Religion, blasphemy and evolution 3

30 12 2009

Teaching Evolution at schools

So if thinking a scientific theory is not as good a primitive bronze age myth from a primitive tribe of goat herders isn’t bad enough, the American Creationists want their ”Theory”/myth taught at schools as an equally good alternative to real science. Now there is one thing which can save American schoolchildren: America is not a ”Christian” nation. America is a secular country where everybody is free to practise his/her religion of choice.
As such it is not allowed to put religion into the school curriculum. A very wise decision. At school you learn science. That science has been carefully tested and is peer-reviewed before it is allowed into the school-curriculum. To re-label Creationism into ”Intelligent Design” and exchange ” God the Creator” for the rather insipid ”Intelligent Designer”, does not really change the fact that there is not one scientific proof for intelligent design, a creator, and/or an intelligent designer. It just isn’t science!
As far as Human Design is concerned I think the word ”Intelligent” is completely off-track anyway. Humans are a crap-design. We are weak, we have all kinds of health troubles, with our backs, with our knees, we get cavities, cancer, etc. An industrial design student once told me: ”If I designed the human knee I would be thrown out of College”.
And what about our sad loss of the one enzyme which would allow us to synthesise Vitamin C as all other mammals do? It’s just guinea pigs, fruit bats, and the higher primates who cannot. With the result that we are in a constant state of sub-clinical-scurvy unless we take vitamin C supplements.
And yes, higher primates includes us. You see it was our common ancestor which had the extremely rare mutation and lost the capability of synthesising vitamin C. And as a result so do we humans. Together with our nearest evolutionary relatives, the other higher primates.

To see the attempts of slipping religious doctrine into the American school curriculum, watch this brilliant documentary on Google

And do the Creationists realise that if their pet-”theory” should be taught at school as an ”alternative”, that there are actually quite a lot of other alternatives which then should be taught also? Why stop at the Christian theory? There are many more theories, that we all came out of an egg, or a clam, to name just two.

And the most convincing one is of course that the universe was created by The Flying Spaghetti Monster after a bout of heavy drinking. This explains the flaws in the universe. As this is the only theory which actually does explain why the universe is so flawed, I am strongly inclined to favor the Pastafarian theory of creation above all others.
Btw, The Church of the Flying spaghetti Monster is currently the fastest growing religion on the planet.

Religion, blasphemy and evolution 2

29 12 2009

Part 2: Darwin, science and theories

The other side, the people who like scientific, tangible proof, are called, well anything really, ”realists”, ”scientists”, ”Darwinists”.
Or ”sane”.

They think that Darwin’s theory is, has been, and will be, proven to be the truth about the diversity of life on Earth.

Let’s put the two sides side by side, there’s creationism, very strict:

  • the bible is literally the TRUTH
  • God created everything from scratch, in exactly 6 days
  • all life was created exactly as it is now, fish, birds animals, and us (the ”crown of creation”)
    (according to: us)
    (oh, no: according to the bible)
    (written by us though)
  • it stops here because we are perfect, and in the image of God
    (according to us, and what we imagine God to be, eg an old bloke with a beard)
    (which seems silly as I am a beautiful youngish woman without a beard)
  • the earth is 6000 years old
  • faith is all the proof we need

and Darwin’s theory of evolution:

  • the Earth is billions of years old, geological fact. This can be scientifically proven, I mean really proven. Has nothing to do with the theory of evolution but supports it.  The Earth is not 6000 years old.
  • life ”evolved” slowly, from the simplest of organisms into more and more advanced organisms, culminating in ultimate perfection: the horse
    (according to me)
  • life forms on earth evolve to fill a niche.
  • The theory of evolution explains the diversity of life forms on earth
  • this ”theory” is proven by… well the whole world really, animals, islands, fossils, genetics, carbon dating, and new science. True to a correct scientific theory, new discoveries in science affirm predictions made by the theory of evolution

Before I go on there is one very important problem I need to clear up before we go on. This is also symptomatic for the utter stupidity of creationists. I am very sorry to call it stupidity, but I have been going through the dictionary and it’s the only word which fits the bill.
The creationists stupidity for me is really represented by their stupid use of the word ”theory”


–noun, plural -ries.

