Staying in California

7 10 2009

Well, I wouldn’t want keep ya’all in suspence then.
Remember how I always kept on about American motels in movies? How they are dingy, with a seventies decor and defenitely creepy because people get killed/abducted/harvested for organs in them? But all motels are very clean fresh and newly decorated.
Well…. except the ”Homestead” Monrovia, that was awful! And we were going to spend 17 days there!!!! And I would have to spend all day there! Every day!!!!!

homestead-deluxestudioSo this is how the room looked on the internet. This, btw, is the luxury suite. Neat, clean, spacious. But the reality was far different! It was a different space, but also it was much smaller, less furniture as what you see, it was smelly, it had a very old, very noisy airconditioning, and it was just very, very depressing! Creepy very syntheticΒ  blanket; I got a shock from just touching it! And half of the room was broken; the phone was broken, knobs of furniture was broken, etc. And it was supposed to have a ”fully stocked kitchen” Woehahahahahahaha! Yeah right. No carving knives, no pots and pans. Two plates, small bowls and cups. Two fork, one knife…. Two crappy ancient electric coil cooking plates. pathetic! And I was going to spend most of my time there!

Q went to complain, and I went with him to observe. (He does that really well, even if he’s miffed, very calm and polite) He looked on the internet, saw the illustration again, and really got miffed! Becasue where we were was so very different from what was promised! The management, young girl in her twenties, was totally uninterested and seemed glad to get rid of us.

Q made me really happy by going to a more expensive, but a hundred times nicer place: the Residence inn! Here we had a lovely fresh cheerful room. Also the staff were very charming and helpful, we could eat breakfast in the reception rooms every morning, there were some activities, like monday-sports night, and a complimentary bar-B-que every wednesday, and the managers invitation to wine and cheese and socialise, meet the employees, on tuesday.

Besides the lovely room we also had clenaers come in every day, (once a week at the homestead) and fresh towels every day. Very nice…. Soooo much better!





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8 10 2009

The bedroom looks fantastic! Like really jumping in and going under the covers! πŸ˜€

It’s terrible to read about the Homestead.Sometimes you don’t get what you see in the internet.Half the room broken! What kind of service is that?
So they did they do anything to reimburse you or replace a better room for you?

8 10 2009

He was absolutely right to complain. One thing about America – customer is always right. If they can’t deliver what they promise and you paid by credit card, more power to you.

And the new room looks really, really, fantastic!

Q does seem to pick nice rooms for you, even if you have to wait for it!

8 10 2009

Very nice! I’m sorry the one room was so horrible. 😦

8 10 2009
Z Theory

The creepiest place I ever stayed in was a motel in Death Valley, California near the sand dunes. It was the only sign of civilisation for miles, apparently there was a gold vein in the hills close by. I was stalked by crows every where I went that I swear were eyeballing me. The day after I learned from the manager that a mass murder/mutilation was committed in the 60s in MY ROOM and the one next to it which might explain the dark stains on the walls and the eerie feel of the whole place. brrrrrr

8 10 2009
Abu Sinan

The whole thing of over hyping hotel rooms is pretty common. I have seen it run both ways traveling around the world.

Honestly, some of the best hotels I stayed in were Raddison Hotels in Scandanavia. Modern designs, very clean…….not to mention a million kids of yogurt and muesli for breakfast.

8 10 2009

That’s why I always choose Best Western or Hilton!

8 10 2009

Lovely room Q spoilt you with! Thank you Q for looking after my sister!

8 10 2009

Lat, it was a lovely room! Q travels a lot but he never came across something like this before! No they gave us the one night for free, that was all. All the rooms were crap, they had nothing better! We were just glad to be out of there!

Haleem, yeas, I must say, usually service is very good here (quite a cold shower when you’re back in the Netherlands)
Q looks after me allright! πŸ˜€

susanne πŸ™‚

Z Theory, welcome to my blog πŸ™‚
Aaaarrrghhhhh what a horrible story! Allthough that’s what I expected from Motels… Lonely motels on abandoned highways… in the middle of nowhere…. But not in Monrovia, Los Angeles! Somebody whispered to us the Homestead smells like it does because Jimmy Hoffa is buried there :mrgreen:
But, Z Theory, what a story! Crows following you about…. eeerie!!!
At least you are still alive to dine out on it! πŸ™‚

Abu Sinan, well, we were out of that hotel like a shot! And according to a deskclarc at the Residence inn, they were getting a lot of customers who had initially booked at the homestead! ”let them come, I’m not complaining”, he said!

Mezba, but we wanted a studio room! Something with a kitchen, becasue otherwise we would have to go out for food every day.

Achelois, yeah, the Q spoils me. I’m not complaining though….

12 10 2009

lovely, so had a nice time in US i assume. When is your next visit and are you going to visit us next πŸ™‚
I like that one wall painted dark design. never thought of that, although will i get the courage to do it?

My daughter is v. impressed by your art and desserts and says she will travel to your place when she goes backpacking for a yr in europe…. ha ha ha dream on baby….

12 10 2009

Well, next visit in in about three months. πŸ™‚ And maybe…. I’ll be able to pop over to another state.
Everybody does that here, one wall in a striking colour. Why not try it? It’s just paint! If you don’t like it, you can paint it over in a day πŸ˜€

desserts? Which desserts? I don’t do desserts! I’m on a diet!
Ah so she’s going backpacking through Europe 😈 She’s welcome to pop by! πŸ˜‰

16 10 2009

You are still blogging so you obviously didn’t get killed/abducted/harvested for organs. The photos are lovely & you wouldn’t expect to get killed/abducted/harvested for organs in that motel. Maybe that’s the plan, to get you all relaxed with a false sense of security so then they can kill/abduct/harvest your organs

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