Humans, discrimination and defending the Woman with the Scarf

27 05 2010

This video is from ABC, they put unknowing people in a situation to see how they would react. The situation is like this: A woman wearing a head scarf comes into a shop and the guy at the counter refuses to serve her. Some people give him the thumbs up, about half say nothing (some look uncomfortable) and about a third of the costumers get angry, defend the rights of the woman, and promise they will not leave it like that but pursue further action.

Here is the video

I have been working out the maths:

Bullies: 14,6%

Bystanders: doing nothing:  53,7%

Heroes, defenders of the oppressed:  31,7%

Now of course we would rather have seen a 95% number on the Heroes, but, human nature being what it is, and compared with what we see happening in the real world, all over the world: I think this is a pretty good percentage!

So chapeau for the people of Texas, of whom at least 30% are heroes!

You see, apart from taking these numbers sec, there is more to include into the equation.
I think that the bullies had it easy: they were already inside a situation, which was congenial to them, and only had to agree with the dork behind the counter. It is very easy to follow a herd if you are  a sheep yourself.

Then there were the Bystanders, the group which said nothing. Now I don’t admire it, and I certainly hope never to be part of the Bystanders, but standing there, two people behind the counter, and speaking up takes a bit of courage. More courage then most people can muster. That’s how it is. That is fact. That’s why the Bystander group is always so very large, in all countries, and in all situations.
It’s the easy way, the way of not getting hurt or attacked yourself.
And let’s not forget the bystander effect!

And last but not least: The heroes. The defenders of what is right. The people who stand up for reason and fairness and freedom and all which is good. Now apart from the staggering 31,7% I think that in effect this number is huge because these people stood up in an antagonistic situation, and still spoke up. Still defended what was right in their opinion.
That is by way more difficult!

So I think this 31,7 % is a very important number, these people do not only outweigh the 14.6% of the bullies, but as they showed to have way better courage they would prevail if the numbers had been the other way around. And the 31,7% of courageous people will always get the better of the middle group,who lack the guts to respond in any situation.

So with a 31,7% of people who have the right morals, and the courage to defend them, I think Texas is doing very, very well, and way much better as most other countries on the planet.
Maybe it won’t be so bad… moving to Texas.



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27 05 2010
Personal Failure

Where are you moving to in Texas?

27 05 2010

Not quite sure yet where and when, definitely another year at least before I move

27 05 2010

Oh this just made me cry! I swear I’m such a softie sometimes I hate myself.

I wanted to hug that old hero. He reminded me of my dad. I want to grow old like that.

28 05 2010

Its good to know that there are still decent people out there in the world. 🙂

29 05 2010

Wow, amazing video.

I wonder what the percentages would be here in Holland? A professor of mine said a few months ago that many Americans punish each other by socially isolating people who are racist/Islamophobic, whereas this doesn’t really happen in Holland, one reason why politicians get away by saying so much anti-Muslim crap.

30 05 2010

NOT Texas Aafke! New Mexico!

30 05 2010

Bravo! The woman even got emotional about this.Thank God there are still good people like her and others around to spread compassion and love.

31 05 2010

OOps! Did you see the gentleman that hugged the gal at the end? That’s kind of a no-no, but he didn’t know. Great entry, Aafke.

31 05 2010
Reason over Religion

Nice video!

4 06 2010

Very interesting…

Yeah, when ARE you moving to Texas? 😀

28 07 2010

I have found the North Dallas area to be quite nice. It may be an area of Texas worth looking into. I don’t recommend Houston, although there are a few suburbs that are also nice in the Houston area.

29 07 2010

Yes, North Dallas is very nice.

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