N1H1 and vaccinations

9 10 2009

And don’t die of vaccination, and don’t die of Tamiflu.

Now I’m back in the Netherlands, after experiencing the weird commercials they have on prescription drugs, and the vaccination hype in America, it seems they want to enforce vaccination in the Netherlands! And just as I thought that for once the Netherlands was staying cool about this hype, it seems that was just the silence before the storm.
I have some things to show about vaccinations:

The truth from an ex-pharma pusher: very interesting! The Pharma industrie is out to keep us sick, not to make us better. I have read the research wich proves that excercise is more effective than anti-depressants, that anti-depressants are not more effective as placebos. So in fact they are as useful as a placebo. While excercise is truly helpful. Meanwhile these anti-depressants do alter the chemical pathways in your brain making them highly addictive. Which is brilliant for the pharmaceutical industries because it means you will be buying them  for ever because you will be addicted for life! The withdrawal symptoms are so severe than many people never manage to cut loose. As people suffer so badly from the symptoms they go back to their doctors who give them heavier doses to alleviate the symptoms. etc.

The same goes for the flu-vaccins. There are new flustrains every year. However, flu-vaccins are largely ineffective. Doctors still want you to take them even though 70% of doctors do not take them themselves.

I certainly won’t take the flu-shot.

This is a good video explaining what a flu-shot is, and how much effect it has on your health. They end with the theory that vitamin D might help you against contracting the virus. While it not at all a bad idea to take vitamin D3 supplements (the majority of Americans show depleted vitamin D levels in their blood) There has been decade of scientific research which proves that Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is the real killer for any virus.

A really disturbing video on vaccines by a Merck Doctor. It’s disturbing because it shows how callous the pharmaceutical industry deals with contaminated vaccins. Including the aids virus. But there were many virusses in old vaccines, including cancer inducing virusses. They just didn’t care. ”Good science” meant you didn’t think of long term effects…

English doctors have said that vaccins are responsible for causing autism in a significant number of children.

Listen to these questions, answered by a a representative from a pharmaceurical prducer. When asked how much more chance one would have of contracting influenza she answered studies showed there is no difference. She admitted some vaccines contain mercury (a horrible poison) as a preservative. When asked if she takes the vaccine herself she answeres NO.

So why do they insist we are vaccinated? Especially against a normal, common influenza like N1H1? Influenza is a serious virus, which should be taken seriously certainly. But as I have writte before, if you take vitamin C in orthomolecular doses you can stop a virus in it’s track. Without serious side-effects, like we know Tamiflu produces, and really stopping the virus from being able to spread inside your body. Something Tamiflu doesn’t do.

Why do I call influenza a ”normal” influenza virus? Because it is. There are many virusses around, and while all are to be taken seriously, there is no reason to single out swimeflu as an extra dangerous one.

Remember the birdflu? The increadible hype around this deadly pandemic?
What happened?
Nothing happened!
You might like to know that in the USA a total of 100 people died of birdflu-related infections. That is of course 100 too many. But to put it into perspective: According to the CDC 36.000 people die every year in the united states of flu related infections!

Don’t be fooled! Don’t be lured into a pandemic scare which doesn’t exist!

Leave off the junk-food, the industrial artifact food. Don’t eat food which keeps forever, such food is embalmed, it’s got more chemicals than nutricion.
Get real fresh vegetables, cook it yourself or eat them raw.  Eat real food. Not junkfood. Take Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in orthomolecular doses (1 or more grams a day) and you and your loved ones will be safer and healthier as any pharmaceutical drug will ever make you.

for a bit of light relief: Bill Maher on Big Pharma