Hermes Hermessence

28 06 2011

I wrote to Hermes to ask if they would let me have a few samples of their new, and very expensive, Hermessence line.
I didn’t hear anything from them but guess what arrived two weeks later? Six large 4mm samples in lovely Hermès cardboard envelopes.

Thank you Hermès! Very generous!

I thoroughly enjoyed the samples.
I was given:

  • Poivre Samarcande, A wonderful peppery fragrance which keeps me going back to my wrist to sniff it! My favorite!
  • Rose Ikebana, very good rose perfume, my second favorite. It doesn’t seem to last very long on my skin though. But it is lovely
  • Vanille Galante, Now I don’t like Vanilla nor gourmand, so i liked this one less, but if you are into these you should give this one a try!
  • Paprika Brasil, very nice, very spicey, tickles my nose a bit. unsual and enjoyable. In the drydown I get something vaguely sunthetic on my skin which I don’t like very much.
  • Brin the Reglisse, very original and a joy to experience. Although very unusual, not what most people expect from a fragrance, I would wear it a lot were it not for the liquorice note which I personally ahve a problem with.
  • Ambre Narguilé, I did not get the amber in this, While it is very interesting, and warm and comfortable, I smell a lot of vanilla, and I don’t like Vanilla.

I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to experience these very special Ellena compositions.


About corsets

23 06 2011

Check out this great new post on my Art Blog where I show some of my corsets and talk about making them!

On slavery and rape

23 06 2011

Watch this video:

This woman is only repeating what the scholars say, which is what Islam says.
The problem starts with religion. By the way, Christianity, including Jesus, also condones slavery. The bible condones the murder of entire tribes ”but keep the young girls who have not known a man unto yourselves”. Pretty close to what Islam says of course.
So close as to make it clear where they got it from.
As long as religions have these primitive misogynist views on women and slavery and rape in their holy books this type of stuff will come back at us.

Islam and Shariah allow for genocide and enslavement and rape of slaves. And the example of the prophet an his followers doing all these things solidifies this ”divine concept”. And so it will come back to us.
Ali had 18 slave girls when he died. He liked booty. And remember he traded them for new ones. He could afford it, so he could do it.

And this woman is not the only one, the followers of Anjem Choudary in England always come back with this: ”We will conquer you and make slaves of your women. ” I have heard Anjem say it himself on a video. It’s not one person. This stuff is fundamental in Shariah, the rules are defined, how to take slaves, what to do with them, etc. It’s not made up, it all in the religion.

Dogma stops you from thinking clearly. It stops you from applying real morality. it stops morality itself from developing and advancing to a higher level.
The problem is religion itself. Religion forces you to believe stuff which you know is not right. This slavery and rape issue is a very good example. Once you have to believe and follow what your religion says, while you know it says things which are morally wrong, you start eroding your own mind, and your own morals.
These bronze age religions come from a time when war and slavery and ownership and rape of women were ”normal”. These things are now considered evil. But the holy books still follow these backwards concepts.

So what happens is that you either have to go into Intellectual Acrobatics mode, the ”It was really different and slaves had lots of rights and were treated really well” or ”This is taken out of context” or ”You must see it in it’s own time” or ”This is misunderstood” etc. etc.

Or you keep it simple and follow scripture, like this woman, like the scholars in Saudi and Kuwait, and England and everywhere, and simply state: the book says it’s ok, the prophet and his companions did it so it’s super ok, so we should do it.

And make no mistake: Christianity has no problem with slavery and rape either, so when Christiantity gets back into power all what is needed is for a strong leader to quote all the proper bible verses, make them into laws and we are back where we started: in the dark ages.

Dressage with an Arab horse

6 06 2011

Is hopeless!

Here you see what happened when I came to visit my horse with wild plans of doing some serious training.

This horse is not awake!

And he never got any more awake…

He was still sleeping when  I left!!!!

The rise and fall of knowledge

1 06 2011

We are under attack, we are always under attack, we are always in danger of losing our freedom, our knowledge, and our future.

Wisdom and knowledge have been accumulated and destroyed before. Dogma and religion are the worst enemies of humankind. They have set us back by millennia. Humanity has risen to great heights several times, and Dogma and religion have tumbled us back into ignorance and darkness several times.
This is a lesson we should never forget. Our current height of learning and technology are not safe. Right now religious factions are trying to take science out of school classes and replace it with religion and the bible, and it’s flawed primitive nonscience. The creationists in America (and they are gaining in Europe) attack science on a daily basis. In Islamic schools, also in the west, children are being drilled into ignoring reality and only believing the flawed archaic nonscience of the Quran.

