Tarq’s heavenly birthday party!

21 05 2008

Yes, one more post on our holiday. As the perceptive readers will know, Tarq turned 8 years old; he is now officially grown up! And to my great astonishment he proved that by behaving as the perfect gentleman, all the time!
Right, Tarq is an Arab, so an Arabian inspired party seemed the right thing to do.
D. had helped me prepare for Arabic food (or rather, I helped D.!), and S. brought lots of dressing up clothes, and A. gave Egyptian belly-dance lessons.

Preparing food

When dinner was ready I got the Tarq and everybody sung for him. He behaved as if that happens every day. Of course, being the Tarq he is probably only surprised that this doesn’t happen every day!

Tarq has been given buckets of horse-candy. Enough for the rest of the year, and a beautiful zebra saddle-pad. Tarq accepted the presents with great affability.

It looks great on him

Group-portrait of the dance class

After singing, presents, Photo-opportunities with the Tarq, and dancing it was time for dinner!!!!

The food


This was my illustration for the info-booklet. I always make a drawing but this time I decided to put in some extra effort! It is in the style of Bilibin, a Russian illustrator I have always been very fond of.



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21 05 2008

Waw, You had lots of fun there. I wished to be there too. I need some sort of parties nowadays. Happy birthday Tarq. Take care of Aafke.. πŸ™‚

21 05 2008

It did look fun. Add women in belly dancing outfits and horses………how could it NOT be fun?

21 05 2008

I noticed that food is so yummiiiiii.. Esp the first foto. We call that “Pirashki” here in Iran.. πŸ˜€

21 05 2008

Do you mean those Half-moon thingy’s? It’s not nearly all the food! πŸ™‚ But it disappeared so quickly! We also made ”women’s thighs” πŸ˜€ and Baklava for desert. We also made samosa’s
And wauw it wΓ‘s all yummmmiiiii!
And after a try of everything, and a nibble of the favorites I was completely stuffed!!!!
Forget about one third for food, and one third for drink! I had to have a looong walk with Zora afterwards! πŸ˜€

21 05 2008

Aafke, if you continue with these beautiful photos and tantalizing posts, you’ll have to host a party for all of us!

Lovely Illustration! What medium did you use?

21 05 2008

Wow, you really go all out. What a party. The zebra saddle thingy is very cool. Tarq looked fabulous!!

I love the illustration. You are so talented!

21 05 2008

I just saw your description of me on your blogroll. It made me blush!

21 05 2008
Saudi in US

Nice party Aake. The food looks delicious. I got really hungry watching the pictures and I have 2 hrs before dinner time here 😦

So what did Tarq like best?

a) The zebra addle-pad
b) the horse candy
c) watching 6 lovely ladies belly dance

I cannot believe I am getting jealous of a horse πŸ™‚

22 05 2008

gee Aafke…I gues my invitation got lost in the Saudi Post, huh?

22 05 2008

Marahm: you are welcome!
The painting is made with ink and aquarel-paint

Checkers: you see; i’m not kiddin’ about how much I like you! But I do understand you don’t want to abandon your current personell. And I would feel bad for them too if I just whisked you away!
One day i will paint a portrait of you!

Saudi in US: Welcome to my blog πŸ™‚ What did Tarq like best?
b) the horse candy
Tarq always knows his priorities.
That’s quite allright, many men are (justifiably) jealous of the Tarq.

Delhi, you were invited via my blog! Besides; you will be very welcome always whenever you show up!

22 05 2008

Happy Birthday, Tarq! πŸ™‚ LOOOOVE the new zebra print mat!

22 05 2008

Looks like a great party. Lucky Tarq πŸ™‚ Where did you get the dance costumes from? You all look fabulous.

22 05 2008

Nevis: Wouldn’t you like that in pug-size?

