Vaccinations make you sick

17 04 2010

Yes, I am sorry to say but that is the conclusion I had to make when really reading up on vaccines. I believed in vaccines, I thought they were really important. And they are, but because they cause many illnesses, including those they are supposed to protect people against.

A few facts:

The mercury content of Thimerosal which is used for the production of vaccines is statistically linked to the current huge, and still rising, incidences of autism in very young children. perfectly healthy normal and intelligent children get vaccinated, and end up autistic.

Vaccines contain mercury. If they don’t, according to the label, they still do, but in ”trace amounts”, and the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t have to list it if they are ”only” trace amounts. There are no safe minimum amounts for mercury. If the vaccine contains ”Thimerosal ”, it contains mercury, in amounts which, if you drop the vial on the floor instead of injecting it, would be classified as toxic waste.

Vaccines also contain unknown amounts* animal DNA and RNA. and also the toxic substances and heavy metals aluminium, phenol, acetone, MSG, acetone, cadmium, lead and formaldehyde.

* I mean the manufacturers really don’t know: the whole ”science” of vaccination is arbitrary, they only really find out if a vaccine is harmful after millions of children have been injected.

The diseases which are claimed to have been eradicated by vaccines, were already fast disappearing before vaccines came out. Stats show a huge decrease in these diseases before vaccination was even invented. Some stats also show an increase in the percentage of deaths after vaccination, or an increase in the cases.
Diseases for which there were no vaccines at that time, declined at the same rate. The eradication of disease is environmental, hygiene and having people well-fed is the factor in eradicating these diseases.

This stat shows how deaths from smallpox were going down very fast over decades, but after the vaccination law was enforced in England, it reached a huge peak.

Vaccinating does not mean ”immunisation”, as the pharmaceutical industry admits. In fact, vaccinated populations get infected in the same percentage, or worse, as unvaccinated populations.

The vaccine controversy is not new: vaccination has been denounced as unscientific and dangerous since it’s very beginning. Contested by doctors and medical specialists.

We, the public, and the medical students, are misled both as to the claimed efficacy of vaccinations, and the toxicity of vaccinations. One often used trick is to re-define the diagnosis of these diseases. On this stat you see how polio is eliminated using a redefined diagnosis. The dark columns show the ”confirmed” cases of polio, the lighter much higher columns  show the ”discarded” cases.

A very clear and concise summing up of the issues with vaccines. if you watch any of these videos, watch this one.
Lots of information, also explaining the link between autism and vaccines.
This two and a half hour presentation, is well researched and presented. Are vaccines safe? Find out how they made it & the lies about mercury Free vaccines. At the end a medical doctor discusses how he gave his child a vaccine: he now suffers from severe autism. This doctor vowed never to vaccinate himself or his family ever again.

Watch this video in which doctors, medical practitioners, scientists and others show the statistics of the major diseases being on the road for extinction long before vaccination came along, they also explain how diseases get eradicated by redefining diagnoses.

this video is interesting too.

Now if you think that parents testimonies, and doctors observations and statistics are only anecdotal evidence, and not worth looking into, I advise you to read this book, in which a medical doctor uses the CDC’s own documents to state the case against vaccinations. This is widely considered the most comprehensive book on vaccine safety. Well respected, Dr. Tenpenny is an Internationally recognized expert and the first physician to offer documented proof that vaccines do compromise the immune system. Dr. Tenpenny has the courage and the determination to express a minority view, substantiating her work with citations directly from Centers for Disease Control (CDC) documents and respected, peer-reviewed journals, offering irrefutable facts that fly in the face of information generally regarded as truth in traditional medical circles.

Dr Tenpenny used to give vaccinations herself, telling the patients that they were perfectly safe, and of course there was no mercury contained (she, as most other doctors, never read the labels and leaflets) But as you can see from her book has changed her mind once she looked into the vaccination issue for herself.
Everybody should look into this issue for themselves.

I want to end with the advice to all people and especially parents: vaccination should be an informed choice. You should be responsible towards your children and inform yourself on both sides of the issue and make your decisions to vaccinate, or not, as an informed decision.

And as far as I know every state of America has a waiver to get your child out of vaccination. The medical and school personnel is lying to you when they tell you full vaccination is compulsory for attendance. You can state either a philosophical or a religious reason for refusing to have your child vaccinated. Depending on which state you’re in.

Links to get you started:

Childhood shots

Global Vaccine Institute

Vaccine information centre

Gardasil: women hurt by medicine

Vaccination Myths

National Vaccine Information Centre (America)

The echo Foundation

Autism Research Institute



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