Watch this chilling video of the destruction of one of the wonders of the ancient world: the Library of Alexandria.

This happened long ago, but it can happen anytime today.


Why Women can’t Drive!

31 05 2011

Manal Al-Sharif is currently held in prison for the ”crime” of….

Driving a car!!!!!

Besides imprisonment and torture the further repercussions on her life could be severe! Manal is a professional woman, with a good job and a good salary. She is divorced and has a son. She is risking everything for the right to drive for herself and her fellow Saudi women.

Please support Manal by signing this petition!

So what are the official clerical reasons for this absurd gender based ban disabling women to drive their own cars and forcing them to be in Khalwa with unrelated foreign men?

    • removal of hijab (face veil)
    • loss of modesty in women
    • women leaving their homes, driving around because they enjoy driving
    • women rebelling, they may go out of the house and drive to place where they can find peace. As young men do, but young men are able to put up with more than women.
    • driving is a cause for fitnah, immoral men will take advantage of her when she is in need of help
    • When women drive it leads to overcrowding in the streets, or it deprives some young men of the opportunity to drive cars when they are more deserving of that.
    • it will cause the fitnah to flourish, because women will buy a new car because it’s a new model or because they will be the first one to drive it.
    • Women are too emotional to drive cars or deal with any problems they might encounter.
      Also, women’s hearts are too weak to survive the stress of driving a car.

They are all hilarious, especially the weak heart.

Women driving will deprive some young men of the opportunity to drive cars when they are more deserving of that.
Why would young men have more right to driving a car than a woman? Where does that come from? I’d say the person who really needs the car for something useful is the more ”deserving”.

And last but not least:
Women will buy a new car because it’s a new model or because they will be the first one to drive it.
Let’s have a look at the cars Saudi men buy:

Sorry but ”cars” are really more of a man-thing. Now there may be the odd woman here and there who will go further to get something flashy, but I don’t think the majority of women will outdo the majority of men in the utter bad taste demonstrated above.

Clouddragon TV!

22 05 2011

The Danish Delights in one video!

It was but a dream….

22 05 2011

The rapture has come and gone.

Evolution of modern Hominids

20 05 2011

Evolution of Homo Sapiens

Evolution of Homo Neanderthalensis

So what are we looking at? Well, the first drawing shows the evolution of Homo Sapiens, personified by the Arab woman. The second drawing shows the evolution of Homo Neanderthalensis, personified by what could either be a religious policeman, or a Wahhabi, or a salafi. There’s  really not much difference.

We start of with Australopithecus, and after a couple of million years, or the fourth figure, we have come to Homo Erectus, capable of making tools, some more million years later, at the fifth figure, we have reached our current height of evolution; Homo Sapiens.
You can see the woman has  discovered agriculture, she’s making cloth and embellishing her dress, she has invented pottery and many other things. At the corresponding fifth little Neanderthal figure, you can see she has taught him to walk upright, to wear clothes and to brush his teeth using a stick of mishwak.
Now what happened after the fifth figures? Well, about 1400 years ago the Homo Neanderthalenses took control, they started suppressing women, locking them up, even when outside, inventing a black cloth prison, denying them freedom and personality, and as you can see evolution ground to a halt. They kept brushing their teeth with mishwak. While Homo Sapiens women are slowly suffocated into ghosts, the Homo Neanderthalensis remain the same. For many more millennia.
For ever. Without women they are not capable of further development.

Tomorrow is IT!

20 05 2011

Ok, so Potholer54 is in Australia and he hasn’t noticed anything yet… (It’s past 12 ‘o clock there so the 21st is on there)
Although the Rapture is happening there right now he was still able to upload a video, with a nice list of earlier doomsday profecies. Starting with Jesus himself who predicted he would return before a generation had passed.

Except he didn’t.

And if Jesus doesn’t know, I think some decrepit geriatric in America, (Land of the Loonies) will probably have it wrong too. So I am not really that scared.

However, Potholer does end the video with a prediction of his own, and one I actually do believe in.

Potholer54 made an excellent video two weeks ago about the signs, especially earthquakes and god’s upcoming wrath:

Oh, and PS, I have been walking around with a whopping cleavage today, so if there is an earthquake in the Netherlands this weekend, even though we are nowhere near a faultline , it’s probably not the end of times, but my fault entirely.