Two Chow Chows

8 09 2015


This is a painting from some years ago, I got a commission to paint two ChowChows. It was the first time I met real ChowChows!

I made some sketches and photographs and went home. I needed to think this over, when I first met them these ChowChows seemed like giant fur balls with the only difference a slight shift in the colour. But they were dogs with distinctive personalities. And the more I looked at them the more detail I saw, the more their own personality did show.

The owner was happy, which makes me happy.

It is a smallish painting, 10” by 10”, acrylic on painters board. Or marouflé as I prefer to call it, sounds far more ”chique” don’t you think?.


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Pete the Qatari Cat

29 07 2015


Remember the ”Cat from the ninth circle of hell”?
(Which he wasn’t, he was a lovely cat)

2-februari-2-2010Well, he was really named Pete and he passed away.

Pete was a very special cat, P asked me if I still had the apinting of Pete and I did, but to make P happy I also painted a proper portrait of him.

It’s oil on panel, 6 by 6 inches


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Daily painting, the Tarq enjoying a good roll

30 04 2015


The Tarq is doing so well! He is very happy, he is enjoying himself, and apart from me having to give him his snacks, apples and carrots, in his trough, you’d never know anything has ever happened!

He is finally shedding his winter coat. He is looking very shabby now, And so I spend a lot of time brushing him. After which he needs to get a bit more of a bohemian look back. That’s what I think. Otherwise…


I used a really limited palette for this painting,


Yet look at the range of colours!

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Jagger, daily painting

25 03 2015


DSC09003-1”Jagger” 10” x 10” oil on painters board

Jagger is a great dog.

It started off with an umber base, and used soft colors for the base. I decided on painting in a light simple background to Keep all focus on the dog.

DSC08995A bit more definition. I did not want to get too finicky.

DSC08996And the finished portrait!


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Haute Cuisine for Cavemen! bookreview

25 03 2015



A new cookbook by chef Pete Evans and it’s all Paleo! I am Paleo, so I was very excited to get this book. And even though I had high expectations it did not disappoint. You know how having too high expectations can lead to an anti-climax. ”The Paleo Chef” starts off with a short chapter on Paleo, why it is a lifestyle and not a diet or fad. Why it is so much better for you to eat Paleo, and why quality of food matters. Very condensed, but the basics of the Paleo lifestyle are all covered.

Paleo Chef

The recipes are great, the ones I have tried were all easy to make and super yummie. Maybe not a beginner’s book, I did not find it completely ”easy” and ”fast”. Probably for a real chef they are, but for a run-of-the-mill home cook they are quite involved. Actually very exciting!!! Be prepared…

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The Lonely Moonlight Walk, daily painting

25 03 2015


A watercolor for today. I love peacocks, white peacocks especially.

I am trying out new techniques for water color painting. I used frisket for the first time, masking fluid, you paint that stuff temporarily, paint over it and then you rub it off. Your watercolor paper comes out white. Very interesting and fun.

So here it is: ”The lonely moonlight walk”, aquarelle on paper, 4” x 8”


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The Tarq is good to go!

22 03 2015



The vet has been and Tarq’s tongue, what’s left of it, looks very good! Everything is healthy, no infection, and at least the skin is growing over the torn end. Which means he can have all his normal food and hay again!

Which is very good because the stuff we were giving him was not at all good for him. Way too much sugars and proteins!

Tarq is very happy too.

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