The Dutch And the Olympics.

17 01 2008

The coming Olympics are in China. I admire Chinese culture, I cook mostly Chinese, and I love Chinese martial arts, Art, Calligraphy, everything! Eating with chopsticks is the most cultured and elegant way of eating in the world.

The Chinese already faked their own antiquities when the Greeks were still creating ours. That’s Culture for you!

What I don’t like is their current government who’s most evil, criminal disregard for the environment and human-rights ranks with the very top of evil demonic leaders today. And this government has managed to gain the coveted position of being the organisers of the next Olympic Games. How paradoxical.

So, when I heard something on the radio that apparently there was some talk about boycotting the Chinese Olympics, I was pleasantly surprised! The Dutch; the most spineless mollusks of the European Union, are actually growing some calcified bone-matter? Excellent!

Turned out to be a complete scam: There was some sort of ”meeting”, or ”talk” and off-course we’re going to the Olympics! Can’t let those other nations go off with some of the gold medals that should be ours! And naturally we’re going to have big celebrations in the ”Holland-Heineken-House” (What is it with alcohol, why can’t people celebrate without alcohol?) All this nonsens about the most horrible sufferings the Chinese people are going trough are a whole different issue, and has nothing to do with the ”purity” and ”friendliness” of the Olympics!

I hope they get no medals at all, and will all get busted on their doping.

And, yes, I’m still depressed!

My car is gone to hospital

15 01 2008

And I overdid it yesterday, and my ankle is really hurting. And now my car has been taken to the garage on a tow-truck. It’s ridiculous to be so attached to a car. So the farmer will have to look after my horses again. I wonder if I can go on my bike? No, my ankle already hurts, and it is more than an hour on bicycle. I’m going to turn into a fat slob too probably. I’ve already missed the first sword-fighting class over this.

And I’ve re-read the physiotherapists’ mail, about how I’m never going to be allright again if I’m not careful and let my ankle heal. So yesterday I’ve tried riding the Tarq, and it hurt. My ankle is twisted just enough in the stirrups to hurt quite a lot. And it also hurts if I let my legs hang down. And it hurts trying to get off.

And my car is gone. I hope so it’ll be allright.