~W~, My friend S. who rents out dressing up clothes, brought all her (hollywood) arab dressing-up clothes! πŸ˜€
We had so much fun! πŸ˜€

23 05 2008

A VERY happy birthday to the Tarq!! I hope he had a lovely time πŸ™‚

I had belly dancing lessons this weekend when we were in Istanbul, too! I loved it so much I think I might do some more now we’re back in London – but my bum and belly are still a bit achey πŸ˜‰

All your photos of Tarq are making me miss my horses! I’m animal mad in general and grew up with dogs and cats and guinea pigs and so on and so forth (having a vet for a Mum had something to do with it, I suspect!) and I had a mountain pony who sadly died when I was 13, and an Australian Stock Horse, as well as riding a number of horses for other people (mostly TBs although one Anglo-Arab, as well). There’s just nowhere in London I could keep a horse – and it’s far more expensive here than it is in Australia 😦 I shall continue to live vicariously through your blogs about the Tarq πŸ™‚

23 05 2008

Hi colloquielle, Yes, keeping a horse in London is a bit impossible! I missed horses very much too when I lived in London. I did go and visit the mounted police and did some schetching at their stables.

23 05 2008

I lived in Newmarket, like an hour outside of London. It is entirely possible that there are more horses in that town than people.

It is a huge horse racing town. Every morning I’d have to tack on about 15 extra minutes to wait for the horses as they crossed up and down the streets going inbetween the runs.

23 05 2008

That’s a very nice mechanical hackamore that Tarq is sporting.

BTW – Why did you name a horse “Break Away From” ?

23 05 2008

any reason to have belly dancers is fine by me.

happy birthday T!

23 05 2008

AbuSinan, yeah, Newmarket would be the place for a horse-nut!

Jonolan: yes, I got it from my hardware supplier ihn America, it’s stainless steele, and doesn’t work on the top of his head. Tarq loves it: he feels ”The Man!” when he can go out without a bit. On some of the photo’s made on our rides you see he wears a thin rope, with beads, around his neck: that is the handbrake. if I want him to slow down I pull it lightly.
Tarq likes to fight, and there is little about a hackamore, and nothing about a rope that he can fight.

Tarq means ”Break away from”??? If I had known that it would still have been a good name. That is his best trick: breaking away!
It’s from Tariq ”The star which sparkles”, and Tarq in colloquial Dutch means somebody who’s dirty, and Tarq isn’t very obsessed with being clean πŸ™‚
And most important: he listens to the name!

Haleem: choreographed no less! perhaps you could add some to your reception?

23 05 2008

LOL Tarq in Arabic is Break Away From,Leave or Leave (Behind), or Quit (Doing).

I used hackamores and mechanical hackamore exclusively. I just don’t don’t like bits – and don’t like getting my fingers nipped putting them. πŸ˜‰

24 05 2008
Susie of Arabia

What fun!!! I wish I could’ve come. Tarq looks so handsome (and happy) in his new outfit! And the colorful belly dancers – and the food – and your lovely artwork – wow! That Tarq is one lucky guy!!!

25 05 2008

Jonolan: This is weird: everybody gives me a diffrent meaning for the name Tarq or Tareq. However, they are all quite fitting, πŸ˜€ so it’s still a good name for him!
I never put a bit in, I expect a horse to just take it. But I prefer bit-less. Most of my friends just use a rope halter, but The Tarq is just a bit to dangerous for that, and too apt to consider himself the leader of our team.

Susie, you would have been welcome! But considering the mega-parties you’re used to by now, this was quite a modest affair!!! πŸ™‚

25 05 2008

I really want to be a part of all this celebration! It all looks so yummy and full of fun. I love to dance.

25 05 2008

Any time you’d like to pop by, Achelois, I’ll throw a party!!!!

2 10 2011


I’m sorry bothering you, 3 years after posting. I don’t even know if you are still active on this website…
But i’ve been looking for a Zebra Saddle-cloth soooooo long..
Could you please tell me which brand it is?

Thank you.

3 10 2011

It was a gift, I think they brought it ina Dutch shop, but it has an English flag as a label.
Have you thought of making one yourself? It’s a very simple thing to make and you can get such nice zebra fabrics now a days.
I think I am going to it for myself!

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