22 04 2010

So let me think, I am confused by people being insulted, and to be frank I am insulted myself and this Gordian knot of insults is just confusing.
Let’s try to unravel it.

A while ago an English teacher in Somalia had her class name the class teddy bear. The children decided on ”Mohammed”. All nice and honkydory you would think.

Because calling a teddybear ”Mohammed” is in some bizarre way insulting to muslims, (mohammed is such a popular name in Islam because the prophet had that name) the teacher then was arrested, and the adherents of the religion of peace wanted to chop her head off! For the ”crime” which her students committed! They were the ones who chose the most popular name, Mohammed, for the teddybear! How insanely stupid can you get?

But then Theo van Gogh got shot down in the street by some mentally disturbed insulted muslim because he made a movie about the bad treatment of women in Islam. Which is true, so the insults should be felt. But because of the bad treatment of women in Islam, not because a short movie is pointing them out.

And then we had the Danish newspaper which posted some rather unfunny cartoons about mohammed and of course those artists had to be given the death threats as well for being insulting to muslims.

Because in Islamic countries making fun of Jesus in cartoons is ok, but the rest of the world making a cartoon about Mohammed is insulting!!! And should be punishable by death!

And now ”South Park” has been making an episode where they made fun of all religions, and had all religious inventors featured: Jesus, Buddah, and amongst many others, Mohammed. Now of course they had a problem. They  didn’t want to be shot by some cowardly weak-headed religious maniac, for making  a cartoon featuring mohammed for that might insult some muslims. And they could not leave him out for various reasons, but I bet that would also have been insulting to some muslims as well. I suppose they could have had him clad in abaya and niqab to hide his face, but I’m sure that would also be insulting to some muslims.
So they chose to have him disguised as a teddybear.
Which turned out to be insulting to some muslims.

The insulted troglodytes adherents of the ”Religion of Peace” went through the trouble to research the addresses of the makers of South Park, post them on the internet, tell everybody how insulting they are and, (of course), call upon other muslims (don’t have the mental derangement  guts to do it themselves) to murder the makers of South Park.
As that is the only answer this contingent of Muslims is capable of in their diminished mental capacities.

I am insulted by this infringement of free speech. For sooo many reasons.
Here are three:

  1. The cartoons about Christianity and Jews printed in Muslim papers beat in tastelessness (and insult potential) everything ever produced in the western world (except by the Nazis). So I don’t see where they think they can gain the right to be insulted by a very few mild and in the case of South Park definitely funny pointers towards their religious adherents (not the founder: this joke is adressed to the insane murderous group of muslims, and maybe the silent majority who stand by and let murder happen in the name of Islam.).
    You don’t have the right to be insulted.
  2. You may, on whatever spurious grounds, curtail freedom of speech, thought and cartoons in your own dominion, but you have no right to dictate what other people do in their own countries. Especially when you are happy to use their freedoms when it suits you.
  3. When you have reaches a certain age, a certain maturity, (beyond the age of two) you don’t solve disagreements with violence, let alone murdering everybody who disagrees with you.
    These minds are of a simplicity, a crudity, a stupidity, a violence which makes me wonder if the earlier hominids have really become extinct… Surely these muslims prove there are pockets in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia etc. where some very early missing link in human evolution apparently still lives, and thrives, and now has managed to find it’s way onto the internet?

And while writing this down I notice how hypocritical all this stupid insultedness and violence is.
Is hypocrisy the cornerstone of Islam?
Have these insulted primitive idiots ever read what their prophet has to say about hypocrisy?
We know they can read, otherwise they would not have been able to put up calls for arbitrary murder on the internet. Pity they don’t use their newly acquired skills to actually read their own religious book.
The first admonition Mohammed and the muslims got from god is the first being ignored.

Ok, I worked it out: the Gordian knot of insults has been unravelled.

Keeping quiet and let a couple of under developed humanids from the land which time forgot dictate what we can or cannot say, what we can or cannot draw, what we can or cannot publish, is not an option.
My religion is freedom.
Freedom of speech, freedom of Art. freedom of publishing, freedom of media, freedom of (or from) religion, freedom, freedom, freedom.

Any attempt to curtail my, or other people’s  freedom, is highly insulting to me!