1. a coherent group of general propositions used as principles of explanation for a class of phenomena: Einstein’s theory of relativity.
2. a proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural, in contrast to well-established propositions that are regarded as reporting matters of actual fact.
3. Mathematics. a body of principles, theorems, or the like, belonging to one subject: number theory.
4. the branch of a science or art that deals with its principles or methods, as distinguished from its practice: music theory.
5. a particular conception or view of something to be done or of the method of doing it; a system of rules or principles.
6. contemplation or speculation.
7. guess or conjecture.

So when we say: ”Darwin’s theory of evolution”  the word ”Theory” is meant in the truly scientific way. A scientific ”Theory’:  Theories are analytical tools for understanding, explaining, and making predictions about a given subject matter.

For example: the ”Theory” of gravity.
This ”theory” predicts, and that prediction can be proven by experiments and results. For example: if I throw a Creationist from the top of a church tower, he will drop, crash into the ground, and splatter the pavement. This experiment can be predicted, implemented, and verified.
Try it out!

Now the Creationists call ”intelligent design” a ”theory”, but in this case the word means ”guess or conjecture”. Because they don’t understand the nature of the scientific use of the concept of a ”Theory” they think that if they use the same word  for ”Creationism” or ”Intelligent Design” the concepts are therefore equal.
They are not. Darwin’s ”theory” of evolution is a verifiable scientific explanation, predicting events which are proven again and again to be correct. The Creationists ”theory” of Intelligent Design, is a conjecture based on ”faith” in a bronze age creation myth. It is demonstrably wrong in its conception, there is no scientific tangible proof for any of its claims, and it does not predict anything.

Moreover, Genesis, the book on which Creationists base their ”theory” of intelligent design actually gives us two creation myths, the other one is completely ignored by Creationists who claim to take the bible by the letter. The grammar of Genesis is ambiguous as well, it could either mean

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, and the earth was without form, and void…” (King James Version), or as “At the beginning of the making of heaven and earth, when the earth was unformed and void…”(Rashi, and with variations Ibn Ezra and Bereshith Rabba). The second reading supposes a pre-existing cosmos which God uses as the raw material for his work. The phrase “heaven and earth”, for example, is a set phrase in Hebrew denoting “everything,” and the word commonly translated as “created” (in “God created the Heavens and the earth”) is commonly associated with molding something from already-existing raw material.

So lets see, creation myth 1:
God created the Earth and the heavens and on successive days fish, birds, animals, culminating with us, created in God’s own image.

And then there is the other creation myth 2 from the very same book of Genesis:
It begins with God creating Adam and Eve who live with God in the garden of Eden until they gain knowledge of good and evil (in Hebrew it was ”knowledge of everything”) and are kicked out. No mention of 6 days.
Now the early church was not literalist and considered these as allegorical anyway.
Choosing one of the Genesis creation ”theories” literally is a recent development.

So what the creationists want is that American schools teach both ”Theories”, so the ”theory” of ”Intelligent Design” should be taught to schoolchildren as an equal to the scientific, proven, and accurately predicting theory of evolution. For the beginning, because the eventual goal is that the bronze age creation myth of faith  should replace the scientific proven and provable and predicting ”Theory” of evolution.

I’m not finished , there will be a part 2 of part 2.

Christmastree post

26 12 2009

Start with some music:

I’ve brought two presents for my car, because of the recent serious weather I decided to spoil it with a ”Car-pyjama” (as they are called in Dutch)

and a Darwinfish

It is traditional in the Netherlands to have a star in your window around christmas time. I managed to find a really nice vintage one on a flea market.

And this is my Christmas tree!
I have been collecting for years, some decorations I have brought in shops, and some are vintage, and some are painted by me. I prefer real glass decorations.
Choosing the right tree is a very serious business! I like my tree to be slender, and with lots of space between the branches, and the branches need to be stron enough not to flop when hung with a few glass balls and a bird.I only finished my tree today. Due to my travels I got my tree in late.

This vintage stork was my mother’s

I love birds! Especially with elegant long necks. Modern birds sometimes have very ugly tails, so I give them new tails of feathers, and beads.

And some of them get little crowns 🙂 I try to get them all in pairs, so they won’t feel alone.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas, and for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, I wish you all very happy! 😀

Religion, blasphemy and evolution 1

22 12 2009

Part 1: Creationism

In my series ”Religious Blasphemy”, (ehm, yes, still not struck down by the hand of God) it’s  high time I adress the scientific concept of evolution, versus the concept of a braindead following of a bronze-age creation myth.

