How old was Aïcha

1 02 2009

When she married the prophet Mohammed.


I find this an interesting topic, not because of what happened in the past, but because of the implications today. Personally I don’t care so much about her exact age, but I do care about small children of six or seven years old who are being sold off to old lecherous creeps in the name of Islam: ”because Mohammed married a seven year old girl it’s ok”.
Also for the Islamophobes, the childmarriage of Aïscha is a godsend to be used as a  justification for calling Islam a backward evil religion. (childmarriage is also practised in other cultures and believes, including America, but that’s another post)


I am quite sick of the comment ”Mohammed married Aïscha at 6 years old, so all geriatric old geezers can marry 6 year old girls” I’m sick of hearing it! and anyway, there is no real proof Aïscha was really so very young, and there are a lot of calculations which make her much older.
I’ve put them down here.

The several hadith concerning Aïscha’s age do not agree on her age, and the narrators even contradict themselves. So why give preference to the single one which gives a ridiculous young age for Aïcha at the time of her marriage?
We can look at some historical events and compare them.

  • pre-610 CE: Jahiliya (pre-Islamic age) before revelation
  • 610 CE: First revelation
  • 610 CE: AbuBakr accepts Islam
  • 613 CE: Prophet Muhammad begins preaching publicly.
  • 615 CE: Emigration to Abyssinia
  • 616 CE: Umar bin al Khattab accepts Islam
  • 620 CE: Generally accepted betrothal of Aïcha to the Prophet
  • 622 CE: Hijrah (emigation to Yathrib, later renamed Medina)
  • 623/624 CE: Generally accepted year of Ayesha living with the Prophet

Aïscha’s father was Abu Bakr. Based on one account of Al Tabari, Aïscha was 7 when betrothed to the prophet, in the year 620. So then she was born in 613. But Tabari also states that all four of AbuBakr’s children were born before the revelation. If that is so, she must have been at least 14 at the time of betrothal, and 17 or 18 when she went to live with him.

Aíscha is reported  by ibn Hisham to have converted before  Omar ibn Kattib, in the first years of Islam around 610. To accept Islam, she must at least have been able to speak, say three years old, which would make her at least 15 in 622.

Aïscha is reported to have been present at the battle of Badr and Uhud, but children under 15 were not allowed to participate, which indicates she must have been at least 15 years old, not 9.

According to tradition Aïscha was born 8 years before hijrah. If Sura the moon was revealed 8 years before hijra, then  Aïscha was a baby at that time if she lived with the prophet 9 years later at nine years old.
But according  to another narrative in Bukhari, Aïscha is reported to have said: “I was a young girl (jariyah)” when Surah Al-Qamar (the moon) was revealed. And she remembered verses then reveiled.
sibyah = infant
-Jariyah = young playful girl
If we take a ”young playful girl” to be something like 9-12 years old , she would have been 18 to 21 years old when she married Mohammed.

Now from a lingualistically point of view: Aïscha was mentioned as a prospective bride for Mohammed as ”Bikr”.
If Jariyah means ”playfull young girl” and ”Bikr” means, ”unmarried lady without conjugal experience prior to marriage” (aka virgin) than you could claim Aïscha was an adult woman at the moment of her marriage.

If you compare Aïscha’s age to that of her contemporaries according to the different narratives, you come to the different ages also. Fatima was born at the time the Kaäba was rebuilt, she was five years older than Aïscha, that would make Aïscha 12 years old at the time of her marriage.
If Asma, her older sister was 10 years older than Aïscha, and she died at a 100 years old, in 73 AH, she was 27, 28 at the time of Hijrah, making Aïscha 17 or 18 years old, and about 19, 20 when she came to live with the prophet.


And to end it all, years weren’t counted numerically like we do now. People would say something like: ”That happened in the year of …..”.  My point is that the actual age of Aïscha, or anybody from that time for that matter, is not set. We cannot know for sure.

