Republicans, lesbians and dinner

30 03 2010

It has come out that the Republicans like spending (and deduct from taxes) lavishly of the money donated to them. As you can read in the Washington post.

They put a ”dinner” in the ”Voyeur Lounge”, on their expense account, and they think nobody would notice anything???

And what bloody hypocrisy! No, National Government healthcare would bring about the end of America, while money thrown away on private jets, limousine services, de luxe hotels and kinky sex-clubs is of course much better for the United States.

And do I get this right? Gays are not allowed to get married because that would ”demolish the cornerstone of American society”, but to have lesbian women sexually entertaining Republicans on donated tax deducted money while wearing horse bits and SM paraphernalia would only endorse the decency and honesty of America???

I wonder what their wives think about the how innocuous a kinky sex club is versus some people just wanting to get married between themselves. Which one would be more likely to bring about the ”Destruction of American Values” and ”The Family as the Cornerstone of the American Way of Life”???
I mean, as a foreigner, I wonder: what exactly is the American way of life? Is it forbidding people to marry in the land of the free? (Any gay couple can get married in the Netherlands) or is it the top-echelon of the Republican Party partying, and ”dining” (on what?) at deviant lesbian sex-clubs?