Tarq is naughty

26 12 2008

Second christmas day is the best: you get to eat all the lovely leftovers, without having to cook, and I found some tiramisu in the fridge as well 🙂 And I’ve just been lounging around, reading, visiting Tarq. (That’s not lounging, that means cleaning stable)

As the title declares: Tarq was naughty today!

The horses went in very early today, so when I arrived at the stables to clean Tarq’s box, he was already in, and I took him outside, to wait in the riding area, until I had finished with his lair.
Tarq suddenly decided to take off, and I was only holding him by the halter, so I had to let go. (lost 10 points to Tarq)
But, with a bit of me faking trying to catch him, Tarq trotted into the meadow for the big horses.

And I closed the gate. :mrgreen:

Tarq spend some time showing off, trotting with his tail up, arching his neck, laughing at me…  (sorry due to the dim light these foto’s were very hazy)


After showing off, he enjoyed a bit of  grazing left and right…


Stood musing….


And looked around him a bit, and noticed that he was stuck in this meadow!



Hè, hè, hè……..   :mrgreen:

I went in to prepare his bed for the night, and when I came back Tarq was só ready to come back and be a good boy! 😀
He first looked far away, to show off his independence… But then turned and trotted full speed to the gate! :mrgreen:





12 responses

27 12 2008

Tarq is lucky he is so pretty, and you cannot resist him!

27 12 2008

How can you be angry for long with such a handsome gentleman. Looks like you’ve had a lot of rain from all the mud

27 12 2008

He is cute, just like you 🙂

27 12 2008
American Bedu

and I thought herding cats could be a challenge! (LOL)

27 12 2008

What a beautiful horse!

27 12 2008

Tarq is so beautiful!

Good thing he’s a thorough old gentleman…

except when he starts walking backwards, LOL.

27 12 2008

Tarq: “Ha, ha – I’m free. This is fun. Mommy’s dumb. Ha-Ha. I’m bad. That’s right. I’m bad. Yeah.”

A few moments later …

Tarq: “Uh oh. Um … mom? I’m stuck! Mom?? Oh wait – I’m free. Whee! Here I come, mommy!”

🙂 Thanks for sharing. He’s such a character. Pretty, too.

27 12 2008

Marahm, you are so right! While i am miffed that I’ve been had.
I see him strutting around and I think: ”Aaaahhh, he’s so beautiful!”

Tony, I’m not angry at him at all|!
After all, this is the only bloke who really loves me!
Tony, this is the Netherlands! It is raining àlmost all the time!

Achelois, 🙂 So who do you think is cuter?

Bedu; the good thing about cats is that you can always pick them up, and throw them into, or out of, a room. Sometimes I wish I could do that with Al Tarq!

27 12 2008

Always; aaaah, yeeeesssss! 🙂

Specs: he’s not a gentleman at all! But he does comfort and cheers me when I’m sad! Better than any human!

RhondaL, you’ve got him pretty well worked out! 😉

28 12 2008

He’s so cute! How I envy you! Being cooped up does make one to run for freedom,like me!

28 12 2008

Raining all the time used to be true of Tasmania but now we’ve been in drought conditions for several years now. Darn global warming

28 12 2008

Lat, It does always cheer me up, being able to get out… Being obliged to get out! 😉

Hmmm, they were complaining about drought here too…
But not for very long…

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