It is more logic that Aïscha was ”adult” when she married Mohammed. For purely logical reasons. If Abu Bakr was as an intelligent caring and responsible man las he was reported to be, would he marry off a toddler? And if Mohammed was a man of charity and outstanding high moral character would he want to marry a small child?  Aïsha’s age is not certain, therefore she cannot be used as justification for child marriage.


Internet sources:

Zahid Aziz

Islam the only Deen

T.O. Shanavas



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1 02 2009

Great summary and photos! The islamophobic rant about the pedophile prophet is just that. I agree that it is more likely that evidence (including her own scholarship) suggests that Aicha was older rather than younger, and probably her youth was emphasized in comparison to that of Khadija, and Sawda bint Zama. Even if she were as young as some claim that is not evidence of pedophilia (because of cultural norms, and Mohamed’s usual preference for older women), nor should it be any justification for current early marriages which do harken back more to pre-Islamic tribal customs than anything else.

2 02 2009
American Bedu

Very thought provoking post Aafke. I was not aware that there was such controversy regarding how old she really was… and you’re right… how can one really know how time and age were compiled then when even today so many Saudis do not have their correct birthdates legally recorded.

Bottom line, I agree with you that the story of Aysha should NOT be used as a justification to allow continued child marriages to take place in today’s times.

2 02 2009

Your logic makes total sense. When I first heard that Mohammed had married Aysha when she was a child, I have to admit it really made me cringe. Your research really puts the “age” question into dispute, and I would like to believe that she was a young adult when she was married. Now all those dirty old pervs better straighten up! No more excuses!!!

2 02 2009

Very interesting post.

2 02 2009

Chiara,, the islamophobic rant based on the extreme young age of Aïscha is of course fuelled by modern scholars themselves, who keep harping on the 6 year and condoning little girls of that age being married off.

Bedu, exactely my point, if people nowadays aren’t exactely sure about their age, and also don’t deem it of major importance in that area of the world, then how can we be at all sure about people so far in the past?

Also, the Quran is clear about marriage being a contract between two consenting people, the man and the woman. If we look at the rules for looking after orphans and their property we read that ownership of property should not be handed out until they are of sufficient age, and after testing their fitness to handle their own affairs so it seems to me that in the days of the past such very young children were not regarded as adults, so a child of that age would not be regarded to have the knowledge to make an informed decision and could not consent to marriage.

Susie, It made me cringe… so I felt I had to look into it. I have only been looking things up, and there are many better researches on this subject, I wanted to keep it short, and make it clear that Aïschas age is by no means sure. And it shouldn’t matter. humans today should have some common sense and see that an undeveloped very young girl should not be married off for any reason.

Wildstorm, thank you.

2 02 2009

Very nice post. I like it that you have brought in several calculations.

I wrote once on it with some ahadith and calculations because someone once mentioned to one of my commenters on my blog if he would marry his 8 year old girl to a 50 year old man. I think such statements are evil. Any Muslim man would hesitate to say no and wouldn’t be able to say yes either. Bottomline is that we can’t compare the society of 1400 years ago with today’s and especially when we are not certain about Aisha’s age. If we ae so uncertain then why can’t she have been 18 rather than 8?!

I have said it numerous times before that too much is known (often wrongly) about Muhammed’s private life. It makes me cringe that the *scholars* have given so much thought and importance to how he behaved behind closed curtains with his wives. He is therefore called a pedophile and someone who saw his daughter-in-law nude and wanted to marry her. How can anyone be sure all this happened?

On the other hand, I have been told that I cannot admire Jesus from what I learn about him from Christian sources because those sources are “corrupt”. I must learn about him from Muslim sources which are really scanty. What I mean to say is, all prophets are equal yet we know too much about one and too little about others. And the one we know too well, we can’t be sure the information is always correct.

brilliant post!

2 02 2009

Aafke, love the photos, about the subject content … I can only encourage you to continue on …definitely.

2 02 2009

In Kuwait, even today, there are people whose births were not recorded and who don’t know how old they are or really, when they were born. Many births were at home, and record keeping not always an important – or relevant – issue.

On the other hand, I have a good friend whose father wrote in his diary with each child that is born “Thanks be to God, a new (son)(daughter) was born to us today and I will call him/her ________ (the name). Much later in life, he gave each child their sheet from his diary, which is treasured, as you can imagine.

