The cure for swine flu (and Sars, and birdflu, and HIV)

8 08 2009

The current ”pandemic” of swineflu is hugely exaggerated by the global media. Actually I have been scanning what else is going on right now that needs to be covered up with a ”Deadly-Pandemic”-scare.  I’ll put it as simply as I can trying to keep it short. (I still recommend you make yourself a cuppa tea and sit down comfortably)

swineflu virus

  • N1H1 is the most common influenza
  • ”Swine-flu” is a recent mutation but still just a flu.
  • Virusses mutate all the time, all the time, nothing new.
  • You don’t die of swine flu but of complications, and only if you are weak or your health is compromised to start with
  • Influenza is to be taken serious, but swineflu is not more deadly than other flu’s
  • Tamiflu does not cure flu, it slightly alleviates symptoms and may shorten the disease by one day, but only if taken within 24 hours of being infected
  • Tamiflu can have very severe side-effects
  • Fluvirusses are allready becoming resistant to Tamiflu
  • replication of all virusses can be decreased or even completely blocked by ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
  • the pharmaceutical companies are lobbying very hard to keep this information from the public knowlege. Vitamins cannot be patented, and therefore cannot be used as a cashcrop.
  • Viral deseases are virtually unknown in the animal world, because most animals, except humans, produce high levels of vitamin C in their own bodies
  • Al virusses spread in the body by using the same enzymes (collagenases) which can be partially or completely blocked by means of the natural amino acid lysine. (also not produced by the human body)
  • The WHO, (World Health Organisation) does not prioritise human health, it doesn’t promote your health, it promotes the interests of the pharmaceutical investment interests

As virusses can be either slowed down consederably, or even blocked alltogether by ingesting large amounts of vitamin C, and other micronutrients, I wonder why I should bother with artificial expensive medicines, which do not stop the virus from spreading but merely alleviate some symptoms. And, according to many patients who have taken Tamiflu, the side-effects from Tamiflu have been far worse than the flu they suffered from before taking the Tamiflu.

Read how a virus uses the cells of the body to spread.
In this open letter dr Rath explains about natural (and cheap) protection from SARS. Hours later the WHO changed their own policy 180” and declared Sars under control.

All virusses use the same method to infiltrate the body. All Steps of Influenzopenletter_230306_pic1a Infection Can Be Blocked by Micronutrients:

1.Influenza virus gets inside the body cells with the help of the enzyme neuraminidase (N), which is located on the surface of the virus.

2.Within the infected cell,the virus reprogrammes the genetic software in the cell core to allow its own multiplication. The infected cell now continuously produces more viruses as well as the biological scissors (collagenases) for their spread.

3.Millions of viruses are released from infected cells.With the help of collagen-destroying enzymes, the viruses expand through the connective tissue and invade other cells. The influenza infection has turned into a disease.

So if Vitamin C, and other micro nutrients can stop this from happening, you are actually stopping the disease on it’s onset. You don’t get ill!
That seems to me a lot more effective than a slight alleviation of symptoms, with, as may people report spme very, very serious side effects which may even last long term.
Patients who take Tamiflu as a precaution only, so without having been infected, experience the same severe side-effects. In their cases the symptoms cannot be blamed on swine flu, as the manufacturer is trying to make out.  One patient, who had taken Tamiflu only as a precaution, so without being sick, not only suffered from side effects, but the doctors have told him he might now be suffering from auto immune disease!

A list of the side effects as reported by patients who have taken Tamiflu, some of these side effects started within hours or even minutes of taking their first dose. Some report these side effects lasting for many weeks after stopping taking the Tamiflu and still continuing. Most patients experience several of these side effects simultaniously.

