Off to New Orleans!

12 11 2011

We are leaving for NOLA. I have to share an interesting phenomenon about men: have you noticed that they always complain. laugh at, and ridicule our tendency to pack preparing for all contingencies? And then boast about how they pack simply and travel light?
And then they come to you and say: ”Which bag are you packing? Have you got room for this? And That? And carry this fore me…”
Yeah, right… that way I can travel light too!

The Q and I saved the world!

9 11 2011

Armageddon did not happen, I am convinced this is because the Q and I got married right before!

Yes, that’s why I was away from my blog for a long time! I was preparing my wedding! And I did it all myself. I arranged the marriage in Denmark, because of the paperwork. So, marriage license, paperwork, place to stay, invite a few people, became more people, arrange for places to stay, look up planes and trains, arrange a wedding brunch, decide on dress, buy material for dress, make dress, more people are coming, so arrange for a wedding dinner also, make coat, try to find fabric for coat, order a bouquet holder for the flowers, etc. etc.

So here’s a view of what I did,

Wanna see it all? Go to my art blog!

We got married in Denmark because the paperwork in the Netherlands made it impossible to get married in my country, and the process was horrendously complicated and we could set no dates aside and it was too problematic to get married in America. Also it took way too long!
In Denmark, EU country, Schengen country, it is very simple to get married. Very simple paperwork, very simple process, and I got in touch with a Danish Wedding planner who made the whole process a wheeze, as well as being very helpful with all the extra arrangements because we had a lot of friends and family coming.

So anybody who wants to get married and has too much hassle with paperwork and silly rules in their own country, or if you just want a beautiful, super romantic destination wedding, contact Rita at Wedding Denmark.

21st of October: Armageddon!!!

6 10 2011

You do remember the rapture don’t you? That was when all the good Christians were lifted off the Earth and we sinners were left.

Pity one doesn’t really notice the difference.

However, this month is it.
The final bit
The End

Note the date:

October 21

Now you might wonder what will cause the end and why it is on the 21st exactly?
Not quite sure

the Q and I àre getting married on the 20th…..

Looking for a wedding dress

5 08 2011

So I have been looking around for wedding dresses. If there’s a style I absolutely don’t want it’s the strapless-barbie-cake-wedding-dress.
Well guess what?
All wedding dresses are strapless-barbie-cake-wedding-dresses.
At first I wondered why, but I know why: it’s not fashion, it’s cheaper.
You need less material, obviously, but they are also much easier to fit.

And that’s not all, apparently you need a hairstylist who does this complicated hairdo, tiara, veil, make-up artist, bridal bouquet ànd throw-bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres…

And apparently wedding dresses have to have beading, and tucks without function and a straight decolletage line which never looks good on a woman with more, ehm, ”bust”, not to mention the dreaded ”Monobosom”.

To get sleeves you quickly come to the ”Temple-ready” dresses, which I suppose are for Mormons? Which look as if they took a strapless dress, and added some lace or fabric on top and added some sleeves and they look distinctly meh as a result. Besides, those tacky bell shaped skirts combined fabric up to your neck and long sleeves look even worse!

So one could google ”modest wedding dress” which turns up hideous dresses, and strangely enough immodest dresses, and lots of religious dresses, and when I looked at this picture, one of the many Muslim modest bridal gowns,

a thought came up: ”What is the single most useless profession in the world?

Muslim bridal hairstylist!

Still thinking about what to wear though…

SciFi Fun!

27 07 2011

Do you like anything and everything SciFi?
Watch this amusing, camp, totally dated 1967 English pilot for a series that was never sold 🙂

(Love the girly well cut clinging spacesuit with bow on the helmet! Woehahahahaaaaa!)

The Q is coming!

21 07 2011

The Q is coming to visit me!  So I thought I’d share some information about the Netherlands to prepare him for the culture shock.
Or the climatic shock.

Now most people always tell me they are aware of that the Netherlands is flat. What most foreigners do not realize is that the Netherlands is really flat.
I mean really totally absolutely table-top-flat flat!

Here are some pics:

Up till now you see the lovely blue sky on the photos, that is because these photographers sat for weeks and weeks in a certain spot, with a tent and endless mugs of coffee, to be able to make a decent looking photo.
This would be more normal:

So here you see part of Europe on a picture from a weather site. The part which is completely covered by dark rainclouds is the Netherlands:

Dutch street scene:

I will also be taking to Q to Amsterdam for a few days.

So, Q, enjoy your visit!

I miss my pets :(

2 07 2011

I miss my pets so much. And worse, I know they miss me and are wondering why I am not there to look after them.

I just had a dream, just before I woke up. I was so real I could feel it, and I was convinced I was back home.
I felt my cat walk  over the bed, over my stomach and sit on my chest in that annoying possessive way he has. It felt so real I thought I must have traveled and be back home. I opened my eyes and he looked lovingly into mine and I looked lovingly into his, he kneaded mu chest and said, in a very strange voice which I knew was so typical for him, ”Can… Can cats come back?”

And I had this horrible feeling that something had happened to him, that he was dead and had searched half the globe for me and was terribly pleased he had found me. And then he faded and I woke up.

And now I feel really unhappy and sad…