Let’s go back in time. I was a very serious christan child, 8 years old, sick at home and had just picked up a stack of books from the library on: Dinosaurs. I loved it! I loved the books from the grown-up part of the library even better. I was also interested that, in principal, the emergence of life on earth seemd quite well described in the book of Genesis. So when I held a two hour lecture at school and finally finished with the Archeopterix (made a huge drawing as illustration) and the emergence of another era, I was cut off by the teacher. She said I gave out quite a pretty story but that it was of course all nonsense because the Earth was created by God in six days.

Now I am rather dim about these things and although I thought it a very weird comment from my teacher I had no clue what she meant. It took a good twenty years before I heard of ”creationists”, and that they had a problem with Darwin, dinosaurs and the fossil record. And while I was musing that that was só typical for the hysterical Americans, the bizarre episode of my lecture suddenly came to my mind: ”So thàt’s what my teacher had been going on so many years ago! How utterly stone-age!” I can’t believe my parents send me to a school where I was taught stuff by people like that! (Actually I think my parents were rather sorry too)

Anyway, I will explain it for those who haven’t heard of ”Creationists”, or ”Intelligent design” (for that is what they call themselves lately). The adherents of Creationism/Intelligent design, (from now on Creationists) think that the bible is literally true. They don’t read a lot and so they don’t kow that the Bible is not only the orally transmitted myth-collection of a very primitive tribe of bronze age goat herders, but has been substantially editted through the ages as well.

The Judo/christian/muslim creation concept was thought up by tribes who lived in a very primitive world. Would you believe in creationism if this was brought to you for the first time right now? By a tribe who live the primitive pastoral life now? Like in Africa? Would you consider this man’s myths true? And conversly, existing, tangible scientific evidence false?

The same goes for muslims, they usually don’t know that their book, the Quran, was written down long after the Prophets death, by people who sort of remembered what he had said, it was collected on shards of pottery, bones, and orally related, and thus written down mostly in Syro Aramaic, but words of many different languages are in the Quran, to keep it for posterity. A bit later again it was written down in classical Arabic, and probably a bit messed up. The earliest copies show changes being made to the texts as well. So sorry, I do not believe any one of these books was written by God personally, because there is tangible, historical evidence they were not.
But many religious people choose to believe they were, and that therefore The Earth was literally created in 6 days, and is right now a few thousand years old. Andb they call themselves ”Creationists”.
And they also believe that dinosaurs, although difficult to find nowadays, have of course co-existed with humans, as is proven by ”the Flintstones”, movies like ”Jurassic Park”,

and many paintings of Jesus riding or cuddling Dinosaurs.

I always wonder why Christians don’t use evolutionary science as the proof that the bible has got the concept of the creation of life much better than for example ”The universe has been sneezed out of the left nostril of the Great Celestial Goat”.

So what’s up with all the fossils according to Creationists?
Well, apparently God is some kind of petty practical joker who is testing our faith, by providing full proof of the universe being billions and billions years old, and we are just a part of unending evolution and then expecting us not to believe it, but to adhere to the primitive musings of an illiterate bunch of bronze age goat herders.

I am failing this test big time.

Worse: I’m telling you so loud and clear, and yet have not been struck down by lightning, however blasphemous that may be.

(For the other articles on religious blasphemy (they are really good) check the ”category” widget to the right and select ”religious blasphemy”)

Wacken 2010 Iron Maiden!!!

16 12 2009


Just wanted to share with you: I got the great news that Iron Maiden will be at Wacken Open Air this year!!!

Yihaaaa! And we’ve allready got tickets! I am soooo looking forward to Wacken! Still many months to go…

Don’t Drink the Water!!!!!

8 12 2009

Yes, here I am, back in America, and back to the problem of ”What am I going to drink”. Usually that’s water and tea (also made of water).
Now I am used to get my water from the tap, but early this year I went to Houston, and I could not drink the tap-water because of the nauseous amounts of chlorine, the fumes wafting towards me as soon as I opened a tap.  So, when I looked up what exactly is put  into the water in America I found to my utter amazement that water in America is not only heavily chlorinated, but is still fluorated!!!! Fluoride is a neuro toxin!!!