  • nausea
  • delusions
  • nightmares
  • extreme stomach cramps
  • depression
  • suicidal thoughts
  • extreme fatigue
  • chills
  • swollen and painful joints
  • difficulties to breath
  • pressure on chest
  • feeling of doom
  • moodswings
  • high bloodpressure
  • high fever
  • heart palpitations
  • severe headache, with no alleviation from painkillers
  • skinrash
  • no appetite
  • upset stomach
  • disorientation
  • severe vomiting
  • crippling pain in legs
  • hives
  • anxiety, severe anxiety
  • insomnia
  • dry mouth
  • tingling and numbness in hands and feet
  • ”taste” of Tamiflu, recurring after many weeks
  • dhiarrhoea

Now not everybody will experience these, only a percentage, estimated at 5% will be the losers, but many of those who did suffer these sideffects were very sorry to have taken the drug at all, and considered the side effects many times worse as the flu they experienced before they took the drug.
I find the recent reports of its use in Japan very disturbing, in Japan Tamiflu prescriptions are ten times higher than in the US, the reports describe bizarre psychiatric problems in children, even leading to death.
I know I’m not going to take the risk, especially as Tamiflu is not a cure anyway.

Read this:

  • interesting article on how the SARS-epidemic was one large media stunt to devert attention from the war in Iraq and the use of weapons of mass destruction, by a fully media-controlled global scare for SARS. After dr Rath publicised his report on the efficacy of vitamin C and other nutrients on combatting the disease, the WHO made an immediate 180” turn around, and proclaimed the disease under control.

After having launched one of the largest media stunts in the history of planet earth, the pharmaceutical cartel and its allies within the WHO had to withdraw it within hours of Dr. Rath calling their bluff.

Dr. Rath comments: “I have been fighting the pharmaceutical cartel for more than a decade now, but this success overshadows everything. The pharmaceutical interest groups – ex-posed as conducting an organized fraud business that risks the life of millions of people and drains the economies of this planet – are apparently extremely nervous. There can be no other reason why they reacted so fast following my exposure that the pharmaceutical cartel is the organizer and benefactor of this man made hysteria. This fact should open the eyes of every intelligent person: How scared must they be if $30,000 in public health advertising is all it takes to stop an epidemic that has been dominating the news around the world.”



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8 08 2009

i think this whole swine flu is overrated – I mean, it’s just a flu, right? Bird flu is very deadly – but to birds.

The worry is if swine flu combines with bird flu strain.

9 08 2009


Haleem, yes, this flu virus is triple mutated. It went from birds -> swine-> humans so its adaptable to all three. That’s what makes it most dangerous.

I was just listening to a BBC documentary yesterday. It was titled ‘tracing the strain.’

Very interesting and informative post, Aafke!

9 08 2009

Haleem, swineflu is a mix of swin, human and avian flu, the problem with flu virusses is that they mutate all the time, and is capable of antigenic shift. This is happening all the time, I’m trying to put it in order next post.

Specs, human N1H1 is still different from swine N1H1. I’m trying to get it down simply. for myself as well. Blogging is so educative! for the blkogger too!
Thank you for the link!

9 08 2009
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[…] developing side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain in about 5% of patients. See previous post. Also, Tamiflu does not prevent the flu – it can only slightly reduce its length or severity […]

9 08 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

Unfortunately I can’t take megadoses of Vitamin C because C is strongly implicated in kidney stone formation, and I’m a known stone-former. Hmm … kidney stone or flu? Flu or kidney stone? I’m going to have to opt for the flu.

12 08 2009

Dennis, it is an old an unproven myth that Vitamin C has anything to do in causing the formation of kidneystones. There has never been any medical proof, not any medical case which has proven this statement. On the contrary, there have been strong indications that the intake of vitamin C has reduced the formation of kidney stones.

Robert F Cathart MD:
It is my experience that ascorbic acid probably prevents most kidney stones. I have had a few patients who had had kidney stones before starting bowel tolerance doses who have subsequently had no more difficulty with them. Acute and chronic urinary tract infections are often eliminated; this fact may remove one of the causes of kidney stones. Six patients have had mild pain on urination; five of these patients were over fifty and none had stones.

