Tarq and getting up in the morning

26 12 2011

Is not always happening! I have a lot of pictures of the Tarq and me trying to get him up!

Sometimes I just give up. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

Dressage with an Arab horse

6 06 2011

Is hopeless!

Here you see what happened when I came to visit my horse with wild plans of doing some serious training.

This horse is not awake!

And he never got any more awake…

He was still sleeping when  I left!!!!

Riding in the snow

4 01 2010

Today was a day of such beauty, it was magical! Beautiful! Everything was white, with the sun going down there were beautiful colours everywhere, and there was a snow-mist softening the landscape!
Al Tarq was happy to be out. Not much to amuse him at the moment.
It very cold of course. For tips on dressing and drawings of what to wear, and a drawing of an angry, fluffy Tarq, see my art-blog!

This is how I look when fully dressed for winterriding:

Sundown behind the trees

The world looked a very mysterious place

Zora in the snow. She walks fine in the snow, actually has less trouble with her elbow.

Within half an hour all our hairs were covered in a thin layer of ice.

Tarq wanted to go ludicrousspeed here, and although I loved a fine trot, I did think ludicrousspeed was a bit too dangerous. The icy slippery frozen remnants of the last snow period are still hidden under the fresh snow.

Zora’s hairs are also covered in ice!

Back at the village

Lazy Tarq

10 07 2009

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Back, again…

25 05 2009

So, right after I got back from America I went on  a trip with my horse and my friends and I have just returned from a lovely weekend!

Very relaxing


Easter weekend, day 2 and 3

25 04 2009

We’ll skim quickly through the rest of the weekend, we rode the whole day on Saturday, had lunch at a pancake restaurant. There was something weird there… They arrived in like 10 minutes… All six! Which is far to quick to bake 6 pancakes. And they tasted very flat… we think they are old, they keep them in a fridge and reheat them, yuk!

Unfortunately I was hungry and ate it. Our horses chilling!


On easter sunday we had an egg-race! To be done without saddle. I was thinking I might not do well holding the egg, so I thought I’d impress by going without a bridle as well. That worked really well :mrgreen:
Except the last ”obstacle” a patheticly low ”jump”, and Al Tarq got the Heeby Jeebies, and absolutely refused to walk over that ”jump”….
At leas I managed to keep the spoon and egg….

Zig-zag around the cones:


a small cricle around the jumping posts,


Backwards between the white bars,


And the small ”jump”.


I’m back!

18 04 2009

I have been on holiday with the Tarq, I’m back. I will get to work answering all these comments I see on my blog now!


Tarq is naughty

26 12 2008

Second christmas day is the best: you get to eat all the lovely leftovers, without having to cook, and I found some tiramisu in the fridge as well 🙂 And I’ve just been lounging around, reading, visiting Tarq. (That’s not lounging, that means cleaning stable)

As the title declares: Tarq was naughty today!

The horses went in very early today, so when I arrived at the stables to clean Tarq’s box, he was already in, and I took him outside, to wait in the riding area, until I had finished with his lair.
Tarq suddenly decided to take off, and I was only holding him by the halter, so I had to let go. (lost 10 points to Tarq)
But, with a bit of me faking trying to catch him, Tarq trotted into the meadow for the big horses.

And I closed the gate. :mrgreen:

Tarq spend some time showing off, trotting with his tail up, arching his neck, laughing at me…  (sorry due to the dim light these foto’s were very hazy)


After showing off, he enjoyed a bit of  grazing left and right…


Stood musing….


And looked around him a bit, and noticed that he was stuck in this meadow!



Hè, hè, hè……..   :mrgreen:

I went in to prepare his bed for the night, and when I came back Tarq was só ready to come back and be a good boy! 😀
He first looked far away, to show off his independence… But then turned and trotted full speed to the gate! :mrgreen:



From the Beginning to the End

11 11 2008

Yesterday I thought it would be fun documenting one of our outings from beginning to end. We were not quite sure if we would be going at all, as the forecast was for heavy rains. But, as so often happens, wholly against expectations, the weather turned out completely different. In this case; ”Brilliant”!!!
The Tarq behaved excellent, bar two enormous jumps sideways for no discernable reasons.
Today the dentist did his teeth, and he was the model of perfection again?
What has happened to my horse???

Anyway: The Beginning
J and M at the farm, adventure starts at 11.00!


