Why America supports Israel

23 05 2008

I have often wondered where this excessive support of America to Israel was coming from.
It might be classed as conspiracy theory, or there might be something in it. Y’all know I’m a sucker for conspiracy-theories!

Anyway, mega-intelligent Blog-friend Jonolan has posted an interesting list of key US officials who hold Israeli citizenship in addition to American citizenship.

Have a look at it. Its quite a long list… Very interesting…

Jonolan quotes the following sources: Sopan Greene, and source

  • Attorney General – Michael Mukasey
  • Head of Homeland Security – Michael Chertoff
  • Chairman Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Richard Perle
  • Deputy Defense Secretary (Former) – Paul Wolfowitz
  • Under Secretary of Defense – Douglas Feith
  • National Security Council Advisor – Elliott Abrams
  • Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff (Former) – “Scooter” Libby
  • White House Deputy Chief of Staff – Joshua Bolten
  • Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs – Marc Grossman
  • Director of Policy Planning at the State Department – Richard Haass
  • U.S. Trade Representative (Cabinet-level Position) – Robert Zoellick
  • Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – James Schlesinger
  • UN Representative (Former) – John Bolton
  • Under Secretary for Arms Control – David Wurmser
  • Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Eliot Cohen
  • Senior Advisor to the President – Steve Goldsmith
  • Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary – Christopher Gersten
  • Assistant Secretary of State – Lincoln Bloomfield
  • Deputy Assistant to the President – Jay Lefkowitz
  • White House Political Director – Ken Melman
  • National Security Study Group – Edward Luttwak
  • Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Kenneth Adelman
  • Defense Intelligence Agency Analyst (Former) – Lawrence Franklin
  • National Security Council Advisor – Robert Satloff
  • President Export-Import Bank U.S. – Mel Sembler
  • Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and Families – Christopher Gersten
  • Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Public Affairs – Mark Weinberger
  • White House Speechwriter – David Frum
  • White House Spokesman (Former) – Ari Fleischer
  • Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Henry Kissinger
  • Deputy Secretary of Commerce – Samuel Bodman
  • Under Secretary of State for Management – Bonnie Cohen
  • Director of Foreign Service Institute – Ruth Davis



29 responses

23 05 2008

It has to do with many reasons. The main one, in my opinion, is the mainstream Christian view in the US, that Christians owe something to Jews and Israel. Sometimes this view is well intentioned, in other cases it holds more to an end time view of the world where Israel will be the starting of the end of the world, Christians will defeat all non Christians forces lead by the anti-Christ and all Jews will be forced convert to Christianity or be sent to hell.

There also a very well funded and run pro Israel lobby here in the USA that runs adds and advertisements in the media.

The truth is the US has no vested interest in Israel. However, there are a lot of people here with a lot of money that have gone a long way into getting a lot of Americans to think the opposite.

23 05 2008

I, too, wonder, especially about how such movements get started. I don’t think this began as a conspiracy theory, nor evolved into one. Conspiracy, if I perceive the meaning correctly, involves secrecy and deception, but America’s support for Israel is neither. It’s open, as your citizenship list suggests. Rather than conspiracy, I would say that America’s support for Israel is not only legislated, but a stated goal.

Of course, the probability of under-the-table agreements is always viable, but isn’t that true for all kinds of socio-political issues?

And Allahu Alam, God knows. I am not politically sophisticated.

23 05 2008

Israel is actually criticized much more in the Israeli press than the Americans would dare!

23 05 2008

AbuSinan’s comment has much merit. The relationship between Christianity and Judaism is complex. I don’t understand it well, but Christians do believe that, “…Israel will be the starting of the end of the world, Christians will defeat all non Christians forces lead by the anti-Christ and all Jews will be forced convert to Christianity or be sent to hell.” I remember learning that throughout my childhood. I remember learning also that Israel belongs to Jews, and will never be defeated by anyone, other than Christians at the end of the world.

I hasten to say that I no longer subscribe to such ideas.

23 05 2008

AbuSinan, yes, that looked very weird to me: when i went through the net i found a lot of propaganda like stuff!

Marahm: I’m also a political nitwit. What I meant is that the list as offered by Jonolan also seems to have some people commenting that it isn’t a true list, but made up. However, that could be quite easily verified.
And I have been told the same sort of nonsense at school.

Haleem; yes, I’ve seen a documentary on printers of pamflets, and it’s like a paper battle! They are then pasted on the walls all over. And very harsh comments!

24 05 2008
Susie of Arabia

Ver-r-r-r-r-r-y interesting! After my initial shock, it didn’t surprise me one bit! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

24 05 2008

My law degree focused on human rights law, and I’m starting a Masters in Human Rights Law, and I still don’t understand how the US can offer its blind allegiance to Israel, to the extent that it has turned a blind eye time and time again, even blocking dozens of UN Resolutions against Israel’s behaviour in the Occupied Territories – not to mention the settlements! Surely two wrongs don’t make a right? It’s small wonder there is so much strife in this world when for so long might has been right.