16 08 2009
The cure for swine flu « siddhadreams

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17 08 2009

Thanks a lot for this article. I’ve just copied and paste this article in my blogs to spread this awareness.
You can see this article here (with some additional evidences for the effectiveness of Vit-C against virus replication.)

18 08 2009

Hey i found that there is a homeapathic cure for the flu

dont know how much it is true

18 08 2009

siddahdreams, welcome to my blog and thank you for adding my post and hopefully spread awareness of the importance of Ascorbic Acid.

Sammera, welcome to my blog and, yes and this has been known since many years, some homeopathic research was allready conucted on the Spanish flu in 1918.

If you are actually suffering from flu you can use the commercially available Oscillococcinum 200K, dissolve two granules in a glass of water, take a small sip from it every hour during the day.

To help prevent getting ill I am taking a course of Influenzum, together with Anas Barbariae , in the following dosage:
Every two weeks:
day one- 1 granule of each, strength 30K
day two- strength 200K
day three- MK
day four- XMK

repeat every 2 weeks, until the epidemic has abated.
Vitamin C helps your body actually prevent the virus from spreading in the first place.
And get some sun! Sun kills virusses and bacteries and strenthens your health.

20 08 2009
Redhuan D. Oon

I told my wife to get Vitamin C right away. I covered this in my twitter and shall completely translate it with credits to your site in my Malaysian blogspot.


24 08 2009

Redhuan, welcome to my blog, 🙂 and thank you for your comment. Don’t forget that the real crux of using vitamin C in it’s best effect is to take ”mega” dosages. Or rather the dosage we would be producing in our own bodies if we could synthesise it in our liver.

I am currently up to 7 grams a day and not yet on my bowel intolerance level.

30 09 2009

I’m age 38/female..trying to decide if now is the time to get pregnant(We do not have any children). My husband and I are concerned about this years flu and N1H1. I’m making myself crazy on whether or not to “hold off” several more months and start the vaccine process. From what I’ve read, the N1H1 is a two part deal. I just don’t know if its worth it. I’ve never taken a flu vaccine before and really don’t want to. I’m scared of their side effects and the chemicals in the drugs. From reading seems that taking major dosage of vitamin C might be a better answer. Would that still be ok…if I was in first trimester of pregnancy? I’m weighing the pro’s and con’s of all of it. We have been waiting a really long time to try…and now this is one more delay. Any advice would be helpful.. thank you

5 10 2009

Michelle welcome to my blog 🙂
I really don’t think I am the right person to ask these questions, I am not a doctor!
My personal conclusion after reading up on it (but you really should for yourself) is, N1H1 is just another influenza. Now all influenza’s are potentially dangerous, this one is not more so as the others. You will never live in an influenza-free time.

I personally would be very wary about taking vaccines, these vaccines can make you just as ill as the disease itself.
I think that as vitamin C is one of the most harmless substances around, while it does strenghten every part of your body, that if I wanted to have a baby, I’d stuff on vitamins months before I’d actually tried to get pregnant.
But really: don’t trust weird people you pick up on the internet!
Like me.
Read for yourself!
Especially this one:
After you have read that: Think for yourself!

9 10 2009
Don’t die of N1H1 « Clouddragon

[…] doses you can stop a virus in it’s track. Without serious side-effects, like we know Tamiflu produces, and really stopping the virus from being able to spread inside your body. Something Tamiflu […]

14 10 2009

I know this is about TamaFlu and Swine Flu etc. But someone brought up Kidney stones and someone gave them false info about stones and Vita C.

Don’t do it. The fact that you opted for the Flu over stones tells me you know all too well how bad stones are. People who never had a Kidney stones always call them selves stone experts. They drive me nuts!

I have deeply experimented with diet to avoid stones since 1998. I can tell you 100% that Juicing Veges and fruits (which I love doing but can’t), Vita C, too much meat (more than a deck of cards worth a day, including chicken, pork, etc.) too much Calcium, too much Sodium, Phosphoric Acid (usually found in dark soda’s like Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, etc.) will get you into stone hell.