Great post, Aafke.

2 02 2009

Aafke–as usual with scholars, it depends on whom you choose to read.
Fortunately other modern scholars emphasize the lack of precision in dating ages, the customs contemporary to Mohamed, and the fact that based on reliable texts, while younger than the Prophet, Aisha was most likely an older teenager at the time of the marriage (consummation).

Intlxpatr–what a lovely and unique custom that father adopted for his children!

2 02 2009

Even when I first heard about Aisha being a child when she was married, I didn’t believe it. You can say I was in denial, but I did not believe it for a moment. I could not have become Muslim had I accepted that its prophet married a pre-pubescent girl.

Great post.

2 02 2009

Great post Aafke.

I didn’t really go with the logic of the ‘6 year old child’ being married off but I never found such good logic to refute the ‘fact’. I only knew about the fact that the age wasn’t known for sure so I used that as a logic but obviously, its not enough to satisfy someone who rants against the Prophet (PBUH) on account of the ‘child bride’.

Thank you SO much for putting up the links for the sources and for logically refuting the argument. Great post.

2 02 2009

Achelois, I (naturally) agree that there is too much emphsis on supposed ”facts” by scholars. We can’t stop thinking and follow writings. It’s not the easiest way, but I think we were meant to use our brains and our common sense.

It’s the same with Jesus, Christians tell me: ”Jesus said so and so..” Point is, we don’t know if Jesus said that, as the Ndew testament was written two generations after Jesus’death, and in very different countries and societies, and the Bible is heavily editted. And the New testament is the personal choice of some bishop. And there are four testaments because he thought that a neat number. Actually there were many more…
Same goes for Hadith, they were also written down much later. And they aren’t all trustworthy as for me is proved simply because some contradict the quran.

Anyway, we don’t need all these details, we have the message. And I’m sure we are supposed to use this message.

Susan, thanks, I love these photo’s too. I love seeing how people looked and lived 100 years ago!

Intlxpart, that is a lovely story! My point too, I think we can be pretty sure most people didn’t really know how old they were, same as now, so why put such a very young age as absolute on Aïscha?

Chiara, I think there are too many scholars, and too many people read them.

Marahm thank you.

Specs, It should be generally clear that we do not know the exact age of Aïscha, and therefore no rulings or permissions about marrying children can be made based on a supposed age of Aïscha. And no blame can be attached to Islam, or the prophet (pbuh) because there is nothing to claim he married a pre-pubescent girl.

2 02 2009

We are probably using “scholars” in different ways, as you yourself have referenced some, who have referenced others. No matter, the point being it is hard to determine Aisha’s age reliably, and she was most likely an older teen on marriage.

2 02 2009
Saudi in US

Good article Aafke. The exact age of Aicha will always remain controversial, due to issues of record keeping and contradictory accounts. You certainly presented a good analysis though.

In my opinion this issue should be irrelevant, since many Muslim countries have established a minimum age for marriage without violating the spirit of Islamic law. What is relevant is there are a number of governments that refuse to establish or enforce such laws. These government do not accept that protecting citizens from abusive practices is one of their primary responsibilities. Children do not have a voice and should be offered special attention from any self respecting government. The problem is the governments only react to appease the loudest voices. The ultra conservatives clerics certainly fall in that category.

2 02 2009

Chiara, yes.
Taking all references to historic occurrences etc. into account, her remembering from her earliest age that her parents were allready muslim, I myself think she was born a few years before the revelation, and around 15 when betrothed, and around 20 when she went to live with the prophet.

Saudi in US, I fully agree with you that the actual age of Aïscha shouldn’t be a matter of importance. It isn’t for me. But it has been made a matter of importance, with far reaching consequenses, for the young girls in those countries who will not declare a minimum age for children to get married. So then it does become of consequense to be clear about there being very reasonable doubt on Aïscha really having been 6 years old when betrothed to the prophet .
Yeah, the screaming voices of the ultra-conservative clerics…..