The upshot of this is that I have to buy bottled water for my entire stay here. You see, Chlorine and especially Fluoride are dangerous poisons and I don’t want to put this into my body.  So I can write looooong posts about how there is no medical evidence for the efficacy of Fluoride as far as tooth decay goes, but there is evidence it will destroy your teeth. I could write about how the Nazi’s already used it (provided by IG-Farben, the same company who provided them with Zyklon-B used for gassing the Jews in the death camps). The Nazis laced the drinking water in the ghettos and concentration camps to control the populations. Because Fluoride does have some significant effects on the human mind besides poisoning the body. It makes you docile, and subservient, and stupid.
Fluoride is a nerve poison. In the most infinitesimal small amounts!!!

“The vital statistics provided by the health authorities of that city to the United States Public Health Service and published in ´Vital Statistics of the United States´, Part II, Table 14, for the year 1945 (the year fluoridation was installed in Grand Rapids) show that 252 persons died of cancer. Four years later, the same sources showed that the deaths in that city from cancer totaled 349. This is an increase of approximately 39 percent in cancer deaths during the first five years of fluoridation in Grand Rapids. It is significant that the records for the five years previous to the adoption of fluoridation showed an actual decrease in the cancer death rate of approximately 6 percent.” Perkins C.E. (1952): “The truth about water fluoridation”; published by the Fluoridation Educational Society, Washington D.C., pp. 32-33

The use of Fluoride is not based on medical science, it is based on lobbying. It started with the Manhattan project, ”The Bomb”.  Fluoride was essential to enrich uranium. As they used it and spilled it, plants, animals and people started dying and victims started lawsuits. Hence the spin-doctoring, the lobbying, and the indoctrination of the public with the wholly invented erroneous notion that ”Fluoride prevents tooth decay ” . Like I said: we in Europe do not fluoride our water and do not have more cavities in our teeth. If you want to prevent tooth decay, you should look at dental hygiene, nutrition, and lots of vitamin C.

And so I refuse to drink American Municipal poisoned water. Neither do I use fluorated toothpaste, or mouthwashes. Nor do I drink soda drinks which are also made using fluorised water. It is true that our bodies contain very minute traces of fluoride, but the Sodium Fluoride used to poison Americans is is industrial waste, it is a deadly poison which is entirely different from the organic calcium-fluoro-phosphate needed by our bodies to built and strengthen our bones and teeth. Organic calcium-fluoro-phosphate, derived from proper foods, is an edible organic salt, insoluble in water and assimilable by the human body. Non-organic sodium fluoride, used in fluoridation of water, is instant poison to the body and fully water-soluble.
Sodium Fluoride is an industrial waste product of the nuclear and aluminium industry.

Putting into the drinking water is also mass-medication. It ridiculous; some people drink more water, and some drink less. People with diabetes drink a lot of water so get a lot more fluoride poison into their systems. And what if you want to opt out? You have to spend a lot of money buying bottled water. And even if you choose to buy bottled water you have to check, because more and more brands are now adding fluoride poison to bottled water as well!

And to cut a very long post short, a few bullet points about Fluoride.

What Fluoride does (just a small selection of facts):

  • It makes your teeth brittle
  • It has significant effects on your thyroid
  • It reduces your IQ by ten or fifteen points
  • It weakens your bones
  • it leads to arthritis
  • It causes bone cancer
  • Populations who are exposed to fluorised water show a significant growth in deaths from cancer
  • It doubles your chance of getting heart disease
  • It makes women infertile
  • it causes pulmonary fibrosis
  • It causes mental deficits in children, attention deficit, ADHD, and others
  • It makes the menses of girls start significantly earlier
  • It makes you age much faster
  • It is the most effective rat- and insect poison; once they ingest it nothing can safe them
  • It causes sexual dysfunction in men
  • It has been used by the Nazis, Russians, and Chinese to reduce fertility, intelligence, and create docility in large groups of people
  • And it is used by America to get rid of poisonous industrial waste

Do you really want to stay silent and swallow this?

