vaxifine.

You have GOT to read this – most especially the fine print.

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