2 02 2009
Saudi in US

By the way, the pictures were great. I want to add a note that most Beduin women did not cover fully like you see today. You can see the braids of hair clearly in many older photos. The women were dressed at the same modesty as the men to protect against the desert sun and cold. It was not until the Wahhabi’s swept through Arabia that we saw the introduction of the extreme form of dress for women that is prevalent today.

2 02 2009

Saudi in US–I agree with both you and Aafke that the Aisha’s age should be irrelevent, and that almost all other muslim countries have established minimun ages for marriage following islamic principles, and should enforce them. I would add that Wahhabi and ultra conservative “scholars” are those who undermine the concept of scholarship from the perspective of other students of Islam.

2 02 2009

Chiara, you hit the nail on the head here for me, it has come to such a pass that I am already freaking when hearing/reading the word ”scholar”. And to tell you the truth, as soon as I hear ”scholar” he/she better had something pretty damn good to say before I will take a look at it!

Saudi in US, 😉 yeah, I’m very happy to be able to present some documentary evidence that all this excessive covering is a fairly new ”innovation” in Islam. In Islam in Arabia!!!! To be honest, I also have a few photos with a loose face-cover, but these ladies with long tresses seem to be typical for Arab ladies around 1900.
And isn’t the girl dancing über-cute?
And don’t these women look gorgious? Strong, selfposessed, proud, intelligent and beautiful.
And they have very nice hair.

3 02 2009

Love the pictures!

3 02 2009

Great work Aafke! The time frame and all that.An old man marrying a young girl is so sickening. And of course,lovely pics.

3 02 2009

Very interesting post and I totally love the pictures!

4 02 2009

Aafke this wonderful…best analysis I have seen on blogs about Aisha and better logic than most “scholars” would use…

About the picture I have to say the woman reminds me of my mother in law- same braids and she does not use the most common form of hijab used today…

Actually I could easily say when I climb those mountains back in Yemen I literally go back a hundred years or more- a time warp filled with some pleasant surprises.

In Sanaa there is a large foto in Dar Al Hajjar that shows Yemeni women of maybe ten or twenty years back contrasted with a young woman of today- the older one is smiling into the camera with her scarf wrapped more like a bandana her two braids neatly to the sides of her face and the yonger shrouded in full niqab and abaya- the contrast is startling!

4 02 2009
Abu Sinan

Good stuff. You made a great argument and I think made the point very well.

4 02 2009
Abu Sinan

Maybe someday we wont see any more of this:

Ten Year Old Divorcee Takes Paris,8599,1876652,00.html?cnn=yes

4 02 2009

Sabiwabi, Lat SF, Glad you liked it 🙂

Inal, how interesting! I love the braids 🙂
I saw a museum on a documentary about the road to Mecca, in the museum were paintings of ladies from the village and none of them wore abaya and veiling. Nobody wanted to discuss it until they met one older man; he told how decades ago people from Riad came and forced their women to cover, they were not happy with it, as it was very hot, and made it very difficult to do the work, but they were forced.
He didn’t want for his daughter to be fully veiled, but as everybody is nowadays, he didn’t want her to take it off as the only women, because she would stand out too much.

AbuSinan, Thank you. And that is a very nice link!

8 02 2009

Very good research. I will give this post out to some “Islamic” friends who may need it. Then again, they will look at that gay post with two guys kissing and have an attack! 😛

OK, now definitely have to give this post out to those friends.

8 02 2009

Haleem, Aaaargghhh! You’re not going to give out my blog-adress to all sorts of creepy fundamentalists are you????