Dr Phyllis Mullenix is a brilliant scientists asked to do research on the effect of fluoride on rats. She was unwilling to waste her time on this because ”fluoride is so safe”. What she found out is that is isn’t safe, the rats became stupid, docile, and basically ”couch-potatoes”. She was ordered not to publish her findings. She did and she lost her job, and even though a brilliant scientist got blacklisted and never got another research grant. All for telling the truth: America is poisoning it’s children and reducing their IQ.

I found this very disturbing, because you see cows really suffering from fluoride poisoning, so maybe you don’t want to watch this

As a lot of my friends have young children I can ony advise to educate yourselves and make up your own mind!!! Read the following material, and watch this series on YouTube:

Recommended reading:


by Christopher Bryson

Our world has been invented by Tesla

1 12 2009

Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla?
You should have.

Nikola Tesla has invented the technologies on which our modern world is built. Scientists are still discovering what Tesla has predicted, are still studying his theories and research. His work is still, in many ways, future technology.

Nikola Tesla had an amazing mind, he was a scientist, an engineer, an inventor, a mystic and poet. His mind was too great to be fully appreciated by the people of his time. During his lifetime he patented more than 700 inventions. A list, by no means complete, of the inventions which still power our world today.

1. Tesla Coil & auto ignition system
2. AC induction engine (no carbon brushes)
3. Solar powered engines
4. Transmitting Power without Wires (called WiTriciity in 2007)
5. Seeing by Telephone and wirelessly (TV & Radio)
6. A Means of Employing Electricity as a Fertiliser
7. Fluorescent Lighting & neon lights.
8. Specialized lighting and a precursor to the X-ray machine
9. Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft
10. Terrestrial Stationary Waves
11. Robotics
12. Meters
13. Valvular Conduit
14. Earthquake Machine
15. Magnifying transmitter
16. Laser
17. Death Rays
18. Thermo-Electric Power
19. X-Ray machine
20. Radar
21. Electrotherapeutics and Biotronics
22. Computing Logic Circuits/Remote Control/Communications
23. Bladeless Turbine
24. Solar Tower

Tesla coil from above

Tesla is also the inventor of the Tesla-Coil, without this device none of our electrical apparatuses would function. And yes, dear readers, that includes our laptops!

So you might still think that it was Marconi who invented the principals of radio-transmission, but in fact Tesla had the first patent. The American patent office later gave the patent to Marconi and Tesla spend many years fighting this decision.
In December 1901. Marconi established wireless communication  between Britain and Newfoundland, Canada, earning him the Nobel prize in 1909. But much of Marconi s work was not original. Many theories and parts to build a radio were inventions by other people. The heart of radio transmission is based upon four tuned circuits for transmitting and receiving. It is Tesla’s original concept, demonstrated in his famous lecture at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia in 1893. The four circuits, used in two pairs, atre still a fundamental part of all radio and television equipment.
In 1943, six months after Tesla’s death, the United States Supreme Court recognized Tesla’s more significant contribution as the inventor of radio technology.

Tesla’s letterhead, showing the the antenna of  Tesla’s “World’s radio station” which he constructed in Long Island in the vicinity of New York. It testifies his farsightedness and ingenuity. His idea was that this station, build in 1900 should by remote wireless control transmit throughout the world not only the news but music and photographs as well. However, that great plan could not be carried out because when it was realized free unmetered energy would also be made available (the tower would also send out free electricity) to everyone Tesla’s funding was terminated and his tower was destroyed.

Yes friends, think about that. This project was destroyed because everybody would get free energy, and Tesla’s partner JP Morgan wanted money. Metered energy for which you could charge people.

And Tesla never got a Nobel prize.
He should have gotten about ten at least.

Tesla dreamed of free power for everybody, he believed that electrical power could be drawn freely from the potential electricity in the area above the magnetosphere. Actually Nasa has now done this using Tesla’s research.

Our AC electrical power is the result of Tesla winning a huge fight with Edison, who wanted electrical power being delivered by DC. Now DC has a much lower voltage and cannot be send over large distances, (more than 2 miles) like AC can. If Edison had won we would need a power station every two miles, so really the use of Electricity would never have become widespread.

At Niagara Falls, Tesla was the first to successfully harness the mechanical energy of flowing water. Change it to electrical energy, and distribute it to distant homes and industries. His revolutionary model set the standard for hydroelectric power as we know it to day. Since his childhood, Tesla had dreamed of harnessing the power of the great natural wonder. And in late 1893, his dream became a reality, when Westinghouse was awarded the contract to create the powerhouse. It was the most likely power source for Tesla’s wireless powered car….