Those things will get you stones in a heart beat if you don’t keep their daily intake levels very low. If you are like me (a stone maker) learn to measure precisely and start writing down everything that goes into your mouth for 1 month. Be honest about it, don’t cheat. Your only cheating yourself if you do.

Focus on how much Sodium, Calcium, and meat you take in. Avoid Phosphoric acid, and oxylates like Apple skins, strawberrys (anything ending in berry), chocolate, nuts, the list goes on. Basically all the good stuff in life. lol

You will be shocked at numbers you see when you add them up each day. Please for your own sake, do not take Vita C to prevent stones. That is one of the dumbest things I have heard yet. It never ceases to amaze me what I hear about stone prevention that is totally false and unfounded. Advice like that makes me wonder if that person is trying to give you more stones to be sadistic!?

My tips above are not really a diet. Just think of it as tracking your food down to the Milligram. It could save your life. And it will definitely save you a lot of stone pain. Good luck with your stones, I feel your pain (literally), and I wish you well!

14 10 2009

I would like to add that Vita C is a good thing. But,… taking too much of anything is dangerous. Everyone is different too. And BTW not all doctors are correct. I have been misdiagnosed my whole life and always had to find cures for myself because they just give you a drug and say NEXT!. 99.99% of the time a simple but effective diet change helped or cured my problem. Now with H1N1, diet will help. But it will not stomp it out. TamaFlu helps you feel better while suffering from the terrible symptoms but it does not kill the virus. Your body must do that on it’s own if you are strong enough. So eat well, and give your body good fuel to keep your inner army strong to fight this nasty attacker off.

And sure, take Vita C, but not in large doeses. Everything in moderation. The key to living well. Be well. (And do tons of research. The answer is never easy to find). We are all some what different.

14 10 2009

Kidney stoned, I’m sorry that you have had so many problems with kidney stones, and I agree that they have to do with diet.

I naturally do not agree with your stance on vitamin C. Taking grams of vitamin C, more if you are sick, is not unnatural. Our bodies have a fault in the DNA which makes us unable to synthesise Ascorbic acid, as other animals do.
So there is nothing unnatural to taking ascorbic acid in orthomolecular amounts. It’s unnatural not to do so.
It is not possible to take too much vitamin C because any surplus gets expelled via your urine. The vitamin C, if it does get into our urine will not only dissolve any calcium stones, in any part of the urinary tract, but protect the urinary tract from infections.
Read the other stuff I wrote about vitamin C. I will post on vitamin C and kidney stones. If you had been taking ascorbic acid to saturation level you would have not had kidney stones, according to the doctors who have been using it to cure patients for many decades.

14 10 2009

That’s probably fine for you fortunate people that are not what are called “stone makers” (unfortunately, I am one of them). You lucky people may be fine with high doses of Vita C. For us doomed stone makers though it is not an option in high doses.

There will always be a difference in opinion on anything of course. That’s why I never argue about something unless I know what works from experience. Not just books or so called tests. When you get to be my age, and go through what I had to. You start to see a pattern that people will tell you absolutes with no exceptions. Then when they see they are wrong. They say oh, sorry about that. Well for us suffering with stones that is not good enough.

Now I’m not here to flame you. I just want to help stone suffers not find out the hard way like I did with diet misconceptions. I have tried every angle and experimented. And each time, these so called studies were found to be wrong. And of course as a concequence, I found out the hard way with severe stones each time worse than before.

Your doctor will tell you your not drinking enough water no matter how much you drink. It will drive you nuts. But keep on that daily. Make it a habit to always stay hydrated. That one is true.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think Vita C is great. I just can’t take it because of my stones. I used to take Vita C everyday. Drank orange juice. I even started Juicing fresh veges and fruits. I never felt better in my life. Then 6 months later or so. Bam! Worst stones I ever had. So naturally, I get protective when I hear people saying go nuts on the Vita C. Especially someone saying it will prevent stones! OMG that could not be more wrong.