The sun was out, but it was very cold! Moreover, there was a very cold, very strong wind! I was well prepared á la Hercule Poirot: with pullover, vest, wintercoat, gloves, and shawl! I was not cold! 🙂


We started soon with some serious trotting, as we were planning to go for a long distance. Tarq is very happy here! It is aways a problem to keep the Tarq at ”fresh” speed, instead of ”ludicrous” speed!!!


Here we are already at the back of the next village.


As the harvest is in, we have the opportunity to gallop across the empty fields! This was a long one, and to Tarq’s enjoyment we could do a reallhy fast gallop here! For the rest of the trip he decided any increase of speed should be interpreted as a licence for gallopping!
It is around twelve o’ clock here, but look at the long shadows: the sun is very low at the horizon!


Another village, from here J has discovered a lovely new route we didn’t know of.


Here we are being illegal again, crossing a small copse by a lovely romantic trail. It seems hardly used, this is one of those moments you could easily imagine being on a ”Lord of the Rings” quest!


Tarq trying to go ”ludicrous-speed” again!


A dolmen! A dolmen, or cromlech, is a neolithic chamber tomb about 6000 to 7000 years old. It is a stone burial chamber, covered by a mound, the mound erodes, or is excavated, leaving the stone skeleton of the burial chamber exposed. There a quite a few of these around in the north of the Netherlands.


Tarq is having a closer look, he thought this a weird place. But then he tried to eat the lichen of the stones. Tarq will try any food he comes across…


Some sort of white stuff was put across the soil here, it suddenly felt as if we were in the desert!


Turning the corner, and now we are on the way back! And, I recognise this bit! Usually I just follow M and J and have no idea where we are or where we are going!
It’s a gift…


If you look at the last bend in this small canal, you see a white speck: That was a beautiful swan!


Here you can see the wide grass border most of these small roads have, very nice for us to ride, this way our horses can walk on grass. Although sometimes they actually prefer the tarmac.


Tarq is having a nice long piss here. I’m leaning forward to relieve weight from his back. It’s quite important a horse feels relaxed enough to do take a piss when they need to: it is very unhealthy if they ”keep it up”. So I’m quite happy to have Tarq ”taking a leak” whenever he feels like it.
Look at his happy face!


We are almost home, and saying goodbye to J and Dior, Dior lives at ”Castle Woodview” hidden in the trees to the right.


And here we are crossing the Brink of our home-village, and Tarq’s lodgings are right in front! It is now 15.30!


Tarq diving in to his well-deserved happy-meal! Because I don’t want his back to cool off too quickly, I put a clean saddle pad on his back while he is chilling.


And after eating, chilling, and munching hay, back into the meadow for a few hours. First a nice long drink. Unless absolutely parched, our horses never drink from their waterbowls in the stable: the water in the trough outside tastes much better!
Goodnight Tarq!


***THE END***

Riding around in summer

8 11 2008

Just back from cleaning stables. Tarq is só cuuute! (if you give him food) He was covered in sand and mud, so I also had to do a vigorous brushing session as well!
I thought I’d share some photo’s from this summer with you.

My riding buddies: M. and Billy, J. and Dior and me & Tarq


This road leads to the dike from the canal, a bit further from the spot where me and the Tarq nearly drowned last year! Its called after a burgomaster, but I’ve forgotten his name. He can’t have been very important, because it’s such a dismal unimportant bit of sand-track. You can just see Billy’s head.
Tarq thinks he’s much better than Billy, but Billy is mega-cool! Tarq always wants to walk up front. Except when something ”suspicious” is coming up: in that case he quickly hides behind Billy and leaves it to him to face the dangers ahead!


This bit of water is called ”Het Bolhuisgat” It’s forbidden for horses. Actually most of the Netherlands is forbidden for horses and riders. Especially in the nice wooded area’s: it’s like every nice interesting looking path has a sign: Forbidden to horse and riders!
Even on bridle paths you can get a dirty look from mountain bikers or hikers. One of the reasons I like riding around Tarq’s lodgings is the fact that we have a few sand roads, and wide grassy edges to tarmac roads, and it’s all public roads! Meaning: nobody can tell you off or chase you away. And you can bring your dog too!
But here we are definitely illegal!!! :mrgreen:


From this sand road most of our adventures start. It’s on the map as a partially hardened bycicle route, but you wouldn’t want to try it! Very occasionally we meet a masochistic cyclist who likes a challenge here.


Sunsets in the north of Holland are the most beautiful in their subtile colourplay of pale blues, soft pinks and Naples yellow!


Tarq is not so fascinated by sunsets…