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23 04 2010

“….Islamic countries making fun of Jesus in cartoons is ok…”

I didn’t know muslims do this.I’m shocked.I don’t belong to this category of people.

23 04 2010

Of course you don’t, you are a very different person.
And those cartoons are mostly in middle eastern countries. Some of my Arab friends send me links to those. It’s bizarre, like going back in time to Nazi-times…
And especially bizarre when you recall how they start riots and kill (their own!) people over some very mild, and not very good (because not funny) cartoons in another, obscure, very small, far-away-country which only has a very small muslim community. And thereby making sure that everybody in the world has seen them, and they will be perpetuated in the internet and history for the end of time….
Well done!

23 04 2010

Great post! I read a Mormon lady’s blog once and she said people choose to be insulted/offended and I think I agree. Sure we can initially feel something said or done is hurtful, but whether we act on it or choose to hold a grudge is up to us. I believe people who can choose NOT to be insulted and return good for evil are much bigger and better people than those who call for murdering those who expressed themselves.

I’m not loving times when Jesus or the Bible are mocked, but I never call for murdering people or praying for God to strike someone down with lightning. I love freedom, too. People are free to say and do whatever they want (without the boundary of the law) and I respect that fact.

People who call for hurting others because they are insulted don’t show me *anything* good about their own beliefs. It is such a base instinct to return evil for evil and I believe true “religion” *should* bring you up to a higher standard if it’s any good.

23 04 2010

I think some people not only choose to be offended, but are really loving it!
They are never more happy as when they can be rightiously OFFENDED!

Great article!

24 04 2010

Oh a lot of people are getting offended on my blog because I called polygamy a pre-evolutionary practice 😀

24 04 2010

Suzanne, your quaker friend was right, I think people get a lot out of being offended!

I don’t like it either when people mock or swear. especially swearing I don’t like and I always protest.

Hmmmm yes, maybe true religion shoeld elevate you to a higher plane, but when looking at the world and history I conclude that religion, especially the abrahamic religions, corrupt people and push them down into sin and cruelty.
Religious people do stuff non-religious people would never contemplate.
Besides being offended all the time 😉

STW, yes!

Achelois, But why are the offended ??? It’s a well known fact, I really don’t get it.

Oh yes I do, they are not really offended about the fact that polygamy was pre-evolutionary, But more because you point out it’s evils and it’s outdatedness now!!!

25 04 2010

I think this latest threats against the South Park producers have back fired. There are many people that are protesting peacefully by drawing Mohammad in simple cartoons or stick figures and posting it as a youtube video. It all started yesterday when someone came up with the idea of the protest in the video below. Now there are hundreds of these videos in less than 2 days with thousands viewing it. It would have been much nicer if things were simple and a South Park episode was made and people got entertained without a need for hostilities.

Note South Park makes fun of all religions. Christianity usually gets picked on more, with no incidents.

25 04 2010

MoQ, Thank you for sharing this excellent action on you tube.

What the intolerant and agressive people do best is to make sure the media are flooded with really funny protests against their intolerance.

25 04 2010


The new development in this saga, is the site which issued the threat, is now hacked. Someone replaced the site with wallpaper showing the infamous cartoon.

26 04 2010

Oh dear!
That is funny! They will be boiling of rage!
Serves them well.

27 04 2010
Brandy AZ Chase


Some of what you say to a point is intersting but I want to mention that in Islam the TRUE PROPER FORM. INSULTING ANY AND I DO MEAN ANY PROPHET BEFORE MUHAMMAD IS A FORM OF BLASPHEMY, INCLUDING MOSES AND JESUS. Prophets are beloved people in Islam and should not be depicted in any derrogetory matter. I’m just as INSULTED and pissed off at South Park depicting Jesus as I am pissed about Muhammad. These wonderful people chosen by God, Creator of All, should hold a special reverence in poeple’s hearts and be off-limits to insulting depictions weither by picture or defaming words.

27 04 2010

Brandy, My point is really that being insulted is and should remain, a personal emotion. To act on it with death threats, and Actually really killing people is wrong.
If you are religious you will just have to learn to live with the fact that other people are not. And to those people holy books are all the same and all uninteresting and meaningless. As is the religious injunction not to depict prophets.
If you are not religious then that injuction is meaningless. I take it that the guys who make South Park are not religious. So they see no point in not drawing whatever prophet.
And to tell you the truth, their drawing prophets from all religions is nothing compared to what their opinion of those religions is.