17 08 2009

I find the question of Aisha’s age rather distracting. Certainly it’s true that most of the traditions have her marrying the prophet Muhammad at age 6 and him consummating the marriage at age 9. But far more troublesome behavior is sanctioned in Islam.Of course foremost is the command to fight the non-Muslims until all religion belongs to Allah and the non-Muslims feel themselves humiliated and pay the Jizya poll tax with willing submission.
The compelete and utter second class (dhimmi) status awarded anyone not Muslim under Islamic law.
The question if Muhammad was a pedophile , while certainly attested to by hundreds of credible Islamic sources and Islamic history and jurisprudence (child marriages are normal in the Islamic world from the ancient times to today) far more troublesome, far more troublesome behavior is the genocide on various non-Muslim tribes in Arabia.
Most notorious that of the Banu Qurayza where all males with pubic hair were beheaded.Various reports of torture and other inhumane treatment also abound in the Islamic sources.
Ethnic cleansing is also common , harsh brutal; savage punishments.
Slavery and concubinage.
So while Muhammads marriage to Aisha is stomach turning to sensible 21st century minds Muhammads other actions are far more evil then him marrying and having sex with a child.
The argument that this behavior is to be viewed from within a 7th century context is not valid. Simply because Islam claims to be valid for all times and all places.
It does not say that Islam is only to be practiced in 7th century Arabia.

17 08 2009

For example far worse off then Aisha were the wives and daughters of the non-Muslim tribes who were defeated.
They were distributed as war booty among the Muslims.
We can be sure that many a young child was abused by Muhammads soldiers. It’s certainly the case throughout Islamic history that there wars and conquests involved massive human rights abuses and rapes.
The last major one being the slaughter of the Armenian peoples by the Ottoman Turks. Here we see the most brutal and savage behavior by Muslim soldiers.
Also before this the Islamic occupation of the Balkans is filled with horrific crimes against humanity. The famous Janissary were completely made up from non-Muslim (Christian) children kidnapped by Ottoman soldiers.
So while some consideration needs to be given to Aisha and Muhammads pedophile behavior, in the grand scheme of all things Islamic it is really a minor crime.

17 08 2009

One of the most horrific episodes involving a child in the islamic hadith is the episode where a toddler is pulled away from its mother who is then stoned to death.

“There came to him (the Holy Prophet) a woman from Ghamid and said: Allah’s Messenger, I have committed adultery, so purify me. He (the Holy Prophet) turned her away. On the following day she said: Allah’s Messenger, Why do you turn me away? Perhaps, you turn me away as you turned away Ma’iz. By Allah, I have become pregnant. He said: Well, if you insist upon it, then go away until you give birth to (the child). When she was delivered she came with the child (wrapped) in a rag and said: Here is the child whom I have given birth to. He said: Go away and suckle him until you wean him. When she had weaned him, she came to him (the Holy Prophet) with the child who was holding a piece of bread in his hand. She said: Allah’s Apostle, here is he as I have weaned him and he eats food. He (the Holy Prophet) entrusted the child to one of the Muslims and then pronounced punishment. And she was put in a ditch up to her chest and he commanded people and they stoned her. Khalid b Walid came forward with a stone which he flung at her head and there spurted blood on the face of Khalid and so he cursed her. ”

Another horrific episode takes place during the genocide on the Banu Qurayza:

Narrated Aisha, Ummul Mu’minin: No woman of Banu Qurayzah was killed except one. She was with me, talking and laughing on her back and belly (extremely), while the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) was killing her people with the swords. Suddenly a man called her name: Where is so-and-so? She said: I I asked: What is the matter with you? She said: I did a new act. She said: The man took her and beheaded her. She said: I will not forget that she was laughing extremely although she knew that she would be killed. (Book #14, Hadith #2665)

She was clearly driven insane by the slaughter so he slaughers her as well.

18 08 2009

Hendrik, Welcome to my blog, Yes, more could be written, but this post is exclusively about the mistake of Aischa’s age which has crept into Muslim culture, and it’s effect on children being married off right now.
When writing this post I was particularly concerned on events which happen today, right now.
If people finally start to think, and stop giving a spurious religious approval for pedophiles to get their filthy hands on innocent little girls, than that would benefit mankind and especially womankind in the future.

22 08 2009

Aafke it’s not a mistake child marriage is also sanctioned in the Qu’ran itself besides the hadith.

