Dumb Blondes

8 03 2008

Today it is international women’s day. And I haven’t been hearing how women are intelligent, nurturing, loving and gifted, but I’ve been inundated with all the injustice women have to suffer, and the disinterestedness of men about it. So what should I do? Write a scathing post on how the unequal treatment of women should STOP! Like NOW! ???

Should I put up a list? like how women get raped by the thousands and nobody gives it much attention? How they are mutilated, so their men don’t have to fear that they might enjoy sex, or do it with somebody who’s better at it than them? How misogynist scholars of ALL FAITHS, (except wicca) twist and change the message of their holy books just so that they don’t have to fear women, and can suppress them?

No, I’m going to take my usual approach and tell you all a good joke.

The fact is: I am sort of blondish, but I can still take a good joke when it’s coming to me. I know a lot of stupid ”Dumb Blonde” jokes I really enjoy. For example, when I’m depressed, (happens sometimes) I may dye my hair dark brown, so as too match my mood. My brother calls that: ”Artificial Intelligence” LOL

But not today; I’m not in that mood.

Today, I want some more revenge!


”Revenge is a dish best served cold”

Klingon proverb

So, here goes:

Three Beautiful Dumb Blondes walk through the forest on a sunny afternoon. Deep into the forest they meet with a Fairy-Godmother!

”Ooohhh”, the Fairy-Godmother said: ”You are such Beautiful Dumb Blondes! I have never seen three such Beautiful Dumb Blondes!” The Dumb Blondes smiled beautifully and dumb.

”Because you are such Beautiful Dumb Blondes, I will grant each of you a wish!”, the Fairy-Godmother said.

The first Dumb Blonde said immediately: ”Oh, I want to be even more blonde!” And Plooof!: she was even more blond!


The second Dumb Blonde thought for a moment….:”I want to be even more beautiful!” And Plooof!: She was even more beautiful!


The third Dumb Blonde thought for a very long time…”What is my greatest asset?”, she thought, ”What gives me the most succes in life?” ”Yes! I want to be even dumber!”


And Ploooof! She had turned into a MAN!!!!!!


Intelligent life on Earth?

5 03 2008

Warning to all: This post contains shocking language!

Warning to men: This post contains feminist humour!

OK, here goes:

Two aliens came to the planet Earth to investigate if the life on this weird planet classified as ”Intelligent” They concentrated on ”Humans”


After months of industrious studies they concluded their investigation and left Earth in their flying saucer.


Alien A said to alien B; ”Well? What do you think? Intelligent life or not?”

Alien B said: ”Well, I liked the ones with the brains!

But I’m not so sure about the ones with the testicles”


hè, hè, hè! }:)