And as there is always so much talk about ”respect”, my opinion is that religious people should learn to respect the fact that in fact there are a lot of people on the planet who do not believe in any kind of deity, or any kind of prophet.
And they should respect their right not to be bound by religious rules of other people.
People who live half the world have no right to push their moral/religious codes on people to whom they are meaningless. They have the duty to respect their autonomy.

If you aqre insulted then don’t look at the pictures, South Park, etc.

26 05 2010

¨My religion is freedom.
Freedom of speech, freedom of Art. freedom of publishing, freedom of media, freedom of (or from) religion, freedom, freedom, freedom.¨

Wonderful thoughts indeed. Perhaps the Flying Spaghetti Monster is the God who´s noodley goodness enshrines these inalienable sacraments of freedom, so that any intolerance or suppression of freedom, is in the very essence depriving him of his noodely appendage. Clearly this Allah is no god at all, but must actually be the Anti-pasta. 🙂

@Aafke-Art Thank you for speaking such sane and responsible words. In particular I love the lines:

¨People who live half the world have no right to push their moral/religious codes on people to whom they are meaningless. They have the duty to respect their autonomy.¨

And this is pure treasure:

¨My point is really that being insulted is and should remain, a personal emotion.¨

I would also like to point out the difference between giving offense and taking offense as a miscommunication. The the offense that is created on the receiving end, can so easily disregard the lack of intent to offend, by way of the words or intentions conveyed. Even if the intent exists, the offense, is a victim-less crime if receiving party has the maturity to realize that pictures and word are information. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

The point you make, plays into a matter I have been contemplating lately. The Abrehamic monotheisms. all seem to employ this distorted concept of what belief is. The bizarre idea that one can simply decide (ie without examining evidence or critical thinking) to believe an idea as deliberate choice, like which colour sock to wear, is at the heart of these beliefs. This simply disregards the obvious absurdity in that believing something does not make it true. That tells me something about the intellectual poverty of the basic Islamic precepts.

I posted a long version of this reply on my blog:

28 05 2010

Of course flattery is always acceptable on my blog :mrgreen:
You are spot on with the ”victimless crime”.
But many religious people are so indoctrinated (my words) that they do feel personally insulted.
What to do?
We all have to learn to live with disappointments and insults. I don’t see why some religious groups should be exempt from the trials and tribulations we all have to face.
Life’s a bitch.
Even if you are religious.
That is because there really is no noodly appendage guiding us…

31 08 2010

Dear Aafke,

I’m not too fond of your blog so far, but I have to comment on one thing:

The ‘teddy bear’ incident was a huuuge mistake, and I can assure you of this because I attend the school, which by the way is in Sudan not Somalia. The rumor which got out was (trust gossip) that the teacher had insultingly called Muhammed a dog. So, twisted views happened, the excitable Sudanese got fired up, and the poor teacher had a terrible time of it.

Just a correction.

31 08 2010

If you don’t like my blog then why do you take the trouble of commenting/
and why do you give me the trouble of approving and replying?
Read the disclaimer on my about page and stay away!
Sorry about the mix-up of countries, but really, the country doesn’t matter.
What happened to that teacher is inexcusable.
The danger, idiocy and evil of religions cannot be better illustrated.

3 09 2010
Intracranial Ground Zero

The great insultedness of the islamic world is nothing more than one big public relations show. As many pr-managers say: “There is no bad pr!” As long as people talk about one (in this case the religion) one still is on peoples mind. I really liked the comparisson between the islamic propaganda to the nazis. It´s basically the same: Give the people who don´t know anything else but their miserable and undereducated lives an enemy and show them how good you are at protecting them from him to boost your position of power. Empower the people to empower yourself. It´s a cycle which feeds on the resistance it get´s from the outside as long as it can be filtered and altered through the people in charge.
Niklas Luhman had a very useful theory about self-sustainng social-systems on any level, which tend to isolate themselves from the surroundings. Limited usefullness in my profession but very fitting in the case of religions.

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