Blog-fame at last!!!

28 04 2010

Yes, I have finally become a famous blogger, thanks to Mezba, who, to my great astonishment and honor put me in the Lego gallery of supercool Bloggers!

Check out his post and super great photos here!

This is me and Al Tarq, who has been rolling in the sand so he turned white.



8 responses

28 04 2010

Very nice! And I see you took off your black clothes for something more springy. πŸ˜€

28 04 2010

hmmm, Mezba’s choice, not mine!
But I am wearing a bright azure T-shirt with silver butterflies right now!

28 04 2010

“…who has been rolling in the sand so he turned white.” So funny!
Can’t blame Mezba if he didn’t have much choice in wardrobe πŸ™‚
Both of you look pretty in lego style!

28 04 2010

I have promised the Q to buy less black anyway πŸ˜‰

cool isn’t it?

28 04 2010

You look gorgeous!

28 04 2010

thank you 😳
it’s all due to Mezba’s prowess with the camera!

29 04 2010

Glad you like it.

My Lego collection is like the middle east – lots of men, not enough women (or their outfits!) πŸ˜‰

30 04 2010

I need to skip a bit of the black anyway!

I adored it! All photo’s!
And I love people who are intelligent enough to play with their toys and spend time and effort in making great photo’s and share the fun of their play-time! πŸ˜€
There is nothing I like better as people who have escaped ”grown-uppness”!!!

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