30 04 2010

I have a new hobby!

I have a lot of furoshiki cloths now, of different sizes, and I have been practising and I can make all sorts of cute wrappings and bags now!
So what is furoshiki? It is Japanese, and a foroshiki cloth is the piece of cloth you use to wrap your presents, laptop, bento box, or you can make them into re-usable bags.

Furoshiki is a very old art, but is at the moment coming back in fashion. The Japanese minister for the environment, Yuriko Koike, has created foroshiki made out of pet-bottles. Thereby swatting two flies with one stroke. Re-using Pet plastic, while reducing the need for plastic shopping bags.

This is not only very good for the environment, it is ideal if you’re shopping and buy more as your bag holds. Now you are stuck with a lot of messy, ugly bags. What to do? You can skip the plastic bags, take the scarf you just happen to be wearing, and make yourself a strong, decorative shopping bag!

This is also ideal if you are travelling on a budget airline (like I did to England last Autumn). You are only allowed one small bag on the plane (or pay big time) and that includes the small lady’s handbags we usually carry. So if it is a choice between my handbag and my flightcase, I’d choose my flightcase. But what then? We go out to shop, go to the cinema, have dinner, visit the parents… You really need a handbag and a shoppingbag… Now taking extra bags in your flight case takes up valuable space. Luckily there is the Furoshiki! They fold up very small, or you can wear one or two as a scarf. A large one makes a shopping bag, or with a few more knots and twists a handbag, and a small one makes a tiny evening bag… Two larger ones make a backpack!




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2 05 2010

My friend in CA used to give me gifts wrapped so beautifully often in pretty papers but on occasion this cloth. I never knew what it was called but I knew I liked wrapping up gifts uniquely. Lately I have began using pretty little boxes found at Hobby Lobby and all I do is put the lid on and wrap a pretty ribbon, often cloth, around it with a tie on top. This way the box can be reused again or again, or set used to store little trinkets or such in situated on a shelf.

3 05 2010

That is so cool! I have zillions of those huge scarves that the Pakastani sisters wear. They would be perfect for making one of these bags.

7 05 2010

Wildstorm, I Love pretty boxes too 🙂 I also have some to put gifts in.
I brought some really nice pieces of cloth on the market and made furoshiki out of them, And I have some that are synthetic, but they are brilliant ffor making bags because very strong and don’t wrinkle!

Safiyya, yes, I think they would be just the right size, and you could use the ones you don’t wear anymore as giftwraps.

9 05 2010

Wow! I never knew anything about this. Very interesting.

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