24 05 2008

Israel is the ultimate proxy state, together with North-Korea. The involvement of the Israeli’s with American politics has been widely documented…. I just don’t get that American politics seems to be aimed at bringing around the Apocalypse, some of us still have stuff to do here, on this planet. GAGH!!!!

I’m not getting in to this one.

24 05 2008

Susie, yes, this information should be known to as many people as possible. That’s why I posted it.

C: I think the way Israel goes on in the occupied territories, and the illegal construction of new settlements is disgusting and evil, and they should be thrown out of the occupied territories, leaving the new illegal villages intact for the Palestinians if they want them.

Rhysz: But there are many Americans who really believe the apocalypse is nigh, and they’re just a bit impatient. They are fully convinced they will be on the winning side, so it doesn’t matter how soon it comes. Besides, we unbelievers will all go to hell anyway.

24 05 2008

@ Aafke:

I’m sure we’ll find a nice place besides the fire. I’ll bring the marshmellows…

24 05 2008


25 05 2008

Mmmm.. toasted marshmallows… count me in, too 😀

PS – I totally agree with your feelings on Israel.

28 05 2008

It doesn’t really qualify as a conspiracy since it’s done openly. But there is the stench of some sort of “shadow government” style behaviors involved in the US-Israel entanglement.

29 05 2008

Jonolan; the conspiracy thing was more of an inside joke here on my blog 😀
We had been going on and on about ”conspiracies” a while ago.

We will make sure it’s out and about in the open! The list doesn’t feel completely kosher to me.

29 05 2008

The may or may not be completely accurate. I got the original, longer from numerous sources, but none were truly authoritative. I removed the obvious false ones – minus one, which was caught by a commenter and then removed – via checking other sources such as biographies.

It’s vetted as much as I had the time and resources to do, but I can’t claim it to be absolutely assured. It’s actually surprising how little publicly accessible official information on citizenships is available.

29 05 2008

Hmm, that doesn’t fall under the ”freedom of information Act” ?
Because I do find it something that concerns the public in case of officials in high, decision-making positions.

I know you vetted the list as far as was possible.
And it’s still very long…

30 05 2008

I’m struggling to post this!!! It wouldn’t let me add another comment to the other post, so here, try this link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/7427206.stm

4 06 2008


4 06 2008

Yes, we have some scarily stupid and reactionary people in the US. Sadly our media just loves to publicize their stupidity; it’s good theater and good theater sells ads.

31 12 2008
Back to sordid reality « Clouddragon

[…] a long list of key officials in the American government hold dual Israeli-American citizenship. Click here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Haniyeh Goes into Hiding12,000…and […]

31 12 2008

Great job!

1 01 2009

Parsin, welcome to my blog. While this list may not be completely accurate, it gives plenty of food for thought.
You may also want to read this article:

1 01 2009

And Obama’s picks are continuing the general trend…

1 01 2009

No kiddin’…….
Hi Jonolan, happy new year to you!
Although it doesn’t look too auspicious….

4 03 2011
Agyeman E. Prince

Israel is God’s nation and on other nation can conquer it because its strenght is the LORD the creator of heaven and earth, and her sister is America that’s what people don’t comprehend.

15 08 2011

The truth is that the founding of the Israeli state was an effort of Europeans and Americans to get rid of the Jews and stopping the food of pre qnd postwar jews into the United states (they were actually barred from entering for a long period), and returning them to the “Homeland”. Which is a reason many Israelis have Germanic, Slavic, Latin, and even Finnic and Hungric surnames. This is the same thing that happened with the founding of the pre and post civil war. Liberia and their hopes that African Americans would disappear. In both cases local peoples were displaced, in both cases the new arrivals took power, strong ties remained with America and Europe, and the displaced inhabitants rebeled. These mixed blood Africans and Jews were indirectly the cause of their strife.

21 12 2011

Glad to find that some one is supporting inncent kids being killed every day

21 12 2011

I’m not glad.
One of the real reasons so many Christian Americans support Israel is religion, the Abrahamic death cult, the hope that both conservative Jews and conservative Christians share, the hope for Armageddon, total destruction of the universe, they think that when they can steal enough land from the Palestinians, when they finally get all the Jews into the ”promised” land, then they will be bringing about Armageddon, and they are quite sure they will go to heaven and everybody else will go to hell.
Religion poisons everything.

22 12 2011

Well i dont believe it is religion, it is the peaple
those with authority change religion as they want and normal ppl behave like fools and follow them blindly and forgetting the heart of all religion which is to love the others although they r different
many muslims do that too

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