O ye who believe! If ye wed believing women and divorce them before ye have touched them, then there is no period that ye should reckon. But content them and release them handsomely. (33:89)

This speaks of the waiting period (idda) for woman after there husband divorces them.
Later it explains further:

Such of your women as have passed the age of monthly courses, for them the prescribed period, if ye have any doubts, is three months, and for those who have no courses (it is the same): for those who carry (life within their wombs), their period is until they deliver their burdens: and for those who fear Allah, He will make their path easy.(65:4)

22 08 2009

Many children have been raped and also murdered by Muhammad and the Muslims.
Taken as slaves and concubines and abused.

22 08 2009

One of the more famous cases of child abuse by the Muslims was the Jannisary.
Here Ottoman soldiers would go into the lands of Christian and steal there children.
They would then be raised as Muslim soldiers to fight there parents.

24 08 2009

yes, well all humans suck if you ask me. If you start throwing mud at old hurts you never will reach the end.
That stupid mindset is also the reason why Muslims are still whining about how rotten the Europeans were during the crusades…
I mean they were, but sheesh, that’s soooo old cow!!!!!
Everybody, please get a life!

O, Hendrik, and due to the extreme rudeness and stupidity of your latest remarks I have put those into spam, and you are blocked from this site.
You are as boneheaded as a salafi only coming from the other side. Get a life and keep away from my blog until you’ve evolved into something more on my level.

9 10 2009

Aafka, This is a really important post.
Can I link to it from my blog?

10 10 2009

Rather than link from your blog, you are free to paste copy the whole article. You seem to attract some weirdos, (no wonder considering your subjects 😉 ) and I don’t want them here. So just state you got it from ”another blogger” and take it!
I’m all for spreading the truth!

24 12 2009

As Salamu ‘Alaikum wa Rahmatul_lahi wa Barakatuh

In ‘A’isha biography, she said that she was 13 years old when she lost the necklaces.

Yes, but she didn’t write that did she? somebody else wrote it. So somebody else who liked the idea of of marrying underage children could have put it in. And if you read the post there is far more evidence of her being older so it seems the biography was adapted to suit the idea of her marrying at an absurd young age

22 04 2010

Very good stuff; came over to read this from the “discussion” on Saudiwoman’s blog. Thanks for this; I will save it for reference.

22 04 2010

Safiyya, thank you.

But can anybody tell me why muslims don’t already know this? My points are mainly based on the history of the life of the prophet. I would have thought all Muslims should have these dates at their fingertips!
I had to look them up!

And I really think that this idea of Aischa being so very young should be made a stop to. There is so little evidence to support it, and such strong logic evidence against!

10 07 2010

the problem with some people is that by making age questionnable they resolve something while in other matters people remember the hadith very well !!! but the age of a girl seems to be hard to set!! if we continue in this way then everything about that culture is questionnable like the simple fact of age ….
it is by making a person unsure that they make you feel questionable therefore the logic goes not true: if instead they could search and find an answer but they can’t that’s pure science!!!????all is uncertain when you ask a question which threatens a shaky thing

26 07 2010

I take issue with the Muslim assertion that all Christian scripture is somehow “corrupt”. I disagree entirely. In fact, I have staked my life on the inerrancy of Scripture.

I don’t intend to sound in any way combative, but it is very easy to discredit opposing views with a very wide sweeping statement. “All Cretans are liars; one of their own has said so.” Likewise, you are all arguing that Aisha couldn’t have been between six or nine years old, because that would reflect badly on the character of the prophet whom you follow. And you agree with each other, and tell each other that it’s not possible, because that would have uncomfortable implications. But truth in the Greek is aletheia, which is literally un-forgetfulness. And remembering the facts is the best way to preserve truth. God is light; and in Him there is no darkness at all.

So, not that I’m really interested in the age of Aisha – alhoewel she was a very interesting woman – I come down to this simple fact: Injul and the Koran do not agree; Torah (the first five books of the Bible), and the Prophets – what is somewhat erroneously called the “Old” Testament, or covenant – and the Koran do not agree, either. The best way to avoid this “point of tension” in your belief system, which is also a source of discomfort, is to generalise that Injul cannot possibly be true, because then the Koran would be false. Without looking at the converse of that statement, I’m afraid you have reached an irrational conclusion, based on no evidence.