Think about that…

Tesla was working on X-ray photography at the same time Röntgen was. He send his photographs to Röntgen.

Tesla X-ray photo

The first neon lights ever, a Tesla invention

Tesla in his laboratory in Colorado.

One of Tesla’s best friends, Mark Twain, in his laboratory

A few great photo’s of Tesla coils generating high voltage.

I’ve written this post because my old buddies from my student years have re-instated our internet group, the ”Tesla-Net”.  And I thought it was high time I payed my own tribute to this great man, the architect of our time.

Check out these sites to learn more about Nikola Tesla:

The Equerience

30 11 2009

That’s the name of the big horse and coach expo I went to with The ”Istituto d’Arte Equestre”. The classical dressage institute from Maestro Giorgio Mereu Pez who is my riding instructor. The whole weekend was a good time. I had some paintings, to cheer up the stand, and made drawings, and finished a painting of the maestro himself.

I sold quite a few of my diary paintings, and got some commissions, but unfortunately I invested the proceeds in a very good Champion and Wilton side-saddle….

I’ve got a bit of a writer’s block, besides being very busy, with painting, cleaning, horse and saddles, (I’ve brought the Champion and Wilton side-saddle remember!!!)
Everything’s going swell, and I will be with the Q again soon. And will be stuck in America with lots of time to write 😉

This is a drawing I did last weekend, sorry for the bad quality, I had to photograph it and it was dark, all my photos of the weekend are bad 😦

Feminism is a good thing

12 11 2009

we can do it

This post by Achelois, or rather the comments, reminded me of the problems we encounter regarding the word, or concept of ”feminism”. There are nowadays a lot of different interpretations of what it means, and especially there is a lot of shying away from the word itself. Why is that?

It seems to me that here has been a fairly succesful attack on the concept of feminism, with the result that most women who truly are feminists in the original sense, feel constantly compelled to regularly add the comment: ”I am not a feminist”.  Sorry, but all the intelligent women I have met in Blogsphere àre feminists.
Any woman, or man, who insists women have a mind of her own, who does not want women’s intelligence diminished by artificial patriarchal or religious misogynists is a feminist in the true sense of the word.

Feminism stands for women’s rights.
What can be so bad about this that women who also stand for women’s rights have to denounce the suspicion that they too are ”Feminist”?

Let’s recapitulate, feminism  stands for human rights for women.
Such as:

  • the right to vote,
  • the right to be educated,
  • the right over her own reproduction, both having children, or using contraceptives to avoid having children,
  • the right to own property,
  • the right to be an individual,
  • the right of bodily integrity and autonomy,
  • the right to work,
  • the right to be protected against violence, abuse, sexual harassment and rape,
  • the right of equality to men,
  • the right of equal pay for equal work,
  • the right to get medical assistance,
  • the right to be protected against gender-specific discrimination
  • the right to choose religion
  • the right to speak out

These rights are still not fully established in what is generally called ”The West” and the rest of the world is far behind. Because ”The West” happen to be those societies which where most successful towards gaining some of these humanitarian rights for women, people from other societies on the planet like to point out that these basic human rights are not suitable for their cultures or religions, that women’s rights and feminism are some sort of evil, alien ”western” influence,  and that therefore they do not need to heed them.
I beg to differ.
These ”feminist” rights are human rights, which apply to any human, any woman and any culture. When ”culture” disagrees with feminism, culture is wrong. When a religion denies with women’s rights, religion is wrong.
Same way the different cultures and religions of the ”West” were wrong when they disregarded the rights of women. As the misogynist cultures and religions of ”The West” had to give up their misogynist ways to the demands for equality and human rights by strong intelligent and organised women, so can the faults of other cultures and religions be amended by women and men if they are strong enough.

And that’s a good thing. Not a bad thing. Feminism is a good thing.

Baghdad burning

2 11 2009

I want to share this video’s with you. Heartrending story of a woman ”Riverbend” in Bagdad, and heartrending but beautiful artwork by Danijel Zezelj. It’s narrated in German, beautifully by Sherin Zayed, but with English subtitles.