Every Nephrologist and Urologist I have ever talked to (way too many) even agree that Vita C is a no no for stone makers. Not that I take their word as gospel. Because Dr.’s are wrong all the time. It’s my personal trial and error (with a lot of suffering with the errors) that is proven science. People that I have talked to and helped have reduced there stone sizes by several MM’s and some were lucky enough to never make them again. (I’m jealous of the latter).

I am a major stone maker so I am doomed. All I can do is keep them as small as possible.

14 10 2009

you and your doctors may be misinformed. I will write in detail about vitamin C and stone shortly. So won’t add more here.

Doctors get no correct information about vitamins in medical school and they only repeat some misinformed ”authority”
Besides that, the pharmaceutical industry (the ones who sponsor the universities and medical journals) is trying it’s utmost to keep doctors and the public misinformed.

Vitamins are effective, and a serious threat to their pharmaceutical cash crops.

If you can prove you get the kidney stones from mega-dose Ascoirbic acid you would be the first authenticated case.

14 10 2009

Look I’m all for alternative medicine, correct diet, etc.. And I am in no way backing pharm companies over that. And yes, doctors are constantly wrong. But, if your willing to post that I’m the only person on earth to have these findings (about Kidney stones and Vita C) then you should not be giving people medical advice period.

I am done subscribing here. I just hope common sense guides people with stones overall. Good luck to you all if you listen to this BS about Vita C curing kidney stones.

FOR “STONE MAKERS” THERE IS NO CURE!! ONLY PREVENTION VIA A CAREFUL DIET and the things I mentioned before! Everytime you state that false BS about dosing on Vita C will cure stones your just misguiding some poor soul out there and only casusing them more suffering and god forbid worse in the near future if they try this.

You have lost 100% credability at this point. So I will no longer post here. This is a sick joke. You Sir, (or Madam) are clueless about Kidney stones!

14 10 2009

I’m not giving medical advice, on the contrary, I’m telling people to think for themselves.
That includes not blindly accepting everything the docto throw s at you.
Again: you should contact this bloke, he has called for people who did get kidneystones from taking mega doses vitamin C

17 10 2009

I take 4000 mg of C Wal greens brand a day is that enough or should i take more

17 10 2009

Bill, no idea, the ideal intake of vitamin C is very individual. Seems a solid amount enough though.
you might also want to check the small print on the label, many manufacturers put in a lot of ”fillers”, and the actual amount of vitamin C might be a lot less. Just a tip for buying vitamins.

17 10 2009

I’m starting to believe all this is a scandal. I went to doctor and with out being swabbed they told me I had h1n1 and put me on the tamiflu.
I’ve felt worse since on it. I have a horrible headache that nothing will kill it, constipation and so moody & everything irritates me. Also my stomach is more upset than before and my fiance is pretty sure I’m hallucinating at times and talking to myself.
This med w/ my insurance was 94.00 and the dr. Demanded all my children, coworkers and fiance should take this for prevenative measures, with or without symptoms. And now everyone I now is on facebook or texting about being quarantined at home taking tamiflu whether they are actually diagnosed or not.

18 10 2009

ajflood, I am very sorry you are having this side effect from Tamiflu. As you can read many people report the terrible headache which no painkiller can remove. As well as the stomacj problems and the hallucinations.

I would never, ever let my children take this.
Tamiflu is not a medicine, it does not protect you from getting any kind of flu. So there can be no reason to give it . The only effect you can expect from Tamiflu, is a slight reduction of the symptoms. The symptoms only, not the disease. The disease roams unchecked in your body.

I don’t kow if there’s anything you can do except wait and hope the side-effects wills top.
I mean I take it for granted you have stopped taking the Tamiflu.

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