I do not have sufficient evidence to comment on the veracity of your Koran, except to say that the most ancient versions found in Yemen are very difficult to decipher into modern arabic, and cannot comment (I don’t particularly feel like some jihadist putting me ‘behind the sun’ this week, either). But I will tell you the evidence that I have found.

Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except by me.” So Truth is absolute; God does not change. In Him there is no shadow of turning; He is not like man, to lie, nor a son of man, that He should change His mind. His words are trustworthy and true.

Injul as we have it has a well-documented history. There are 15000 extant copies of the Gospel of John in the original Greek, alone. The first four books, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, were all written within seventy years of the death and resurrection of Christ. We have actual evidence of this: parchment fragments in Egypt pinpoint the Gospel of John to be written earlier than 100AD – this is based on carbon dating. Not completely accurate, of course, but fit for the purpose. From textual clues (“There is in Jerusalem …a pool with five collonades, called Bethesda” – in the present tense) that it was even written before AD70, the fall of Jerusalem to the Romans.

Luke, the only “second-generation” New Testament writer, was a physician, was an excellent historian, who wrote his Gospel from eye-witness sources. He travelled extensively with Paul, the Apostle to the gentiles, as he was called. He also wrote the book of Acts.

Criteria for inclusion in the Canon were simple: did these men know Jesus personally? Or did they have direct inspiration from Him? Remember that Paul met Jesus on the road to Damascus. The others followed Him while He taught on earth. Matthew was the reformed Roman tax collector; John was the disciple whom Jesus loved; John Mark was Peter’s companion, and it’s generally accepted that he wrote down a lot of Peter’s eye-witness testimony. The writers of Injul were accepted by their identity, rather than their words. These people had spoken with the Messiah, the Christ, the Root and Branch of Jesse, face to face. His Spirit dwelt in them, as He does in me.

I find it very …insulting… that Jews and Christians are accused of tampering with the holy Word of God Himself. Our hands would fall off ; our tongues would rot in our mouths. Every word of God is flawless. And it is Alive. He is Alive. And He reigns forevermore – Amen.

24 04 2012
SãImã Abbasi

What’s this about? We don’t like to be growing up? Why Syda Ayesha’s age at time of marriage is so important till this day? She lived a very happily married life with the best person. Her father a very good human gave her into marriage. Her husband took care of her, cherish her, loved her dearly, nurture her to be a very strong and confident human being.
What I learn the from the story of Syda Ayesha’s life is
Happily ever after
Instead of miserable child marriage…
It sounds pathetic, please stop playing this tune now.

24 04 2012

What’s it about? Pedophiles like to ”marry” children, and they use unreliable hadith to get lawful as well as religious blessings for practicing pedophilia undisturbed.
These hadith are the reason why many Muslim countries will not allow a legal minimum age for girls to be married/sold, to often very old men.

I wrote this post to point to the fact that besides unreliable hadith there are a lot of facts which point to a completely different age for Aischa’s marriage, and the fact that alll these ages vary so wildly should make any reasonable person think.
If they are not a pedophile…

As long as the supposedly unhealthily young age of Aischa is being used to sanctify pedophilia i think it is important to keep pointing out the flaws.

24 04 2012
SãImã Abbasi

My goodness, are we living in past? Please Muslims get a life. I know law can help some problematic cases in some remote part of a country, honestly I believe it’s me, myself that makes change. A mother and a father know what’s best for their daughter. If I don’t know ll a law teach me this? Its the mind, thinking and understanding about life that ll teach me. Everyday lots of parents give their daughters into marraiges with their blessings and prayers, unfortunately some doesn’t turn out so good or happy, please make a law parents always make sure it ll be successful marraige. Freedom and liberty, women rights gives opportunities to women to choose their husbands, unfortunately many has bad experiences, please make a law use your head wisely…

24 04 2012
SãImã Abbasi

Don’t take me wrong, I’m not against what you told. I think change the heart, mind, thinking, believing and change me, then I ll change the other so it ll happen.

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